Mummert's Meetinghouse

Upper Conewago Church Of The Brethren

East Berlin

Adams County, Pennsylvania


Created October 12, 2011


There are quite a few old stones that have not been transcribed yet



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All photos contributed by Kathy Francis



   Tombstone Images


Albert John
Albert Marion N.
Albert Mary Ann
Albright Charles E.
Albright Kathryn V.
Altland Abraham L.
Altland Annie
Altland Bertha L.
Altland Bessie V.
Altland Charles H.
Altland Charles L.
Altland Clair James
Altland Curvin E.
Altland Grace A.
Altland Ida J.
Altland John H.
Altland Leah B.
Altland Leah E.
Altland Leah W. - pic2
Altland Mae S.
Altland Mary A.
Altland Mary Esther H.
Altland Mary J.
Altland Melvin A.
Altland Nellie
Altland Paul
Altland Raymond C.
Altland William - pic2
Anderson Bruce H.
Anderson Infant
Anderson Vergie C. Wolf
Anstine Mary C.
Anstine Wilbert D.
Anthony Ada E. - pic2
Anthony Alvin - pic2
Anthony Catherine - pic2
Anthony Charles
Anthony Joseph - pic2
Anthony Lottie
Anthony Martha K.
Anthony Mary G.
Anthony Paul
Anthony Sallie
Arnold Abraham
Arnold Abraham
Arnold Anna
Arnold Barbara
Arnold Catharine
Arnold Catharine Close
Arnold Daniel
Arnold Elisabeth
Arnold Elisabeth
Arnold Isabella
Arnold Jacob
Arnold John
Arnold Nancy
Arnold Samuel
Asper Andrew
Asper Annie I. - pic2
Asper Mary E.
Auchey Annie C. - pic2
Auchey Percy A.
Auchey R. Catharine - pic2
Auchey Wesley S. - pic2
Ax John
Axe C. Minnie
Axe Dorothy W.
Axe Sr.Stewart W.
Axe William H.
B. A.
B. C.
B. G.
Baer Henry Laham
Baer Lydia
Baer Lydia G.
Baer Maggie Alora
Bair Barbara
Bair John
Baker Amanda
Baker Amanda
Baker Amanda J.
Baker Amos R. - pic2
Baker Andrew
Baker Anna
Baker Anna E. Ness - pic2
Baker Anna M.
Baker Anna M.
Baker Anna M.
Baker Anna W.
Baker Annemarie
Baker Annie M.
Baker Barbara
Baker Barbara
Baker Catharine
Baker Catharine
Baker Catherine M.
Baker Charles L.
Baker Clayton C.
Baker Cornelius
Baker Daniel
Baker Daniel
Baker Daniel
Baker Daniel
Baker Daniel M.
Baker Daniel S.
Baker David
Baker David H.
Baker Donald H.
Baker Eliza
Baker Elizabeth - pic2
Baker Elizabeth
Baker Elizabeth
Baker Ella
Baker Ellen C.
Baker Emanuel M.
Baker Ervin J.
Baker Ervin J. - pic2
Baker Esther E.
Baker Esther M.
Baker Frederick
Baker George
Baker George
Baker George - pic2
Baker George
Baker Sr.George
Baker George D.
Baker George W.
Baker Harry B.
Baker Harry N. - pic2
Baker Henry
Baker Henry
Baker Henry S. - pic2
Baker Sr.J. Harry
Baker Jacob
Baker John - pic2
Baker John - pic2
Baker John
Baker John - pic2
Baker John D.
Baker Jonas M.
Baker Julia A.
Baker Katie
Baker Katie E.
Baker Leah
Baker Leah - pic2
Baker Leo A.
Baker Lewis K.
Baker Louisa E. Keeney
Baker Lucinda J.
Baker Lydia - pic2
Baker Lydia Ann - pic2
Baker Magdalena
Baker Maria
Baker Mark G.
Baker Mary
Baker Mary
Baker Mary
Baker Maud E. - pic2
Baker Michael
Baker Minnie C.
Baker Minnie F.
Baker Morris
Baker Sr.Morris K.
Baker Myrtle L.
Baker Nathaniel M. - pic2
Baker Noah M.
Baker Paul
Baker Peter
Baker Polly
Baker Rebecca C.
Baker Rebecca Jane
Baker Sallie A.
Baker Samuel
Baker Samuel E.
Baker Samuel H.
Baker Samuel M. - pic2
Baker Samuel W.
Baker Sarah
Baker Sarah
Baker Sarah
Baker Sarah
Baker Sarah E. - pic2
Baker Sarah M.
Baker Susan M.
Baker Susanah
Baker Wilfred B.
Baker William R.
Baker Wilson
Baker Wilson H.
Bare Barbara
Bare John
Bare Maria
Bare Martha
Bare Mary - pic2
Bare Mary Ellen
Bare William - pic2
Baum Beulah C.
Baum E. Luther
Baum Ethel May - pic2
Baum H. Lavere
Baum Infant Son
Baum James E.
Baum Lester G.
Baum Lucinda
Baum Violet B.
Bear Jacob
Bechtel Anna B.
Bechtel Barbra M.
Bechtel Charles S.
Bechtel E. Frances
Bechtel Elizabeth N.
Bechtel Emma J.
Bechtel Erden C.
Bechtel John B.
Bechtel Jr.John B.
Bechtel Solomon H.
Beck John Allen - pic2 - pic3
Beck Sarah Jane - pic2 - pic3
Becker Elizabeth
Becker George
Becker Johannes
Bender David M.
Bentzel Joyce Elaine
Bergert Susanna
Berkheimer Infant
Berkheimer John
Berkheimer Susanne
Black Loreen L.
Blausser Christina
Boblitz Infant
Boblitz Jacob
Boblitz John
Boblitz Mary
Boblitz Susannah
Bollinger Jonathan Eugene
Borror Linda Lee
Bossaman John
Bosserman Alice L.
Bosserman Amanda - pic2
Bosserman Amos F.
Bosserman Anna B. - pic2
Bosserman Anna E. - pic2
Bosserman Anna M.
Bosserman Anna M. Sunday
Bosserman Beulah R. - pic2
Bosserman Catharine
Bosserman Catharine - pic2
Bosserman Catharine
Bosserman Catherine
Bosserman Chester Lewis
Bosserman Christiana - pic2
Bosserman Clarence L.
Bosserman Dale - pic2
Bosserman Daniel
Bosserman David B.
Bosserman David E.
Bosserman Della Grace
Bosserman Della Jane
Bosserman Elmira D. - pic2
Bosserman Emeline
Bosserman Emma - pic2
Bosserman Eva Viola
Bosserman Hannah
Bosserman Hannah - pic2
Bosserman Hazel M. - pic2
Bosserman Ida E.
Bosserman John
Bosserman John - pic2
Bosserman John
Bosserman John F. - pic2
Bosserman John G.
Bosserman John L.
Bosserman John W. - pic2
Bosserman Kathleen H. - pic2
Bosserman Lewis - pic2
Bosserman Lewis H. - pic2
Bosserman Lewis M.
Bosserman Louise E.
Bosserman Lovina
Bosserman Magdelena
Bosserman Margie K.
Bosserman Margie V.
Bosserman Mary Ellen
Bosserman Michael - pic2
Bosserman Michael C. - pic2
Bosserman Myrtle C.
Bosserman Paul J. - pic2
Bosserman Peter
Bosserman Peter - pic2
Bosserman R. Ervin
Bosserman Rebecca A. - pic2
Bosserman Robert C.
Bosserman Ryno
Bosserman Samuel
Bosserman Sarah A.
Bosserman Sarah Jane
Bosserman Susan
Bosserman Susan - pic2
Bosserman Warren M. - pic2
Bosserman William A.
