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Gene Phillips - Jefferson County Archivist
Gene Phillips - Oklahoma State Archivist

Bill Hamm has compiled a list of all known burials in Jefferson County, Oklahoma. We are very grateful to Mr. Hamm for his generosity in sharing his hard work with us in this way.

Considering the enormous size of Mr. Hamm's files, we have divided them into smaller files for faster downloading.

File Name Description Size Date
Cemetery Descriptions and Locations cem-desc.txt 4.7 Kb 25 Oct 2001
Index to Cemetery Lists index.txt 1.5 Kb 25 Oct 2001
Alphabetical Burial Lists 
"A & B" Surnames jefferson-a-b.txt 67 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"C" Surnames jefferson-c.txt 83.5 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"D & E" Surnames jefferson-d-e.txt 82 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"E & F" Surnames jefferson-f-g 83.8 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"H & I" Surnames jefferson-h-i.txt 91.3 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"J, K & L" Surnames jefferson-j-k-l.txt 86.3 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"M" Surnames jefferson-m.txt 93.4 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"N, O, P & Q" Surnames jefferson-n-o-p-q.txt 71.3 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"R" Surnames jefferson-r.txt 56.2 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"S" Surnames jefferson-s.txt 98.6 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"T, U, & V" Surnames jefferson-t-u-v.txt 48.5 Kb 25 Oct 2001
"W, X, Y, & Z" Surnames jefferson-w-x-y-z.txt 81.7 Kb 25 Oct 2001

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