Bethlehem United Brethren Cemetery

Aka Center Mills Cemetery



Adams County, Pennsylvania


Created November 18, 2009



Cemetery photographed November 16, 2009 and

contributed by Michael W. McCormick


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   Tombstone Images


Brenizer Annie A.
Carbaugh Mark A.
Delap Lydia
Eichelberger Alex.
Eichelberger Clayton H.
Eichelberger Lydia Ann
Eichelberger Mervin E.
Fissel Arthur
Fissel Elizabeth
Fissel F. H.
Fissel Henry A. - pic2
Fissel Jacob B.
Footstone A. S.
Footstone E. S.
Footstone S. S.
Guise Benjamin F.
Guise Elias
Guise Eliza
Guise Hannah M.
Guise John H.
Guise Unknown
Hayberger Minnie A.
Hayberger William H.
Lupp Emma E.
Lupp James P.
Lupp Keller L.
Lupp Sarah J.
Lupp Stanley Leroy
Lupp Viola V.
Markley Catharine
Markley Daniel
Markley Isabelle A. - pic2
Markley J. C. - pic2
McCans Daniel
McCans E. Mable
McCans Emma Grace
McCans M. Catharine
McGonegal Millie Slaybaugh
Mosby Daniel
Mummert Abbie S.
Mummert John Z.
Pensyl Henry
Pensyl Julian M.
Peters Annie C.
Peters Barbara
Slaybaugh Abraham
Slaybaugh Arthur Leroy
Slaybaugh Clara E.
Slaybaugh Edward
Slaybaugh Edward L.
Slaybaugh Elizabeth A.
Slaybaugh Elmira R.
Slaybaugh Emma M.
Slaybaugh Emory W.
Slaybaugh Hannah
Slaybaugh Howard H.
Slaybaugh Jesse
Slaybaugh John Henry
Slaybaugh Lucinda
Slaybaugh Mary
Slaybaugh Mary A.
Slaybaugh Mary Catharine
Slaybaugh Mary E.
Slaybaugh Mary M.
Slaybaugh Milton L.
Slaybaugh Paul C.
Slaybaugh Sarah
Slaybaugh Tillie
Slaybaugh Unknown
Slaybaugh Unknown
Slaybaugh William
Slaybaugh William F.
Slaybaugh Wm. D.
Smith Charles Edward - pic2
Smith Elizabeth Staley - pic2
Spangler Hannah Catharine
Spangler Jacob B.
Spangler Susannah
Stahl Cleatus H.
Staley Edward - pic2
Staley Hannah
Stough Lizzie
Unknown Emanuel M.
Unknown Fieldstone
Unknown Fieldstone
Unknown Footstone
Unknown George F.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Weaver Ellen
Weaver Reverdey
Weaver Sue
Weigle Anna C. - pic2
Weigle Clara A.
Weigle Emanuel - pic2
Weigle Hannah M.
Weigle Mary R.
Yeatts Amos F.
Yeatts Mary C.
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