Bosserman William M.
Bosserman William W.
Bosserman Wilmot Peter
Bossrman Anna Mary Bushey
Bowers Lee Dewey
Bowers Sadie May
Bowman Claude C.
Bowman Henrich
Bowman Mary Carson
Bowser Andrew
Bowser Annie M.
Bowser Charles E.
Bowser Chester L.
Bowser Daniel
Bowser Elizabeth
Bowser Harry J.
Bowser Ida W.
Bowser John C.
Bowser Joseph E.
Bowser Joseph J.
Bowser Lillie I.
Bowser Lydia I.
Bowser Lydia M.
Bowser Martha A.
Bowser Mary E.
Bowser Moses M. - pic2
Bowser Phoebe A. - pic2
Bowser Rachel M.
Bowser Raymond E.
Bowser Wilbur A.
Bowser Wiley M.
Boyer Anna Mary
Boyer Edith M.
Boyer Gladys M.
Boyer Glen W.
Boyer Ivan Paul
Boyer Nancy E.
Boyer William H.
Brandt Daniel E.
Brandt Maude V.
Brechbill Sarah
Bricker Ellen G.
Bricker Gilbert I.
Brodbeck Elsie M. Baker
Brodbeck Ethel G.
Brodbeck Sr.Paul A.
Brodbeck Sandra Lee
Brokenshire Luther G.
Brokenshire Norman
Brokenshire Ruth L.
Brokenshire Thomas E.
Brosend Gloria A.
Brough Andrew
Brough Sr.Andrew
Brough C. Alice
Brough Catharine A. Arnold
Brough Emma C.
Brough Hannah
Brough John - pic2
Brough John
Brough Kate M. Baugher - pic2
Brough Mary D.
Brough Salome
Brough Susanna - pic2
Brough William E. - pic2
Brown A. D.
Brown Adam - pic2
Brown Alice Trimmer
Brown Alma F. - pic2
Brown Amanda
Brown Anna M.
Brown Beatrice A.
Brown Betty L.
Brown Beulah C.
Brown Catharina
Brown Cathrine
Brown Charles C.
Brown Charles L.
Brown Daniel
Brown Daniel E.
Brown Daniel W.
Brown David
Brown David
Brown David
Brown E. S.
Brown Edison A. - pic2
Brown Elizabeth
Brown Elizabeth
Brown Elizabeth
Brown Esther Lerew
Brown Esther M.
Brown George
Brown Henry E.
Brown Henry R.
Brown Ida R.
Brown Jacob
Brown Jacob
Brown Jacob F.
Brown Jennie
Brown John
Brown John
Brown John
Brown John
Brown John
Brown John E.
Brown Joseph
Brown Josephine Bosserman
Brown Kate
Brown Leah
Brown Leah - pic2
Brown Leah
Brown Lucy Geiman
Brown Magdalena
Brown Mary
Brown Mary J.
Brown Mary M.
Brown Mary Trostel
Brown Michael
Brown Orington
Brown Peter
Brown Rebecca B.
Brown Sarah
Brown Sarah A.
Brown Sarah I.
Brown William E.
Brown Wilson R.
Brown Wm.
Brugh Christina
Brugh Hermanus
Brugh Jacob - pic2
Brugh Jacob
Brugh Sophia Trimmer - pic2
Bucher Catherine
Bucher Daniel N.
Burgard Catherine
Burgard Charlotte M. - pic2
Burgard Elizabeth
Burgard Elizabeth Leas
Burgard Elsie Jane
Burgard Granville L.
Burgard Michael
Burgard Michael B. - pic2
Burgard Michael S.
Burgard Minnie B.
Burgard Noah S.
Burgard Peter B.
Burgard Rachel
Burgard Samuel J.
Burgard Sara J. - pic2
Burgard Sarah
Burgard Verna L.
Burgard William M. - pic2
Burgard Wilson L.
Burkholder Susanna
Bushey George E.
Bustorf Mary Agnes Staub
Byers Bessie S.
Byers Charles H.
Caputi C. Louis
Caputi Esther L.
Carson Harry L.
Carson Mary K.
Carson Oscar W.
Cashman Hannah E. Mummert - pic2
Chaby Marlene J.
Chapman Charles Douglas
Chronister Annie E.
Chronister Catharine M.
Chronister Edward W.
Chronister Emma M.
Chronister Harry L.
Chronister Louise A.
Chronister William D.
Cleaver Harry C. - pic2
Cleaver Sadie L. - pic2
Collins Laura A.
Conley Mary Breighner
Cook Freelin C.
Cook Wanda L.
Copenheaver Gertrude N.
Copenheaver Minnie J.
Copenheaver Samuel H.
Cramblitt Eliza R.
Cromer Shirley A.
Crone Clair E.
Crone Romaine E.
Crook Jennie C. - pic2
Crook Lloyd C. - pic2
Crowl Kathryn Danner
Crowl Reba O.
Crowl Walter B. - pic2
Crumbling Frances May Miller Mummert
Cutsail Milton M.
Cutsail Rosie B.
D. A. H.
D. A. M.
D. J. E.
D. S.
Danner Anna
Danner Cora A. Leas
Danner Daisy Ronk
Danner Florence V.
Danner G. Howard
Danner J. Monroe
Danner Lucinda E.
Danner Ruth N.
Danner Shawn S.
Deardorff Anthony
Deardorff Bertha A.
Deardorff Birdy A.
Deardorff Catherine
Deardorff Charles E.
Deardorff Christina
Deardorff Claribel B.
Deardorff Daniel L.
Deardorff Delilah
Deardorff Elizabeth
Deardorff Elvina
Deardorff Eve
Deardorff George - pic2
Deardorff George W.
Deardorff Harry G.
Deardorff John
Deardorff John A. S.
Deardorff John E.
Deardorff John I.
Deardorff John W.
Deardorff Joseph
Deardorff Kurvin E.
Deardorff Lovina
Deardorff Maria
Deardorff Mary
Deardorff Mary Elsie
Deardorff Orpha M.
Deardorff Samuel
Deardorff Sarah
Deatrick Amedia C.
Deatrick Augustus
Deatrick Curtis W.
Deatrick Mary Ann
Deatrick Ruth A.
Decker Della C.
Decker Nevin A.
Delheimer Ralph A.
Demarest Alexander R.
Demarest Elizabeth M.
Demarest Patricia M.
Dick Adam
Dick Catharina
Dick Catharina
Dick Otilla
Dick Sophia
Dicks Annie B.
Dicks Flora M.
Dicks Hanes B.
Diehl Elizabeth
Diehl Elizabeth
Diehl John
Dierdorff Anna
Dierdorff George
Dierdorff John B.
Dierdorff Margaretta
Dierdorff Mary Stoner
Dierdorff Michael
Dierdorff Samuel
Dierdorff Susanna
Dittmar A. M. - pic2
Dittmar Mary Brown - pic2
Dolheimer Myrtle I.
Doll Shawn Allan
Downin David V. - pic2
Downin Nancy L. - pic2
Drawbaugh Lydia Auchey
Drawbaugh Reuben W.
Dubs John M.
Dubs Susanna
Dugan Agnes
Dugan Nellie S. - pic2 - pic3
Dugan Norman H.
Dugan Walton
Dugan Wayen - pic2 - pic3
Dyba Edward G.
Eisenhart Catherine Wolf - pic2
Eisenhart Charles E. - pic2
Eisenhart Dorothy M.
Eisenhart Elsie E.
Eisenhart George
Eisenhart J. Franklin - pic2
Eisenhart Katie Baker - pic2
Eisenhart Margaret F.
Eisenhart Maurice A. - pic2
Eisenhart Mellie K.
Eisenhart Ronald E.
Eisenhart William L.
