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"The Laster Family"
Submitted by: Scott Havard

**Note: The name was originally spelled Laseter, then changed to Laster during the 1920's

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Mary Jane (Norton) Laster and Allen Marion Laster.
Great-grandparents to Scott Havard.
Mary and Allen Laster were mother and father to:
Will, Eddie, James and Mearl Laster.

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Ed and Annie Laster, with Stanley and Brownie Laster.
Marriage License:
Image 1 - Image 2 - Image 3
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James E. Laster (Soldier)
& his father, Allen Laster, 1918
James Laster, holding James Jr.
with sons, George, & Billy 1935
James Laster and grandchildren,
Wendell Evans & Barbara Gail Ballew
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Laster Family Group
(Names listed on photo)
Robbie Lee, Joyce, Velma Marie,
Violet and Verdell.
Daughters of James E. Laster
Mearl and Brownie Laster
Behind them is Pearl Maud Laster.
Pearl was the oldest daughter of
Allen and Mary Jane Laster

Note: The next four photos were taken at a family reunion in Filmore, CA., Summer of 1949

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Howard H., Stanley L.D. and Carl Dewey Laster.
Stanley L.D. was Allen & Mary Jane's oldest grandchild.
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Left to Right: Howard H. Laster, born 1-16-1902 in Tushka, OK. son of Allen and Mary Jane Laster.
Second: Vidoma Castella Laster, daughter of Will Eddie Laster.
Third: Carl Dewey Laster, 2-5-05 son of Allen and Mary Jane Laster.
Fourth: Alma Brownie Viola Laster, dau. of Will Eddie, same little girl in pic with Will Eddy & wife.
Fifth: Stanley L.D. Laster, son of Will Eddie, same small boy in pic with Will Eddie.
Sixth: Joy Corall, daughter to Byrle Edith Laster.
All except joy was born and lived in Tushka, Atoka County, Oklahoma
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(l. to r.) Dola (Stacy) Laster wife to Stanley L.D., Stanley L.D. Laster,
Tony Laster and Stanley Jerral Laster son's to Stanley L.D. Laster,
Dominec Veronisi (in shadow) Brownie's husband, Stacy and David Pardue.
(children in front of Dom - Vidoma's sons)
Joy and Carl Seaman (in shadow), their daughter (near foreground, don't remember her name)

laster-12.jpg (50601 bytes)
(l. to r.) Troy Pardue (Vidoma's husband),
Howard, L.D., and Carl.
In front, Dominec Veronisi (Brownie's husband)
laseter-billy.jpg (29183 bytes)

Mearl Lee (Billie) Laseter/Laster, 1940's

3-gen-laster.jpg (33993 bytes)

Three Generations
Left to right:
Willina Yvonne Foster, Mearl Lee Laseter/Laster and Mary Jane Norton Laster.
Willina Yvonne is daughter of Mearl Lee Laster.
Mearl Lee Laster is daughter of Mary Jane Norton Laster.
Willina Yvonne Foster is the mother of Scott Havard, the contributor of these photos.

*** NOTE***
Tombstone Photos for some of the Laseter / Laster family can be viewed here:
High Hill Cemetery Page

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