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Grafton County

Clark Hill Cemetery
Canaan, Grafton County, New Hampshire

To reach this cemetery, off Interstate 89 take exit 17.  Follow Route 4 through Enfield to Canaan.  Proceed to the Village.  Turn left onto Canaan St. Road.  Then, take a right onto Fernwood Farms Road.  Follow this road several miles and it will lead to Clark Hill Road (on the left).  Clark Hill Road is a dirt road.  The cemetery is about 1/2 mile down the road on the left side.  There is no sign for the cemetery and it's far off the road (you'll be able to see part of the white fence if you look down the driveways).

I believe this is all of the readable stones from the cemetery.  I had intended to photograph just a few and then ended up doing the whole cemetery.  If you have photos of any stones which I missed, please email them to me and I'll update this listing.

There was a separate section in the cemetery, under the trees, with a stone wall around it.  I did not climb into that area.  There was only one old faint stone standing and several others leaning against the fence in this section.

All photos taken September 28, 2002 by Michelle McKenzie ( and family.

General 1 General 2 General 3 General 4

Each photo is approximately 200KB for high-quality printing

Surname Given Name Birth
Additional Notations
cross.jpg ? ? Unknown - No name and this was separated from the other stones
unk.jpg ? Harry 1918 1937 Listed as Son - Not sure which family this belongs with
albaj.jpg Albu Arthur J. 10/26/1924 2/7/1987 GY SGT US Marine Corps, WW II, Korea, Vietnam
allel.jpg Allard Elmire 1845 1924 Wife of Joseph Dupuis
brij.jpg Banville Rose D. 1859 1922 Spouse of John D. Brisson
dechh.jpg Beaudry Yvonne 7/6/1911 4/28/1994 Spouse of Harold H. Decato
deccei.jpg Beauregard Irene B. 1901 1988 Spouse of Charles E. Decato
bend.jpg Bennett John J. 1856 1940 Spouse of deniage M. Douville
benj.jpg Bennett John J., Jr. 8/5/1886 2/20/1907
bent.jpg Bennett Timothy 5/29/1830 7/9/1913 Spouse of Vitalene Bennett
benv.jpg Bennett Vitalene 5/12/1835 6/2/1909 Wife of Timothy Bennett
benwj.jpg Bennett William J. 1885 1968 Their Son (John J. & Deniage M. Douville Bennett)
blaf.jpg Blain Francois 1841 1922 Spouse of Agnes Robert
bouth.jpg Bourgeois Theotise 2/20/1898 AE 72 yrs., Wife of Charles Decato
brij.jpg Brisson John 1860 Spouse of Rose D. Banville
brip.jpg Brisson Peter J. 1885 1927 Son of John D. Brisson
bushj.jpg Bushway Julienne 1821 1887 Wife of Joseph Dion
decj.jpg Bushway Mary 9/16/1862 3/18/1920 Spouse of Joseph Decato
chadm.jpg Chardon Dorothy M. AE 4 Mos, 23 Days
choaa.jpg Chouinard Arline A. 5/19/1924 9/29/1967
choja.jpg Chouinard Dora B. 1890 1974
choefront.jpg Chouinard Edna 1935 1936 Front of Stone - Daughter of E. J. & V. D. Chouinard
choe.jpg Chouinard Edna 1935 1936 Back of stone - Daughter of E. J. & V. D. Chouinard
choja.jpg Chouinard Joseph A. 1884 1955
cloudn.jpg Cloud Dick 1950 1972
cloudn.jpg Cloud Leah M. 1921 1977
cloudn.jpg Cloud Nornan D. 1917 1980
cloudrd.jpg Cloud Richard D. 2/19/1950 7/4/1975 Pvt US Marnie Corps, Vietnam