Eisenhart Willis W.
Elicker Arline A.
Elicker David H.
Elicker Gussie R.
Elicker John C.
Eline Mary Catherine
Eline Steven
Eltz Jennifer E. - pic2
Emig Ada Romaine
Emig Hilda May
Emig Lester Jacob
Emlet Mary R. - pic2
Emlet Neil E.
Engler Mary L.
Engler Matthew D.
Ensor Isaac
Ensor Margret H.
Erb Beulah A.
Erb William I.
Estes Dorothy M.
Estes Paul E.
Evans Anna Mary
Eyer Pamela Luan
Eyer Unknown
Fahnestock Christian
Fahnestock Hannah
Fahnestock Samuel
Farence Ethel L.
Farence Sarah E.
Farence William E.
Farree Mary
Feiser Alice L.
Feiser William A.
Ferree Andrew
Ferree Daniel
Ferree Jacob
Ferree John
Ferree John
Ferree John
Ferree Leah
Ferree Sally
Ferree Samuel
Ferree Sarah
Ferree Sussanah
Fertenbaugh Margie B.
Fertenbaugh William W.
Firestone Albert A. - pic2
Firestone Bertha - pic2
Firestone Catharine
Firestone George
Firestone Isaac
Firestone Lucinda
Firestone Mary
Firestone Michael W.
Firestone Wm.
Fissel Franklin V. - pic2
Fissel Mary A. - pic2
Fleming Charles H. - pic2
Fleming Elizabeth - pic2
Fleming Robert H. - pic2
Fleming Walter - pic2
Flohr Agness
Forry Elizabeth
Fourhman Harrison E.
Fourhman Marie Jane
Fourhman Minnie A.
Fretz Joseph R.
Fretz Sarah W.
Frey Clark E.
Frey Grace V.
Frey Ruth A.
Fridinger Gilbert E. - pic2
Fridinger Mom
Fridinger Ronald E.
Furr Marion I. - pic2
Furr Robert Nelson - pic2 - pic3
Gabert Grace E. - pic2
Gabert Lewis S.
Gable Catharine
Gable Emanuel
Gallatin Sr.Francis M.
Gallatin Salome M.
Garrett Anthony Adam
Garrett Millard T.
Garrett Minnie M.
George Betty Lou
George Harry W.
George John H.
George John W.
George Ruth A.
George Sarah C. Mummert
Gibbs Dorothy N.
Gibbs George L.
Gimenez Damaris E.
Gipe Elizabeth
Gipe Jacob
Gladfelter Catherine
Gladfelter Randy A.
Gladfelter Wanda M.
Glatfelter Evey E.
Glatfelter Luther E.
Glatfelter Martin N.
Gochenauer Elizabeth Livingston - pic2
Goodling Catherine I.
Goodling Charles L.
Goodling Edna M.
Graff Amos L.
Graff Cora A.
Graff John T.
Graff Joseph C.
Graybill Frank S.
Graybill Margie M.
Griest Chester T. - pic2
Griest Foster A. - pic2
Griest John P.
Griest Mae O.
Griest Martha S. - pic2
Griest Mary A. - pic2
Griest Jr.Melvin - pic2
Griest Melvin C. - pic2
Grim Alexius
Grim Amanda
Grim Amanda E.
Grim Annie Mary - pic2
Grim Elizabeth N.
Grim George
Grim George M.
Grim George W.
Grim Hileman P. - pic2 - pic3
Grim Jacob
Grim John
Grim John
Grim John I.
Grim John S.
Grim Joseph E.
Grim Judy C.
Grim Julia A. - pic2
Grim Leah L.
Grim Mary Ellen Graybill
Grim Mathias - pic2
Grim Minnie K.
Grim Peter - pic2
Grim Robert N.
Grim Samuel
Grim Sarah
Grim Susan E.
Grimm Abtiel J.
Grimm Catherine
Grimm John E.
Grimm Joseph
Grogan Esther K.
Grogan Truman L.
Groshon Mary
Gross Paul R. - pic2 - pic3
Gross Ruthanna
Group Elmira Jane
Group W. G.
Grove Daniel B.
Grove Daniel J.
Grove Elizabeth
Grove Elizabeth
Grove Elizabeth
Grove Estella M.
Grove Francis
Grove Francis
Grove John
Grove Martha C.
Grove Mary E.
Grove Noah B.
Grove Norman H.
Grove Oliver B.
Grove Rosie E.
Grove Roy E.
Grove Susana
Grove Unknown
Gruver Esther V.
Gruver George G.
Gruver Harriet E.
Gruver Oscar R.
H. C.
H. K.
Hale Anna N.
Hall Mary S.
Hall Rosella H.
Hammond H. Lester
Hammond Mary Ann Bowser
Harbold Julia A.
Harbold Kathryn A.
Harbold Leah J.
Harbold Lloyd E.
Harbold Peter - pic2
Harding Alvin C.
Harding Annie M.
Harding Charles H.
Harding Lydia M.
Hardy Elva R. Zook
Harlacher Annie E.
Harlacher Daniel Bucher
Harlacher Delila A.
Harlacher Emma B. - pic2 - pic3
Harlacher Eve
Harlacher Franklin B.
Harlacher G. Wm. - pic2 - pic3
Harlacher George P.
Harlacher John A.
Harlacher Josie Maud
Harlacher Margaret C. E. - pic2
Harlacher Mary
Harlacher Mary
Harlacher Peter
Harlacher S. Ella
Harlacher Samuel J.
Harlacher Wilson B. - pic2
Harlacher Wm. - pic2
Harlacker Harlan W.
Harlacker Lois M.
Harman Baby Boy
Harman Sandra J.
Harman Travis Lee
Harman Wayne A.
Hartman Abarilla E.
Hartman Abraham
Hartman Allen B.
Hartman Anna L.
Hartman Annie L.
Hartman Catarena
Hartman Catharine
Hartman Claudia D.
Hartman Daniel
Hartman Elizabeth
Hartman G. William
Hartman Geo.
Hartman Hariet
Hartman Infant
Hartman Israel
Hartman Jacob
Hartman John
Hartman John
Hartman John J.
Hartman John J.
Hartman Lewis B.
Hartman Lucy K.
Hartman Markret
Hartman Minnie J.
Hartman Nancy
Hartman Paul W.
Hartman Philip
Hartman Philip
Hartman Philip
Hartman Phillip
Hartman Sallie
Hartman Samuel
Hartman Sara J.
Hartman Sarah
Hartman Seright
Hartman Susanna
Hartman Susannah
Hays Grace E. Bowser
Hays Leo
Hege Catherine R.
Hege Paul H.
Heishman Alma R. Sager
Heldibridle Charles D.
Heldibridle Sr.Charles D.
Heldibridle Viola M.
Heller Esther S.
Heltebridle Beulah M.
Heltebridle Pearl M.
Heltebridle Robert L.
Henry Kurvin D. - pic2
Henry Nannie L. - pic2
Henze Helen M.
Henze William F.
Herman Amy K.
Herman Harvey W.
Herman John H.
Herman Leon F.
Herman Lottie I.
Herman Lottie O.
Herman Shirley Ann
Hershberger Betty J.
Hershberger Joseph C.
Hershberger IVJoseph C.
Hershberger Margie A.
Hilbert Alverta E.
Hilbert Charles E.
Hilbert Edith M. Arnold
Hinkel Mary
Hinkle Alice M.
Hinkle Cornelius
Hinkle John A. H. - pic2
Hippensteel Mary E.
Hippensteel Maurice C. - pic2
Hippensteel Ronald L.
Hoff Margie E.
Hoff Ralph O.
Hoffman Adam - pic2 - pic3
Hoffman Ella G.
