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Instructions and Tips for File Managers

We are excited to bring you a new way of gathering information for the USGenWeb Archives! We hope that you enjoy using your new boards and that they make your job as an FM easier. By using these boards to gather submissions, you will recieve .txt files that are properly formatted for the archives, complete with the archives disclaimer in place.
Please follow these instructions carefully. If you have any questions, email me at


The following types of boards are available for USGenWeb Archives File Managers (FM's): Bible records, Biographies, Deeds, Obituaries, Pensions, Wills.

To request a board, visit Fill out the information requested in the following manner:

  • Country=Archives (case-sensitive)
  • State = [St] (case-sensitive) (example: Ms, Tn, Sd...NOT MS, TN, SD)
  • County = [County] (case-sensitive) (example: Lamar, Norfolk...not LAMAR, NORFOLK)
  • Select the type of board you want (you'll need to make a separate request for each board type). Please DO NOT request a query board for the archives. Such requests will be automatically deleted.
  • Enter your name and email address. If you use a separate email address for archives related business, you may use that if you wish.
  • When this information is entered, check your entry one last time and then click the "submit" button.
  • You will be taken to a confirmation page. When prompted for the URL of your page, you should enter the FULL URL for that county's ARCHIVE TOC. (example
  • Click the next submit button.

Your board request is now logged. The boards have to be manually configured by me, so don't expect your email message right away. I usually check the request logs 2-3 times a day.


You will receive an email when your board has been set up. Follow the directions in the email carefully to activate your board. Boards should be activated within 14 days of being set up. After that time, empty directories are deleted and you will need to start the sign up process again.

After you have filled out the form again, you will be taken to the configuration page. Be sure to enter the requested information carefully and completely, as this is what will be used in your ocnfiguration files.

After you have completed the board configuration process you will be given a hotlink to your board

The VERY FIRST thing you should do is enter a password. This is *VERY* important. You will need your password to create your .txt files and delete the submissions after you have uploaded them.

  • DO NOT use your name, county, state, or other easily identifiable information in your password.


You'll want to point potential subscribers to your new boards so that they can enter their submissions. These submissions will be stored in a database until you create the text file, upload it to the archives, and delete the submissions (more on this in a bit....).

  • The URL for your board will be provided when you complete the activation process. Please make a note of it. (Note: These URL's are case sensitive)
  • The pattern of the URL will be
    The types of boards and the appropriate designation in the URL are
    • Bible Records: Bibl (i.e.
    • Biographies: Bios (i.e.
    • Deeds: Deed (i.e.
    • Obituaries: Obits (i.e.
    • Pensions: Pens (i.e.
    • Wills: Will (i.e.
  • If you want to use logos to point to the boards, you can find new logos for the Archive boards here.


You may gather your board data at any time. Each time you gather the data, you will be deleting it from the boards, so make sure you save the file on your disk until you have it uploaded into the archives. If these procedures are followed correctly, each .txt file you create will contain only entries submitted since your last gathering. No need to worry about duplication! The gathering process has two steps: 1) creating the .txt file and 2) deleting the information.

Creating the .TXT file

  • Visit
  • You will be prompted for your state and county....enter them as they are in the GenConnect board URL (StCounty)
  • When you hit the "submit" button, you will be taken to the password screen. After you have correctly entered the password, hit the "submit" button, and a text file will be created.
  • A hotlink to the file will be provided. Follow the link.
  • When the page finishes downloading, use your browser's File/Save As command to save the document to your hard drive. Use the Archives file naming protocol.
  • The file is now ready to be uploaded to the archives.
  • From this point on, do your normal FM duties...uploading, creating a link in the TOC's, etc. For more help on this, visit the USGW Archive Guidelines and the TIPS pages.

Step 2: Wiping out the data

  • Visit
    • This is a help page for maintaining your board. Look for the part titled "Deleting Messages" on the table (first row). Follow these instructions for deleting the submissions.
    • TIP: Be sure to delete the submissions as soon as you download the text files. Check the date/time to make sure that no new entries were submitted while you were creating, downloading etc. before deleting all of the entries.

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      Nancy Trice /  Carol Hepburn
      Our thanks to Birchell Coslow for help in testing!

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