decad.jpg Decato Adelard 1893 1939
decjo.jpg Decato Agnes
decjc.jpg Decato Allen B. 1863 1876 Child of C. & E. N. Decato
decaj.jpg Decato Arthur J. 1881 1961 Spouse of Grace D. Goss
decchar.jpg Decato Charles 11/20/1848 1/7/1914 Spouse of Elizabeth N.
decc.jpg Decato Charles 2/10/1902 AE 79 yrs., Spouse of Theotise Bourgeois
deccei.jpg Decato Charles E. 1896 can't read Spouse of Irene B. Beauregard
decce.jpg Decato Charles E. 3/19/1896 10/8/1966 New Hampshire PFC Co B 309 Infantry World War I
deccejr2.jpg Decato Charles E. Jr. 1929 1976
deccejr.jpg Decato Charles E., Jr. 1929 1976 PFC US Army Korea
decca.jpg Decato Clara A. 1892 1977
deccr.jpg Decato Clara R. 1869 1892
decdf.jpg Decato Dallas F. 1898 1979 PFC US Army World War I
decdal.jpg Decato Dallas Ford 1893 1979 Spouse of Exzelia M. Decato
decdb.jpg Decato Delia B. 3/21/1886 Wife of Oscar Decato, AE 18 yrs.
decef.jpg Decato Elaine Fay 10/11/1929
decchar.jpg Decato Elizabeth N. 3/4/1846 2/12/1916 Spouse of Charles Decato
decdal.jpg Decato Exzelia M. 1897 1948 Spouse of Dallas Ford Decato
decfa.jpg Decato Francis Arthur 7/23/1950 10/21/1987
decgg.jpg Decato Georgianna Goodhar 1864 1940
dechf.jpg Decato Harold F. 11/9/1898 Son of E. T. Decato, AE 3 das.
decch.jpg Decato Harold H. 2/27/1908 3/22/1988 Spouse of Yvonne Beaudry
decjc.jpg Decato Hattie 1872 1872 Child of C. & E. N. Decato
decinf.jpg Decato Infant With the Adelard Decato (1893-1939) stone
decrh.jpg Decato Joan D. 1939
decj.jpg Decato Joseph 4/28/1859 12/23/1907 Spouse of Mary Bushway
decjo.jpg Decato Joseph
decad.jpg Decato Joseph A. 1927 1947
decja.jpg Decato Joseph A. 1927 1947
decjc.jpg Decato Joseph C. 1868 1868 Child of C. & E. N. Decato
decjc.jpg Decato Josie V. 1874 1874 Child of C. & E. N. Decato
declb.jpg Decato Laura Bournival 1864 1903
declj.jpg Decato Leander Joseph 1858 1928
decjc.jpg Decato Mable 1872 1872 Child of C. & E. N. Decato
decdb.jpg Decato Mary 3/20/1886 AE 1 yr - Child of D. & O. Decato
decdb.jpg Decato Oscar 3/19/1886 AE 3 yrs - Child of D. & O. Decato
decoa.jpg Decato Oscar A. 1863 1931
decew.jpg Decato Pvt. Ernest W. 1892 1918 Died in U. S. Service April 6, 1918
decrh.jpg Decato Richard H. 1939 1995
decst.jpg Decato Sophia T. 1864 1905
decfront.jpg Decato Front of Stone of Charles E. Decato (deccei.jpg)
decan.jpg Decoteaux Anselm 1865 1913
decan.jpg Decoteaux Hubert 1867 1923
deshm.jpg Descoteau Hattie M. 2/15/1899 Wife of Edward Giguere, Age 30 years
bend.jpg Douville Deniage M. 1857 1937 Wife of John J. Bennett
doup.jpg Douville Elizabeth 1869 1937
douf.jpg Douville Felemene 1837 1895 Wife of Peter Douville
doup.jpg Douville Joseph 1890 1952
doum.jpg Douville Mary 3/12/1870 12/28/1897 Wife of George Douville
doup.jpg Douville Phillip 1865 1938
ramcr.jpg Dupuis Mary A. 1871 1949 Spouse of Charles Rameor
dups.jpg Dupuis Samuel 1873 1950 Spouse of Jennie Patrie
filw.jpg Filfalt Woitto US Name World War II
golm.jpg Ford Delphine E. 1882 1965 Spouse of Martin Golden
gigca.jpg Giguere Camille New Hampshire PVT  World War I
gige.jpg Giguere Edward 1866 1949