Hoffman Lizzie - pic2 - pic3
Hoffman Lizzie Masemore
Hoke Annie E. Baker - pic2
Hoke Delta V.
Hoke Earl H.
Hoke Fred L.
Hoke G. David - pic2
Hoke Martin L. - pic2
Hoke Myrna G.
Hoke Raymond H.
Hoke Ruth L.
Hoke Tempie E.
Hoke W. Baker
Hollinger Amanda B.
Hollinger Catharine
Hollinger Catharine Laver
Hollinger Celestia - pic2
Hollinger Christophel - pic2 - pic3
Hollinger Daniel
Hollinger Daniel B.
Hollinger David
Hollinger Eliza
Hollinger Elizabeth
Hollinger Elmer E. - pic2
Hollinger Harry C.
Hollinger Jacob
Hollinger Jacob
Hollinger Jr.Jacob
Hollinger John
Hollinger John
Hollinger Mazie C.
Hollinger Robert C.
Hollinger Samuel
Hollinger Samuel
Hollinger Samuel J.
Hollinger Susannah
Hollinger Susannah
Hollinger Unknown
Hollinger William R.
Hoover Blanche E.
Hoover Daniel - pic2
Hoover Florence M. E.
Hoover G. Oliver
Hoover Harry D.
Hoover Harry D.
Hoover Harry J.
Hoover Sarah
Hoover Sarah M. - pic2
Houck Margaret Z. - pic2
Houck Paul E. - pic2
Houdeshell Emma J.
Huckenberry Charles S.
Hudson Mary Jane
Huff Andrew Jack - pic2
Huff Carrie E. - pic2
Huff Charles H. - pic2
Huff Joseph Edward
Hull John A.
Hull Serena E.
Hunsberger David Michael
Hunt Alice L.
Hunt Carl V.
Hunt Harvey W. - pic2
Hykes Elizabeth
Hykes Elmira
Hykes George
Hykes John
Hykes Samuel
Hykes Susannah
Jacobs Aaron - pic2
Jacobs Aaron O.
Jacobs Albert Hughes
Jacobs Jr.Albert Hughes
Jacobs Almeda E.
Jacobs Anna E.
Jacobs Catharine
Jacobs Catharine
Jacobs Catharine
Jacobs Charlie J.
Jacobs Daniel
Jacobs Daniel H.
Jacobs Elijah
Jacobs Eliza
Jacobs Elizabeth A. - pic2
Jacobs Elmer G. - pic2
Jacobs Elmer M.
Jacobs Florella E.
Jacobs G. Oscar
Jacobs George
Jacobs George B.
Jacobs Georgia M. - pic2
Jacobs Hannah L.
Jacobs Harvey E.
Jacobs Hervey A.
Jacobs Ina Belle
Jacobs Infant
Jacobs J. Melvin - pic2
Jacobs James W.
Jacobs Jesse
Jacobs John H.
Jacobs Leah
Jacobs Maggie J.
Jacobs Margaret - pic2 - pic3
Jacobs Martha J.
Jacobs Mary Elizabeth
Jacobs Maurice B.
Jacobs Nancy
Jacobs Nellie G. - pic2
Jacobs Paul E.
Jacobs Raymond C. C.
Jacobs Rebecca
Jacobs Sallie
Jacobs Samuel
Jacobs Samuel C. - pic2 - pic3
Jacobs Samuel L.
Jacobs Sanderson A.
Jacobs Sarah A.
Jacobs Sarah Ann
Jacobs Solomon
Jacobs Susanah
Jacobs Susanna
Jacobs Tempest C.
Jacobs Uriah
Jacoby Jr.George D.
Jacoby Ida J.
Jacoby Leroy
Jacoby Lewis W.
Jacoby Madalyn Grace
Jacoby Miriam V.
James Burl T.
James Mabelle K.
Johnson Beatrice M.
Johnson Phyllis A. Wallen
Joseph Annie
Joseph Catharine
Joseph Henry
Joseph Michael - pic2
Julius Annie J.
Julius Harvey E.
Kahlbaugh Catharine
Kahlbaugh Jesse
Kahlbaugh Unknown
Kalebaugh Harvey C.
Kalebaugh Hillary C.
Kalebaugh Lizzie C.
Kalebaugh Paul S.
Kauffman Almira J.
Kauffman Anna B.
Kauffman Anna M.
Kauffman Annie L. - pic2
Kauffman Bessie M.
Kauffman C. B. - pic2
Kauffman Christian K.
Kauffman Clarence N.
Kauffman D. Mark
Kauffman Elias Lemuel - pic2
Kauffman Ellen - pic2
Kauffman Erma E.
Kauffman Henry
Kauffman Jacob
Kauffman John
Kauffman Kate S.
Kauffman Leah
Kauffman Mamie S.
Kauffman Mary A.
Kauffman Melvin F.
Kauffman Mervin B.
Kauffman Nancy
Kauffman Peter B.
Keeney Alma L.
Keeney Annie W.
Keeney Cornelius P.
Keeney Galen E.
Keeney Michael W.
Keeney Miriam B.
Keeney Naomi K.
Keeney Ruth Group - pic2
Keeney Solomon
Keeney Susan Wiley
Keeney Thomas L.
Keeney Walter A.
Keeney Walter A. - pic2
Kehr Sr.Clyde E. - pic2
Kehr Dorothy L. - pic2
Kehr Elizabeth - pic2
Keiser Ethel A.
Keiser John D.
Keiter Amos F.
Keller J. Hershey
Keller Naomi A.
Kellison Brian J. - pic2
Kellison Howard W.
Keltner John A.
Keltner Myrtle I.
Kepner Carl J.
Kepner Edna M.
Ketterman Eva A.
Ketterman George W.
Kime David S.
Kime Helen E.
Kime John E.
Kime Lila
Kime Minnie L.
King Anna Baker
King Beulah G.
King Jr.C. Edgar
King Catharine
King Catharine A.
King Charles C.
King Christian
King Christian
King Daniel E.
King Daniel E.
King Dora E.
King Earl E.
King Edith E.
King Effie V.
King Elizabeth
King Ellen
King Elsie May
King Emma A.
King Emma M.
King Evelyn M.
King Fairy B.
King Frank M.
King George L. - pic2
King Gertrude L.
King Harvey
King Ida Jane
King Infant
King Isaac
King Israel
King Jacob - pic2
King Jerry L.
King John
King John Henry
King Jonas - pic2
King Joyce L.
King Kate
King Kervin
King Lewis
King Lewis H.
King Lucinda
King Lucinda M.
King Lydia A.
King Maria
King Mary - pic2
King Mary
King Mary A. Beck - pic2
King Mary E.
King Melvin J.
King Nettie
King Norman J.
King Ruth V.
King Sarah
King Sarah Ann
King William R.
Kinsey Sarah
Kline Carrie A.
Kline Earl Eugene
Kline Robert
Klinedinst Francis O.
Klinepeter Anna Wolf
Knaub Donald S.
Knaub Ruth A.
Knowles Benjamin P.
Knowles Rosalie M.
Koones John W.
Koones Paul W.
Kope Nancy J.
Kraft Bertha M.
Kreider L. Baker
Kreider Mary E.
Kreider Nellie Irene
Kreider Obed E.
Kroft John Oliver
Kroft Leah Brown
Krout Priscilla J.
Kunkel Earl James
Lachman Frederick
Lainart Joseph
Latchaw Mary
Latshaw Anna
Latshaw Catharine
Latshaw Elizabeth
Latshaw Isaac
Latshaw Jeremiah
Lauchman Eliza
Lauchman Lydia A.
Lauchman Mable
Lauchman Mary J.
Lauchman Rosa
Laughman Agnes
Laughman Agnes L.
Laughman Jr.Albert P. - pic2
Laughman Sr.Albert P.
