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Interesting Tidbits: When Lake Texoma was created some 3,000 graves from 47 cemeteries had to be moved (reinterment in 1942) to eleven new cemeteries. The cemeteries in Marshall County (outside the city limits) rely upon donations of time and money from those who have loved ones buried there to keep the cemeteries clean and mowed.

Arch(e)ard Cemetery - See Linn Cemetery

Aylesworth Cemetery -3K-Jan 2000- Ed Moore - Driving Directions: Take highway 199 east of  Madill to Little City, turn south on Bridgeview Road until it "T's with Lake Road into Bridgeview Resort. Turn left at the "T' and go 1/4 mile East, just over the crest of the hill. The cemetery is on the North side of the road.  A sign posted on the the fence reads: Aylesworth Cemetery Est. in 1834 in Memory of John Simmons in 1900.

Bald Knob Cemetery -

Burney Cemetery -3 K-July 1999-Joyce Hayward original location was at Aylesworth. It was founded by a Chickasaw, Benjamin Crooks Burney in 1860. The cemetery contained 150 graves, only thirty of the graves were marked and identifiable in 1938. By 1942, the number had fallen to twenty-two identifiable headstones.

New Burney Cemetery - established in 1942; the Moore Indian Cemetery and the Burney Cemetery were relocated and combined to form the New Burney Cemetery. The new cemetery is located on Army Corps Land. The cemetery is in fairly good shape. Driving Directions: by Ed Moore-One mile west of Little City, turn south off highway 199 onto Timberhill Road. Continue south approx. 3 miles until the road appears to end.  Continue south through the cattle guard, the cemetery will be visible on your left.   No sign was present, but the fence and brick entrance to the cemetery can be seen from the road. It contains 236 graves. However, numerous just have field markers for "Unknown" Graves.

Cedar Hill Cemetery - approx. location north on Huebsch Road off of Hwy 70 from Madill.

Cliff Cemetery -

Commerce Trust Co. Cemetery-2 K-June 1999-Joyce Hayward

Cumberland Cemetery - Driving Directions: Turn on to Cumberland Road off of Hwy 199 turn on to School Street (sign on top of street sign says Cumberland Cemetery). Just a little ways down the road is the fenced in cemetery. A sign on the fence by the gate leading in to the cemetery reads: "Cumberland Cemetery Assoc. was established in 1948 to keep our cemetery beautiful on a non-profit basis. This is made possible from those who have loved ones and friends at rest here. Help the good cause and lets keep our project alive - Veron Maxwell - Treas."

Daisey Hastings Cemetery -2 K-June 1999-Joyce Hayward

Durwood Cemetery - "Old Indian Graveyard" - community of Durwood (or where it used to be) is right on the Carter County and Marshall County boundary line, but that cemetery is in Marshall County.

Hainline Cemetery

Hardwick Cemetery -2 K-July 1999-Joyce Hayward

Harney Cemetery -2 K-June 1999-Joyce Hayward

Howard Cemetery -2 K-July 1999-Joyce Hayward

Small Indian Cemetery - approx. location on road leading to Buncombe Creek Resort south of Shay on private property.

Isom Cemetery 11 K-June 1999 - Updated 9-3-1999--Joyce Hayward "On a recent trip to Isom Springs Cemetery, I found the grounds in deplorable condition. Grasses and weeds chest high, a thick mat of dead grass from several years of neglect covers the entire cemetery. Small saplings have been allowed to grow, and unless they are removed will start to damage the stones. For the most part, the markers are in good shape. I didn't detect any vandalism. There is a beautiful gate near the road which shows that at one time someone cared about the area. I didn't see a fence (too busy looking for rattlesnakes). I don't have anyone buried in this cemetery" Glynda Herndon, Durant, OK

James Cemetery-2 K-July 1999-Joyce Hayward

Juzan Cemetery - a "family plot" - 2 K - Feb 2000 - James Goff .& Rhonda Rowe - approx. location off of Hwy 70A south of Kingston. Go to Gary Avenue, cross cattle guard, on dirt road.

Keel Cemetery - on Bethel Road

Lark Cemetery -

Lebanon Cemetery - approx. location off Hwy 32 on a hill.

Linn Cemetery - 30K - Aug 2000 - Dan James

Louisa Hays Cemetery-2 K-June 1999-Joyce Hayward

Lucy Brown Cemetery-2 K-June 1999-Joyce Hayward

McMillan Cemetery- approx. location intersection of Country Road 1 and 33.

Minter Cemetery-2 K-July 1999-Joyce Hayward

Moore Indian Cemetery-2 K-June 1999-Joyce Hayward - Founded by a Choctaw, Joseph Moore in 1855. The cemetery contained sixty-five graves. Only twenty of the headstones were identifiable in 1938. By 1942, only sixteen of the headstones were identifiable. Joseph Moore was Sheriff of Pickens County.

Muncrief Cemetery - Renamed Old Fred Burial Ground

Nelda Cemetery - approx. location one and a half miles south of Hwy 70 between Dickson and Mannsville.

Oakland Cemetery -north of Madill.

Pickens Cemetery - Located behind Pickens Baptist Church on Country Road 34, approx. three miles southwest of McMillan.

Rocky Point Cemtery - approx. location on Hwy 377 on Rocky Pt Road

Rollins Cemetery approx. location near Mannsville. - 1K - Apr 2000 - Carmeletta Barker

Shay Cemetery- 

Underhill Cemetery-2 K-July 1999-Joyce Hayward

Willis Cemetery-62 K-June 1999 (Updated Aug 2000) -Windy McDonald

(Update to Willis Cemetery

(Update to Willis Cemetery 18/July/2002)

Wilson Creek Cemetery - approx. location southwestern part of county.

Woodberry Forest CemeteryMadill, OK - 2K - Apr 2000 - Carl Burgett - Updated Aug 2000 - Ella Brown

Old Woodville Cemetery: NE of Woodville (Driving Directions: from McBride, go North on Texoma Park Road to the Alberta Creek turnoff, then East there to Texoma Hills Road, turn South there to the end, and then to back to the East then you should be at the corner of Sand Bass & Catfish Drive. From this point you go North, maybe 75 yards, and on the East side of the road, look real hard, for a big stone in the woods. - James Goff)

  A stone has inscribed on it "In Memory....Woodville Cemetery". From this "marker" you find your way thru the thicket towards the east and you'll find the grave markers. This cemetery is in a real thick thicket and has many "rocks" for headstones, but we managed to find 2 headstones with the following. I might add, that due to the thickness of the brush, that even the people that live around there probably don't know it's there. This Texoma Hills addition has been developed in the last few years or so. There used to be a black school located, to the west of the cemetery, but it's foundation had obvious been torn away when they developed this area.
  Here's the tombstone inscription on the only 2 headstones at the black cemetery that could be found.

Milly Wolf Born 1-7-1812 Died 12-27-1910
Manda Ingram Died 12-7-1916

Woodville Cemetery- 

Surname listing-Surname Downey: buried in various cemeteries in Marshall County.-2 K-Apr 1999-Lin Downey


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