ramoe.jpg Giguere Eva 1878 1959 Spouse of Otis Rameor
hicer.jpg Giguere Evelyn M. 1879 1950 Spouse of Elmer R. Hicks
gigl.jpg Giguere Lilie 11/30/1887 Daughter of M. J. & M. Giguere, AE 6ms, 7 ds
giglm.jpg Giguere Louis 1821 1898 Spouse of Marie D. Lepire
gigm.jpg Giguere Mealia (?) 5/23/1919 Age 42 yrs
golm.jpg Golden Martin 1866 1980 Spouse of Delphine E. Ford
decaj.jpg Goss Grace D. 1882 1939 Spouse of Arthur J. Decato
hatr.jpg Hathorn Rhonda D. 3/23/1966
hatr.jpg Hathorn Sabina M. 12/30/1966
hicer.jpg Hicks Elmer R. 1869 1953 Spouse of Evelyn M. Giguere
hicve.jpg Hicks Verne E. 2/12/1907 Son of E. R. & E. M. Hicks, AE 10 mos.
hilb.jpg Hill Bud, Sr. 8/22/1920
kana.jpg Kane Anna M. 1895 1991
ramosc.jpg Leavitt Arthur 8/13/1885 8/6/1969 Spouse of  Marie Louise Moreau
lebb.jpg LeBlanc Blanche 1906 1971
lemod.jpg Lemay Odelia D. 1875 1959
giglm.jpg Lepire Marie D. 1831 1925 Wife of Louis Giguere
ramosc.jpg Moreau Cordelia 6/1/1886 8/20/1950 Spouse of Oscar Rameor
morf.jpg Moreau Frank 1852 1930 Spouse of Victorene
ramosc.jpg Moreau Marie Louise 4/9/1890 5/19/1962 Spouse of Arthur Leavitt
morf.jpg Moreau Victorene 1849 1916 Spouse of Frank Moreau
morfront.jpg Moreau Front of stone for Frank Moreau (morj.jpg)
dups.jpg Patrie Jennie 1878 1926 Spouse of Samuel Dupuis
doup.jpg Poirier Flora D. 1904 1945
prod.jpg Provencal Delore J., Jr. 11/3/1931 4/24/1992 PFC US Army Korea
ramb.jpg Rameor Beatrice S. 5/29/1914 7/25/1919 Daughter of Chas. & Mary A. Rameor
ramcr.jpg Rameor Charles 1873 1937 Spouse of Mary A. Dupuis
rand.jpg Rameor Delia 11/24/1918 AE 72 yrs.
rammi.jpg Rameor Exila 3/8/1886 child of D. Rameor, AE 4 yrs 3 d
ramfc.jpg Rameor Frank C. 11/28/1892 1/24/1893
ramga.jpg Rameor George A. 1904 1971
ramja.jpg Rameor Janet E. 1913 1971
ramjos.jpg Rameor Joseph 4/4/1843 3/21/1912 Co A. 4th N.H. Vol
ramja.jpg Rameor Joseph A. 1884 1938 Spouse of Mary. L.
ramoe.jpg Rameor Lena E. 1900 1900 Daughter of Otis and Eva (Giguere) Rameor
raml.jpg Rameor Lena E. 8/11/1900 Daughter of Otis and Eva (Giguere) Rameor, AE 4 mos, 16 Days.
ramoe.jpg Rameor Lester L. 1897 1897 Son of Otis and Eva (Giguere) Rameor
raml.jpg Rameor Lester L. 10/25/1897 Son of Otis and Eva (Giguere) Rameor, AE 21 Dys
ramja.jpg Rameor Mary L. 1884 1966
rammi.jpg Rameor Minnie 3/8/1886 Child of D. Rameor, AE 8 yrs 7 m
ramosc.jpg Rameor Oscar 12/22/1880 11/20/1942 Spouse of Cordelia Moreau
ramoe.jpg Rameor Otis 1871 1949 Spouse of Eva Giguere
ramoc.jpg Rameor Ovide C. 10/19/1910 7/21/1919 Son of Chas. & Mary A. Rameor
ramrd.jpg Rameor Rose D. 6/24/1909 9/21/1909 Infant of M. L. & J. A. Rameor
ramfront.jpg Rameor Front of Stone for Joseph A. Rameor Family (ramja.jpg)
ramfront2.jpg Rameor Front of Stone for Otis Rameor Family (ramoe.jpg)
rlfront.jpg Rameor/Leavitt Front of stone for Oscar Rameor/Arthur Leavitt Family (ramosc.jpg)
robin.jpg Robbins Baby 4/10/1943 Daughter of J. D. & E. D. Robbins
blaf.jpg Robert Agnes 1852 1926 Spouse of Francois Blain
shamr.jpg Shadowens Morgan Renee 11/20/1998
tuclb.jpg Tucker Leon B. 1887 1964
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