Laughman Alice
Laughman Alverta
Laughman Amanda
Laughman Amanda
Laughman Amelia S.
Laughman Anna M.
Laughman Anna M.
Laughman Anna M.
Laughman Anna Mary
Laughman Barbara L.
Laughman Benjamin
Laughman Benjamin F.
Laughman Bernadette L.
Laughman Betty J.
Laughman Betty J.
Laughman Calvin E.
Laughman Catharine
Laughman Catharine
Laughman Catharine
Laughman Catharine
Laughman Catherine E.
Laughman Catherine M.
Laughman Jr.Charles
Laughman Charles D.
Laughman Charles E. - pic2 - pic3
Laughman Clair C. - pic2
Laughman Claude J.
Laughman Clinton
Laughman Columba Charlotte Manganaro
Laughman Cora A.
Laughman Cornelius V.
Laughman Daniel J.
Laughman Sr.David R.
Laughman Dorothy R.
Laughman Edna A.
Laughman Edna E. - pic2
Laughman Edward
Laughman Edward F.
Laughman Elizabeth K.
Laughman Elma E. - pic2
Laughman Elmer J.
Laughman Emanuel L.
Laughman Emma J.
Laughman Ervin Paul
Laughman Flora
Laughman Frederick
Laughman Frederick D.
Laughman Frederick J.
Laughman G. Albert
Laughman Gary Lee
Laughman Geneva J.
Laughman George
Laughman Glenn M.
Laughman Jr.Glenn M.
Laughman Gloria J. - pic2
Laughman Goldie L.
Laughman Harold E.
Laughman Harry R.
Laughman Helen F.
Laughman Henry
Laughman Henry E.
Laughman Herbert L.
Laughman Howard E.
Laughman Howard L.
Laughman Howard L.
Laughman Isaac
Laughman Jacob
Laughman Jacob B.
Laughman James E.
Laughman James G.
Laughman Jean E.
Laughman Jennie
Laughman Jennie A.
Laughman Jennie M.
Laughman Joan E. Welty
Laughman John E.
Laughman John H.
Laughman John V.
Laughman Johnathan G.
Laughman Jonas E.
Laughman Katie H.
Laughman Kenneth A.
Laughman Lena
Laughman Lena
Laughman Levi
Laughman Levi
Laughman Lewis
Laughman Lizzie
Laughman Lizzie Jane
Laughman Lloyd L.
Laughman Lucy
Laughman Lydia A.
Laughman Mabel M.
Laughman Madeline C.
Laughman Maggie A.
Laughman Margie M.
Laughman Margie R.
Laughman Maria
Laughman Mark E.
Laughman Martha J.
Laughman Mary
Laughman Mary E.
Laughman Mary E.
Laughman Maurice C.
Laughman Maurice E. - pic2
Laughman Mazy M.
Laughman Miriam E.
Laughman Monroe O.
Laughman Nathaniel
Laughman Nathaniel J.
Laughman Norman E.
Laughman Orington N.
Laughman Orville
Laughman Oscar M.
Laughman Oscar M.
Laughman Peggy A.
Laughman Peter
Laughman Peter
Laughman Pius
Laughman Richard L.
Laughman Robert
Laughman Romaine A.
Laughman Roy
Laughman Roy A.
Laughman Roy M.
Laughman Ruth Anna
Laughman Ruth I.
Laughman Ruthetta O.
Laughman S. N.
Laughman S. Peter
Laughman Sadie
Laughman Salome
Laughman Samuel D.
Laughman Sarah E.
Laughman Soloman
Laughman Stewart E.
Laughman Stewart Q.
Laughman Sylvia H.
Laughman Teresa E.
Laughman Theodore R.
Laughman Walter J.
Laughman Wayne K.
Laughman Willard C.
Laughman William - pic2
Laughman William E.
Laughman William R.
Laughman Wilson
Laughman Wilson B.
Lawyer Cathy Ann
Lawyer Nadine L.
Leahy Eliza
Leahy Elizabeth
Leas Alice C.
Leas Andrew C.
Leas Beulah May
Leas Catharine
Leas David L.
Leas Doris M.
Leas Dorthy M. A.
Leas Elsie M. Zepp
Leas Ervin V.
Leas Evelyn H. A.
Leas Flossie Elenora
Leas Fred L.
Leas Grace M.
Leas Ida Jane
Leas Irvin C.
Leas John H. - pic2
Leas John H.
Leas Joshua
Leas Lena
Leas Macquilla
Leas Maud S.
Leas Mazie
Leas Melville Charles
Leas Minnie G. - pic2
Leas Norman P.
Leas Paul E.
Leas Rebecca J.
Leas Sarah C.
Leas Sarah H.
Leas Solomon - pic2 - pic3
Leas Susan M.
Leas Susanna - pic2
Leas Sylvester C.
Leas William A.
Leas William G.
Leas William J.
Lecrone Sr.Bernard R.
Lecrone Bernard Ray
Lecrone Debra E.
Lecrone Debra E.
Lecrone Jane Louise
Lecrone Larry Lee
Lecrone Mary C.
Lecrone Orington L.
Leer Edgar H. - pic2
Leer Helen L.
Leer Marjorie S. - pic2
Leer Mary E. - pic2
Leer Robert E.
Leer Ruth N. - pic2
Leese Essa F.
Leese Sr.John C.
Lefever Nancy
Lehigh Abraham
Lehigh Ada R.
Lehigh Amanda - pic2
Lehigh Amos
Lehigh Anna J.
Lehigh Bertha M.
Lehigh Charles W.
Lehigh Clarence
Lehigh Clayton H.
Lehigh Cyrus - pic2
Lehigh Emily
Lehigh Emma E.
Lehigh Emma J.
Lehigh Mary M.
Lehigh Melvin A.
Lehigh Paul F.
Lehigh Sarah
Lehigh Sarah
Leib Abraham - pic2
Leib Archie D.
Leib Harvey S.
Leib Ioma C.
Leib Mary
Leib Russel W.
Leib Sarah C.
Leib Sarah I. - pic2
Leib Susan R.
Leinard Mary
Leinart Anna M.
Leinart Elsie M.
Leinart Hilda R.
Leinart Jacob
Leinart John C.
Leinart Nathan H.
Lerew Baby - pic2
Lerew Charles E.
Lerew John W.
Lerew Lon L.
Lerew Luella - pic2
Lerew Martha J.
Lerew Mary E.
Lerew Paul P. - pic2
Light Lydia May
Lighty Donald
Linart Margaret
Litch Emma R.
Litch Herbert F.
Livingston George B. - pic2
Livingston James H.
Livingston Lois E.
Livingstone Susanna Farree
Lochman Amanda K.
Lochman Hannah
Lochman Samuel
Lochman William
Lockman Tobias
Long Bertha G.
Long Millie
Lucabaugh Anna M.
Luckabaugh David O. - pic2
Luckabaugh Frances R. - pic2
Luckabaugh Gilbert D.
Luckabaugh John C. - pic2 - pic3
Luckenbaugh Hamilton - pic2
Luckenbaugh Ida - pic2
M. A. T. H.
Markey Catherine E.
Markey James G.
Markey Mary E.
Markey Wilma L.
Markle Charl - pic2
Markle Jeffrey A.
Markle Kenneth E.
Markle Martha G.
Markle Mary A. - pic2
Marks Alice V. Bosserman
Martin Sr.Edward S.
Martin Emma E.
Martin Joseph B.
Martin Melvin P.
Martin Nellie G.
Masamer Matilda
Masamore Lamanda
Maseamer Annie B.
Maseamer Jeremiah
Maseamer Martha E.
Maseamer Minnie M.
Masemer Anna K.
Masemer Annie R.
Masemer Dorothy R.
Masemer Edna S.
Masemer Eli C.
