Presbyterian Church Cemetery

York Springs,

Adams County, Pennsylvania


Created October 14, 2009



All photos taken on June 17, 2009 and

contributed by Michael W. McCormick


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   Tombstone Images


Arndt Unknown
Brandon Alice A.
Brandon Ara T.
Brandon Joseph A. Murry
Brandon Mary Ann
Brandon Mary D.
Brandon Mary E. Whiteside
Brandon Unknown
Brandon William B.
Brandon William T.
Brandt Charles L.
Brandt George Edger
Brandt Mary C.
Brandt Mary E.
Brandt Scott R.
Clark George H.
Emmert Gilbert Philip
Emmert Rachel Lischy
Gardner Clifton D.
Gardner E. Kenton
Gardner James McCreary - pic2
Gardner John William - pic2
Gardner Mettie M.
Gardner Sarah - pic2
Gardner Susan C. Deardorff - pic2
Gardner Unknown
Gardner William - pic2
Griest Anna B. - pic2
Griest George W. - pic2
Griest Georgia Robinette - pic2
Griest Harry Robinette - pic2
Griest Joel Herbert
Griest Joel Robinette
Griest Metta Bushey
Griest Sara Stough
Hammerly David G.
Heikes Emanuel
Heikes Sarah
Junkins Henry A.
Junkins James
Junkins Sarah J.
Junkins Susannah
Lischy Amanda
Lischy Amelia - pic2
Lischy Ellen
Lischy Jacob
Lischy Jacob R. - pic2
Lischy Mattie
Lischy Nancy
Lischy Sallie
Lischy Sarah
Lischy Unknown
Livingston Caleb B.
Livingston Ida Catharin
Livingston Lydia Beals
Livingston Margaret D.
Livingston Robert A.
Livingston Robert C.
Livingston Sarah M.
Livingston Unknown
Magavern Michael - pic2
Magavern Rosanna - pic2
McElwee Charles
McElwee Clint
McElwee Elizabeth
McElwee James
McElwee John W.
McElwee Leonard G.
McElwee Martha C.
McElwee Ruth
McElwee Ruth A.
McElwee Unnamed
McElwee Winfield Scott
McKee Robert
McKeehan Jennie L.
McKeehan S. Warren
Myers Harriet L. Brandt
Myers Helen A.
Myers John Everitt
Myers Mary L.
Myers Philip A.
Peters Mary A. - pic2
Plank Abram C.
Plank Almeda H.
Plank George J.
Plank Jacob R. - pic2
Plank Jennie Almeda
Plank Nancy Jane Robinette - pic2
Plank R. Milton - pic2
Plank Scott Robinette
Smith Addie
Smith Dora E.
Smith George P.
Smith Gladys M.
Smith J. Willis
Smith Marion B.
Smith Matilda
Smith Peter F.
Stewart David McKinney
Stewart Dinah J.
Stewart Dinah M.
Stewart Eleanora V.
Stewart Kate R. R. - pic2
Stewart Mary A.
Stewart Phebe Rachel
Stewart Robert M.
Stewart William R.
Stewart William Warren
Thornburg Elizabeth
Toland Catharine
Toland Mary
Unknown James
Unknown Maddie E.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Wierman Adda F.
Wierman Edgar C.
Wierman Emma L.
Wierman G. W.
Wierman Isaac E.
Wierman John A.
Wierman Kate A. Stock
Wierman Louisa
Wierman Louisa
Wierman Sarah Virginia
Wierman Unknown
Wolford Anna May
Wolford James S.
Wolford John W.
Wolford Mary E.
Wolford Roy

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