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Filename Description Date Submitter
birthsbv224.txt Volume B
Page 224 .. Landis Twp.
Sep 2000 Cyndie Enfinger
hollinger-t.txt HOLLINGER, Thomas 1842 Mar 2006 Thomas Hollinger
whildin-vm.txt WHILDIN, Virginia Mae; 1929 Mar 2009 Kathie Evans


Filename Description Date Submitter
biggsdare.txt John BIGGS to Phebe DARE (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
bishopevans.txt Ephraim BISHOP to Rachel EVANS (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
burtwilliams.txt Smith BURT to Betsy WILLIAMS (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
carllsouder.txt David CARLL to Catharine SOUDER (1819) May 2008 Cyndie Enfinger
carllott.txt Eli CARLL to Peggy OTT (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
carterrussell.txt Benjamin CARTER to Mary RUSSELL (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
cornwelldayton.txt David W. CORNWELL to Nancy DAYTON (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
daredoughty.txt Jonathan DARE to Sarah DOUGHTY (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
daremaul.txt Smith DARE to Hannah MAUL (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
salmonyoung.txt James DEVEREUX to Margaret YOUNG (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
egbertclark.txt Jesse EGBERT to Phebe CLARK (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
fosterdiament.txt Isaac P. FOSTER to Rosina DIAMENT (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
garrisondare.txt Richard GARRISON to Sarah DARE (1819) May 2008 Cyndie Enfinger
gartonsauder.txt Jonathan GARTON to Betsy SAUDER (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
hendersonhand.txt Clark HENDERSON to Zilpah HAND (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
holmesbowen.txt John HOLMES to Phebe BOWEN (1819) May 2008 Cyndie Enfinger
jewellnelson.txt William Henry JEWELL to Lillian Whildin NELSON; 1927 Mar 2009 Kathie Evans
laytonshaw.txt Thomas LAYTON to Charlotte SHAW (1818) May 2008 Cyndie Enfinger
ketchamlippincott.txt William KETCHAM to Susan LIPPINCOTT (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
macawshaw.txt N. James MACAW to Sara E. SHAW (1901) Feb 2011 Cyndie Enfinger
matthewsburgin.txt Francis M. MATTHEWS to Sarah BURGIN (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
fosterdiament.txt Isaac NEWCOMB to Hannah DIAMENT (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
nixonthompson.txt Jeremiah NIXON to Mary THOMPSON (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
ogdenlummis.txt Daniel OGDEN to Harriet LUMMIS (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
ogdenmoore.txt James OGDEN to Lydia MOORE (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
oharedemsey.txt Patrick O'HARE to Margaret DEMSEY (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
parvinthompson.txt Dr. Holmes PARVIN to Mary THOMPSON (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
presdennis.txt John PRESTON to Hannah DENNIS (1817) Aug 2001 Mary Love Berryman
quintinscott.txt Thomas QUINTIN to Margaret SCOTT (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
reedsheppard.txt Enos REED to Rebecca SHEPPARD (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
salmonyoung.txt Nathaniel SALMON to Eliza YOUNG (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
seeleychampneys.txt Elias P. SEELEY to Jane B. CHAMPNEYS (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
shawbrandriff.txt Jonah SHAW to Sylvia BRANDRIFF (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
sheppardmulford.txt Thomas SHEPPARD to Sarah MULFORD (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
trenchardpierson.txt John TRENCHARD to Hannah PIERSON (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
webbtaylor.txt John WEBB to Elizabeth TAYLOR (1819) May 2008 Cyndie Enfinger
westgartner.txt George WEST to Mary GARTNER (1815) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
westcottrussell.txt Amos WESTCOTT to Rebecca RUSSELL (1816) Jun 2005 Cyndie Enfinger
woodruffjones.txt Enos WOODRUFF to Rhoda JONES (1816) May 2005 Cyndie Enfinger


Filename Description Date Submitter
millvilledr.txt Death Records; Millville Sep 2000 Cyndie Enfinger
craner-ec.txt CRANER, Ernest Charles; 1915 Dec 2013 Carol Greene
hartzog-em.txt HARTZOG, Elizabeth M.; 1949 Mar 2009 Kathie Evans
jewell-ic.txt JEWELL, Ida C.; 1928 Mar 2009 Kathie Evans
jewell-lw.txt JEWELL, Lillian Whilden; 1979 Mar 2009 Kathie Evans
jewell-l.txt JEWELL, Luther; 1919 Mar 2009 Kathie Evans
lee-vm.txt LEE, Virginia Mae; 1966 Mar 2009 Kathie Evans
stauffer-rb.txt STAUFFER, Ronald Brian; 1999 Nov 2012 Charles Stauffer

Social Security Applications

Filename Description Date Submitter
jewell-whs.txt JEWELL, William Henry, Sr; b. 1914 Mar 2009 Kathie Evans
whildin-b.txt WHILDIN, Berton; b. 1879 Mar 2009 Kathie Evans
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