Masemer Frank E.
Masemer Harry E.
Masemer Jr.Harry E.
Masemer Ida V.
Masemer Ira C.
Masemer Jr.Ira H.
Masemer Irene D.
Masemer Marian G.
Masemer Mildred O.
Masemer Samuel A.
Masemore Cassia
Masemore Jesse
Masemore Lewis
Masemore Mary
May Dorothy
McDonald Francis A.
McDonald Joyce N.
McDonald Ryan A.
McFerren Elsie M.
McFerren Presley A.
McGregor Clarissa J.
McGregor Daniel T.
McGregor Gretna M.
McGregor Harry A.
McGregor Weston L.
McKonly Hezekiah
McKonly Isaac - pic2
McKonly John
McKonly Lovina
McKonly Salome
McMaster Soloman
McWilliams Elsie I.
McWilliams Martin V.
McWilliams Raymond E.
McWilliams Raymond E. - pic2
McWilliams Viola M.
Meckley Alvin A.
Meckley Lottie M.
Megonnell Betty L.
Megonnell Joyce Elaine
Megonnell William S.
Messinger Kermit S.
Messinger Mildred A.
Messinger Roy Sylvester - pic2
Messinger Virgie M. Beck - pic2
Messinger Yvonne K.
Metz F. M.
Miller Alice Mummert
Miller Benjamin M. - pic2
Miller Christian
Miller David
Miller David Allen
Miller Dennis Paul
Miller Donald E.
Miller Donald Edman
Miller Dora N.
Miller E. Grace
Miller Edward H. - pic2
Miller Elizabeth
Miller Elizabeth
Miller Ellen M. - pic2
Miller Emanuel R.
Miller Emily M. - pic2
Miller Emma J. - pic2
Miller Franklin R.
Miller Isaac S. - pic2
Miller J. Raymond - pic2
Miller Joel P. - pic2
Miller Justin Andrew
Miller Katie
Miller Lois M.
Miller Margaret G.
Miller Maria A.
Miller Mark E.
Miller Mary A. - pic2
Miller Mary Susan Danner - pic2
Miller Mildred I. - pic2
Miller Minnie M.
Miller Paul E.
Miller Paul E. - pic2
Miller Samuel S. - pic2
Molison Charles W.
Molison Mamie
Molison Rebecca
Molison William C.
Moose Charles W.
Moose Charles W.
Moose Clara A.
Moose Edna A.
Moose Grace A.
Morrison Emmy
Moundis George D.
Mumart John
Mumart Peter
Mumert Magdalena
Mumert Matthaeus
Mumert Richtert
Mumert William
Mumert William
Mummerd Catherina
Mummert Abraham
Mummert Adam B. - pic2
Mummert Amanda
Mummert Amos - pic2
Mummert Andrew
Mummert Anna
Mummert Anna Maria
Mummert Annie A. - pic2
Mummert Barbara
Mummert Barbara J.
Mummert Carrie E.
Mummert Catharina
Mummert Catharine
Mummert Catharine
Mummert Catharine
Mummert Catharine Rohrbaugh
Mummert Clara A. - pic2
Mummert Cornelius
Mummert Daniel
Mummert Daniel
Mummert Donald B.
Mummert Edward
Mummert Edward
Mummert Elias J.
Mummert Eliza A.
Mummert Elizabeth
Mummert Elmira L.
Mummert Emaline
Mummert Emma
Mummert Emory G.
Mummert Ervin Samuel - pic2
Mummert Ethel L.
Mummert Ethel M.
Mummert Florence E. - pic2
Mummert Geo. E. - pic2
Mummert George
Mummert George
Mummert George L.
Mummert George M.
Mummert Harvey Wilson
Mummert Helen M.
Mummert Henry
Mummert Henry
Mummert Ida G. - pic2
Mummert Irene H.
Mummert Iva F. - pic2
Mummert Jacob P.
Mummert Johannis
Mummert John
Mummert John
Mummert John
Mummert John
Mummert John D. - pic2
Mummert John H.
Mummert John S.
Mummert Jonas
Mummert Lafern F.
Mummert Laura M.
Mummert Lewis J.
Mummert Lovina
Mummert Magdalena
Mummert Magdalene
Mummert Magtalena
Mummert Margaret
Mummert Margaret - pic2
Mummert Margaret
Mummert Margaret
Mummert Maria - pic2
Mummert Maria Stump - pic2
Mummert Mary
Mummert Mary E. - pic2
Mummert Mathias
Mummert Matthias
Mummert Merl J.
Mummert Oscar G.
Mummert Rachael
Mummert Rachael
Mummert Raymond D.
Mummert Raymond P.
Mummert Rebecca Wehler
Mummert Richard
Mummert Richard
Mummert Samuel
Mummert Samuel
Mummert Samuel
Mummert Samuel B.
Mummert Sarah Edna
Mummert Sherman L.
Mummert Sophia
Mummert Susanna
Mummert Velma R.
Mummert William
Mummert William
Mummert William A.
Mummert William B. - pic2
Murphy Richard M.
Myers Adam C. - pic2
Myers Amanda R.
Myers Charles W. - pic2 - pic3
Myers Christian B.
Myers Clayton M.
Myers Daisy C.
Myers Doris E. - pic2
Myers Elenora M. Laughman - pic2
Myers Ellen S. - pic2
Myers Ida M.
Myers Jill S. - pic2
Myers John H.
Myers Lizzie - pic2
Myers Margaret C. - pic2 - pic3
Myers Mervin D. - pic2
Myers Minnie M. - pic2 - pic3
Myers Richard C. - pic2
Myers IIRichard C. - pic2
Myers Romaine S.
Myers Rosia L.
Nace Fannie M.
Nace Lillian Marie
Nace Oscar M.
Nagle Betsy
Nagle Gordon L.
Nagle Leah
Nagle Ruth N.
Naylor Ruth I.
Neiderer Arlene E.
Neiderer Roger L.
Nell Charles E. - pic2
Nell Elizabeth L.
Nell Elva M.
Nell Ermadell J.
Nell Ernest R.
Nell Eugene H.
Nell Harry B.
Nell Helen M.
Nell Pauline A.
Nell Vernon E. - pic2
Nickey Fannie A.
Nickey John H.
Nitchman Evelyn M.
Nitchman Marguerite
Noel Baby
Noel Baby Boy
Noel Earl R.
Noel H. Albert
Noel Jacob H.
Noel Judy Ann
Noel Leah
Noel Linda L.
Null Annie L.
Null Clair O.
Null David
Null John L.
Null Sylvania L.
Orndorff Alice R.
Orndorff Mary I.
Orndorff Sarah
Parichuk James
Parry Edwin J.
Parry Priscilla
Paxton Mary E. King
Peirce Frank
Pensyl Calvin D.
Pensyl Charles M.
Pensyl Leah M.
Pentz Clarence E.
Pentz Edna M.
Pentz John D.
Pentz Minnie L.
Peterman Oscar Loyd
Peterman Rachael
Peterman Samuel W.
Pfaltzgraff Elmira J. Bosserman
Pfaltzgraff Lewis H.
Philips Bessie I.
Philips David
Philips David M.
Philips Donald G.
Philips Estella C.
Philips George G.
Philips Gretna V.
Philips Jessie S.
Philips John T.
Philips Mary C.
Phillips Edna A.
Picking Elizabeth
Picking William
Pifer Chester C.
Pifer David C.
Pifer Dottie V.
Pifer Glenn W.
Pifer Jeune A.
Pifer L. Irene
Pifer Mabel E.
Pifer Pauline C.
Pifer Roy S.
Pifer Solomon J. - pic2
Porter John
Potts Theresa A.
Presel Elisabeth
Pressel David
Pressel Jacob
Pressel Margaret
Pressel Michael
Pressel Regina
Pressel Valentine
Price Edna L.
