Storey County 

Virginia City - County Seat 

Filename  Description  File Size  Date  Submitter 
allison6gbs.txt ALLISON, C. 1 KB 4/15/2010 Alice Warner Brosey
fair3gbs.txt FAIR, James G. (photo) 8 KB 6/5/2007 Joy Fisher
bewick21gph.txt HAGUE, Emma Simpson BEWICK(photo) 1 KB 10/6/2011 Terri Ryan
mackay4gbs.txt MACKAY, John W.(photo) 9 KB 6/5/2007 Joy Fisher
1890ST.txt  1890 Special Census  19 KB  12/21/2000  Patricia A. Scott 
stordraft.txt  Draft registration cards 
completed in 1917-1918 
92 KB  11 February 1998  Ray H.Banks 
philkear3gmt.txt Civil War - 1886 Rosters
Phil. Kearney Post No. 10, G.A.R., Virginia City, Nevada
4.0 KB 11/11/2011 Joy Fisher
storpnsn.txt  1883 Pensioners  2 KB 08/16/2000 Alice Miller 
VITALS (Births, Deaths, Marriages)
CEMETERY SURVEYS - PHOTOS: Nevada Tombstone Project
goldmarr.txt  Goldhill Marriage Index  2.7 KB 10 April 1997  Lloyd Spiker 
TTEmarriages.txt  Territorial Enterprise Marriages  2 KB  14 April 2000  Doreen Robinson 
1880ST.txt  1880 Mortality Schedule  20 KB 11/04/2000 Patricia A. Scott 
ghill-deaths-1873-1876.txt Death abstracts, 1873-1876
(From the Nevada Tombstone Record Book, Vol. 1)
4 KB 2/25/2011 Sue Silver
TTEdeaths.txt  Territorial Enterprise Deaths  2 KB 14 April 2000  Doreen Robinson 
virginiapaper.txt  Virginia Evening Chronicle ~ Jan 2,1890 to Jun 30,1890 12 KB 13 June 2000  Martha Richards 
OBITUARIES~STATEWIDE - Nevada Obituary Project


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