How To Contribute Your Tombstone Photos To This Project

Contributing your photos to this project couldn't be easier. Just send them to me as an e-mail attachment, or you can send them to me via snail mail.

If you use the regular old post office method, I will scan your photos and send them right back to you, but please be sure you include a return address. I cannot promise how long it will take me because I do not know how many I will receive at any given time. However, I will make sure they get posted and I will mention that you made the contribution. Pictures can be mailed to:

Floyd Smith III
30028 Poplar Dr.
Morrill, NE 69358

For those of you that send me pictures via e-mail, I would appreciate it if you could send the files in the .jpg or .gif format and please try and keep the file sizes as small as reasonably possible. I do need to reserve the right to reduce the file and/or picture size, an 8 x 10 picture looks good on a wall, but not in a little site like this, so if you need help with a large picture please let me know. I use a wonderful picture compression program that really knows how to get the file sizes down without degrading the quality of the picture. Pictures can be e-mailed to this address.

When you send me the pictures please include the County name, Cemetery name and if possible the grave location in the cemetery and the date the picture was taken. For example....Picture #1 was taken on 27-Aug-2001 in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Scott Bluff County. The grave location is Section 3, Lot 3, Space 3. It is okay if you do not know when the picture was taken, but it is important that we know where the grave is located, even if it is a grave out in the middle of pasture.

One last thing. I cannot accept any professionally copyrighted material unless a letter of permission to use accompanies the material. If you do not want anyone to know you submitted a picture to this site, then don't submit it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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ęCopyright 2001 - Floyd Smith III - Morrill, NE 69358