Price Paul
Racer Claude
Racer Kathryn E.
Raffensperger Barbara J.
Raffensperger Catharine B.
Raffensperger Christian
Raffensperger Elizabeth Trimmer
Raffensperger Geo. M.
Raffensperger Oscar A.
Ramer Sarah A. Harlacher
Rau G. Frederick
Reed Charles D.
Reed Fannie V. Null
Reed George W.
Reed John J.
Reed Wayne
Reed William
Reichert Catharine
Reichert Dale C.
Reichert Dale R. - pic2
Reichert Kathryn M.
Reinhart Joseph H.
Renoll Annie L.
Renoll Benjamin T.
Renoll Elizabeth
Renoll George A.
Renoll Joseph E.
Renoll Mabel
Resser Alice I.
Resser Edna I.
Resser Florence R.
Resser Sr.Joseph H.
Resser Lewis A.
Resser Nettie M.
Resser Sallie Ann
Resser Viola
Reynold Anna T. - pic2
Reynold Bertha R.
Reynold Mary E.
Reynolds Edward D.
Reynolds Ella P.
Reynolds Pius F.
Reynolds Sarah F.
Rhinehart Albert - pic2
Rhinehart Amanda
Rhinehart Anna M. - pic2
Rhinehart Annie E. - pic2
Rhinehart Daisy E. M.
Rhinehart George W.
Rhinehart George W. - pic2
Rhinehart John H.
Rhinehart Jonas
Rhinehart Jonas C.
Rhinehart Joseph H.
Rhinehart Margaret
Rhinehart Mary Elizabeth Baker
Rhinehart Mary M.
Rhinehart Mary M.
Rible Elizabeth
Richardson E. Grace Myers
Richwine Edward E.
Richwine Linda W.
Rights Anna
Rights Charles A. - pic2
Rights J. Howard
Rights Robert E.
Rinehart Baby
Rinehart Dorcas M.
Rinehart Ephraim J.
Rinehart Gladys E.
Rinehart Glenn V.
Rinehart Julian
Roberts IIIF. Thomas
Roberts Jr.Franklin
Roberts Franklin T.
Roberts Helen M.
Roberts Kathryn E.
Rohrbaugh Emma Catharine
Rohrbaugh Emma Wiley
Rother Robert D.
Routzahn Rosella Feiser
Rowland Charles Luther
Rowland Gladys Brougher
Rowland Margaret Harlacher
Rowland Ronald S.
Rue Bessie I.
Rue Olive
Rue Sr.William E.
S. D.
S. J.
S. J.
Sager Arthur C.
Sanderson Ida B. Altland - pic2
Sauer Adam
Sauer John
Sauer Margaret
Sauerwein Beatrice L.
Sauerwein Emma J.
Sauerwein Jesse A.
Sauerwein Jesse J.
Sauerwein Ruthanna Grace
Schildt Elva M.
Schildt Ralph E.
Schriver Allen H. - pic2
Schriver Sue N. - pic2
Schweigart Elizabeth - pic2
Shaffer A.
Shaffer Evelyn M. Hershberger
Shaffer Frances E.
Shaffer James H.
Shaffer L.
Shaffer L. Maud
Shaffer Millard M.
Shank Lavonne K.
Shank Lewis J.
Shank Nevin F.
Shank Susan A.
Shank William M.
Shaub Virginia S.
Sheaffer Cathrine
Shellenberger Earl E.
Shelly Jr.Unknown
Sheriff James
Shireman Gertie M.
Shireman Noah
Shriver George H.
Shriver Lucy Leib
Shultz Annie M.
Shultz William A.
Sipe Anthony Allen
Sipe Betty M.
Sipe Ella May
Sipe Nancy C.
Sipe Owen E.
Sipe Robert C.
Sipe Ruth M.
Sipe Titus E.
Sipling Albert G.
Sipling Amanda L.
Sipling Emory M.
Sipling George E.
Sipling John W.
Sipling Leah B.
Sipling Philip S.
Sipling Sarah W.
Siplinger Maria
Siplinger Mary Ann
Siplinger Peter
Slaybaugh Rebecca J.
Slothour Edgar L.
Slothour Grace Ann
Slothour Helen J.
Sluthouer Beulah May
Small Francis H.
Small Lillian J.
Small Pamela Jean - pic2
Smith Charles
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Elma G.
Smith George
Sower Daniel
Sower John
Sower Joseph
Sower Katharine
Sower Katharine
Sowers Adam
Sowers Alice V.
Sowers Anna
Sowers Caroline
Sowers Caroline S.
Sowers Clarion
Sowers Cleason E.
Sowers Daniel
Sowers Daniel
Sowers Daniel
Sowers Diane M.
Sowers Edward
Sowers Elizabeth
Sowers Elsie M.
Sowers Emma
Sowers Fanny
Sowers Firman L.
Sowers Florence P.
Sowers George H.
Sowers Henrietta - pic2
Sowers Infant
Sowers J. Albert
Sowers Jacob
Sowers Jacob N.
Sowers John
Sowers John
Sowers Julia Anna
Sowers Lavinia
Sowers Levi
Sowers Lillian
Sowers Lillion M.
Sowers Louisa
Sowers Margaret
Sowers Mary Ann
Sowers Mary H.
Sowers May A.
Sowers Mildred M.
Sowers Milton
Sowers Nancy
Sowers Nancy
Sowers Nathaniel
Sowers Raman C.
Sowers S. K.
Sowers Samuel
Sowers Sarah
Sowers Theodore L.
Sowers Wilbert J.
Spahr Elizabeth
Spahr George E.
Spahr Rosa E.
Speck Elizabeth
Speck Joanne L.
Speck Robert J.
Sprenkle Kate - pic2
Sprenkle Noah B. - pic2
Stambaugh Ada Anna
Stambaugh Anna L.
Stambaugh Charles E.
Stambaugh Harry R.
Stambaugh Harry W.
Stambaugh Henry J. - pic2
Stambaugh Jennie M.
Stambaugh John O.
Stambaugh Leo M.
Stambaugh Mary A.
Stambaugh Preston L.
Stambaugh Rabecca
Stambaugh Sarah
Stambaugh Savannah - pic2
Staub Bernice C.
Staub Catharine
Staub Charles G.
Staub Charles J.
Staub Elsie L. Deatrick - pic2
Staub Emanuel
Staub Frank A.
Staub James
Staub James L.
Staub Katie A.
Staub Margie E.
Staub Martha Erb
Staub Mary
Staub Myrtle L.
Staub Peter
Staub Ruth E.
Stauffer Daniel I.
Stauffer Infant
Stauffer Johanes
Stauffer Mary E.
Stauffer Sr.Paul H.
Sterner Cecelia M.
Sterner Charles E.
Sterner Charles H.
Sterner Francis E.
Sterner Milton H.
Sterner Milton H.
Stewthebaker Sarah
Stine Benjamin A.
Stock Edgar B.
Stock Lucretia Anna
Stock Marie G.
Stock Robert R.
Stock Susan Baker
Stoner J. Daniel
Stoner Mary Myers
Stoner Sarah A.
Stoner Sarah A.
Stoner William
Stouffer Elizabeth
Stouffer Ephraim C. - pic2
Stouffer John
Stouffer John
Stouffer Mary Baker
Stouffer Sarah A. - pic2
Stough George E. - pic2
Stough Purdon M.
Strasbaugh Mary E. - pic2
Strasbaugh Samuel B. - pic2
Strayer Leah
Strickler Beulah A.
Strickler Chauncey M.
Studebaker Claments
Studebaker Rebecca
Stutebecker Maria
Sunday Henry - pic2
Sunday Sarah
Swigart Hannah Arnold
Swigart Samuel
Taglin Minnie F. Myers
Taylor Roy D.
Taylor Stella M.
Thoman Lydia L. Jacobs
Thomas Betty J.
Thomas George E.
Topper Phyllis E.
Tosten Cleamson W.
Tosten Iva I.
Trimmer Aaron
Trimmer Abraham
Trimmer Alice B.
Trimmer Amelia
Trimmer Benjamin
Trimmer Christeanna
Trimmer Daniel
Trimmer David F.
Trimmer Eliza Josephine
Trimmer Elizabeth
Trimmer Elizabeth
Trimmer Elizabeth
Trimmer Elizabeth
Trimmer Elsie L.
Trimmer George
Trimmer George W.
Trimmer Henry H. T.
Trimmer Infant
Trimmer Isaac
Trimmer Jacob
Trimmer Jacob
Trimmer Jessiah
Trimmer John B.
Trimmer Katharine
Trimmer Lewis H.
Trimmer Lizzie - pic2
Trimmer Mamie L.
Trimmer Myrtle E.
Trimmer Ralph G.
Trimmer Rebecca
Trimmer Rebecca B.
Trimmer Sarah A.
Trimmer Sophia
Trimmer Susanah
Trimmer Susanna
Trimmer William
Trone George
Trostel John A.
Trostel Maria
Trostle Alice K.
Trostle Ella M.
Trostle Emma
Trostle Harvey C.
Trostle John E.
Trostle John P.
Trostle Kattie C.
Trostle Klara J.
Trostle Margaret I.
Trostle Mary C.
Trostle Melvin A. - pic2
Trostle Michael
Trostle Minerva
Trostle Samuel A.
Trostle Titus E.
Unger Jr.Harold E.
Unknown Unknown-0
Unknown Unknown-1
Unknown Unknown-2
Unknown Unknown-3
Veach Arvada B.
Veach Donald M.
Vo Bao Van Thi
Wagaman Sr.Harris C.
Wagaman Kathy Ann
Wagaman Pauline E.
Wagaman Ronald E.
Wagener Elizabeth
Wagener Peter
Wagener Sarah
Waggoner Ronald E.
Wagner Alicia Marie
Wagner Catharine B.
Wagner Dale L.
Wagner Daniel P.
Wagner David E.
Wagner Elizabeth M.
Wagner Ellen W.
Wagner Elmira D.
Wagner Geraldine A.
Wagner Grace E.
Wagner Henry J.
Wagner John H.
Wagner Lester W.
Wagner Lestie M.
Wagner Mary A. - pic2
Wagner Raymond E. - pic2
Wagner Sarah C.
Wagner Walter E. - pic2
Wagoner Christina Arnold
Walker Anna M.
Walker Arnold
Walker Ellis S. - pic2
Walker Elmer
Walker Harry E.
Walker Sarah Cathrine - pic2
Walter Annie E.
Walter Charles H. - pic2
Walter Elizabeth
Walter Michael S.
Walter William A.
Warner Infant
Warner Susan L.
Warner William L.
Watson Alice B.
Watson Harry W.
Weaver Ada C.
Weaver Alverta M.
Weaver Bertha M.
Weaver Catherine E.
Weaver Charles A.
Weaver Charles T.
Weaver Cleatus
Weaver Evelyn R.
Weaver Goldie M.
Weaver Harley B.
Weaver Harry T.
Weaver Ida M.
Weaver Isaac A.
Weaver Jesse A.
Weaver John W.
Weaver Lora V.
Weaver Martha E.
Weaver Monroe H.
Weaver Solomon E.
Weaver William D.
Webb Jessica Danielle
Weigle Faye K.
Weigle George R.
Weigle Kathryn E.
Weiler Mary E.
Weiler William G.
Welch Dora K.
Welch Edward B.
Welch Edward R.
Welch Elsie V.
Wentz Edgar F.
Wentz Elizabeth S.
Wertz Anna L.
Wertz Manerva W.
Wertz Paul D.
Wertz Paul D.
Wertz Paul I.
Wiley Alice
Wiley Anna
Wiley Annie R.
Wiley Catharine
Wiley Cora E.
Wiley Eve
Wiley Jacob
Wiley Mary
Wiley Mary R.
Wiley Michael
Wiley Michael B.
Wiley Reuben
Wilson Anna C.
Wilt Ella L.
Wilt Leroy G.
Wilt Paul L.
Winand Clarence E.
Winand Edward
Winand Emma Brugh
Winand George
Winand John
Winand Leah
Winand Lydia A.
Winand Mary
Winand Rebecca Emlet
Winand Wilson E.
Wingert Delbert L.
Wingert Nancy F.
Wisler Gertrude M.
Wisler P. Calvin
Witter Agnes N.
Witter Earl C.
Wolf Annie
Wolf Charles H.
Wolf Charles J.
Wolf Charles M.
Wolf Daisy M.
Wolf Elizabeth
Wolf Elizabeth
Wolf Emma
Wolf Fredrick
Wolf Helen J.
Wolf Herbert B.
Wolf Herman H.
Wolf Infant
Wolf Infant
Wolf Infant
Wolf Jacob
Wolf Josephine
Wolf Lydia
Wolf M. Nettie
Wolf Sallie J.
Wolf Susanna
Wolf Washington
Wolf Washington B.
Wolfe Florence M.
Wolfe Harry C.
Wolfe Robert C.
Wolfe Rosie C.
Wolfgang Mabel E. - pic2
Wolfgang Maurice C. - pic2
Worley Cevilla C.
Worley Ella M.
Worley Ellen - pic2
Worley Fannie
Worley George W.
Worley Gertrude M.
Worley Glenn
Worley Harry I.
Worley Harvey A.
Worley Isaac B.
Worley Isabelle
Worley J. O.
Worley Mabel
Worley Mamie
Wright Bernice I.
Wright James A.
Yingling Charles A.
Yingling Ralph A.
Yingst P. Richard
Yohe Ammon W. - pic2
Yohe Carrie
Yohe G. Allen
Yohe Jacob A.
Yohe Mary E.
Yohe Mary J.
Yohe Mildred Barnes
Yohe Peter
Yohe Rosa L.
Yohe Susannah
Young Christian
Young Clarence C.
Young Geo. L.
Young Lillie Mae
Young Lizzie K.
Young Robert E.
Young Rosa E.
Youtz Ida - pic2
Youtz Wm. F. - pic2
Zech Henryetta
Zeigler Alfred M.
Zeigler Amanda
Zeigler Anna Maria
Zeigler Annie E.
Zeigler Arabella
Zeigler Betty J.
Zeigler Catharine J.
Zeigler Charles A.
Zeigler Charlotte A.
Zeigler Cleon C.
Zeigler Cora M.
Zeigler Elizabeth Brown Trimmer
Zeigler Eve
Zeigler George
Zeigler George
Zeigler George M.
Zeigler Harry C.
Zeigler Helen M.
Zeigler Irene L.
Zeigler John B.
Zeigler John E.
Zeigler John T.
Zeigler Kathleen M.
Zeigler L. Virginia
Zeigler Lester A.
Zeigler Lester C.
Zeigler Mary A.
Zeigler Mary M.
Zeigler Nelson M.
Zeigler Ollie C.
Zeigler Orville J.
Zeigler Raymond E.
Zeigler Robert M.
Zeigler Roland Eugene
Zeigler Samuel
Zeigler Samuel M.
Zellers Cloteen M.
Zellers Jacob D.
Zepp Elizabeth
Zepp Emanuel
Zepp William J.
Zigler Catharine M.
Zinn Frank L. - pic2
Zinn Lottie M.
Zinn M. Leona
Zinn Minnie B. - pic2
Zinn Roy A.
Zinn William L. - pic2
Zook Elva R.
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