Rutherford County, North Carolina

The William and Seasil Murray Bible

Kenneth W. Shirley
4229 Kingman Road						January 23, 2002
Grantville, Kansas  66429				
[descendant of Thomas MURRAY d1805 Wash. Co. TN]

The Family of William MURRAY b1754 and wife Seasil __?__
of Rutherford Co. North Carolina


I. Introduction [and Purpose]

II. Transcription of the William and Seasil MURRAY Bible Record

III. Comments by Ken Shirley on the William and Seasil MURRAY Bible Record

IV. William and Seasil MURRAY Family--Additional Information and Discussion

I. Introduction

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Robert McFall for sharing the bible record in the form of computerized scans of all the original pages of the family record in the bible of William and Seasil MURRAY. Robert McFall descends from John Lindley MURRAY b1817 [son of Jabez MURRAY b1773, son of William b1754]. Thanks to James D. [Jim] Murray, Washington Co. TN MURRAYs website host, for first locating this bible record and recognizing its potential significance.

Note that the original bible record contains much more information than is contained in the transcription we have seen from "Tennessee Bible and Family Records" [which was posted last year on the Washington Co. TN MURRAYs website]. Also note that that the latter transcription implies that the maiden name of Seasil [wife of William MURRAY b1754] was "SHROPSHIRE." However, in the actual bible record there is nothing to identify Seasil's maiden name. [The name "Shropshire" is the middle name of Jabez and Nancy MURRAY's daughter who also was named "Seasil."] The information contained in this paper [bible transcription, county records, and comments by Ken Shirley] pertains to the MURRAY family group described as follows [from the bible record, will record, marriage records]:

William MURRAY b1754, m Seasil __?__ [resided Rutherford Co. NC]. Children of William and Seasil MURRAY:

1. Jabez MURRAY b1773, m Nancy __?__ [resided Rutherford Co. NC, Carter Co. TN, and Washington Co. TN];

2. Mordecai MURRAY b1776;

3. Rachel MURRAY b1778, m __?__ STREET;

4. William Davis MURRAY b1787;

5. John MURRAY b1794.

Children of Jabez MURRAY b1773 and his wife Nancy: 1. Ryland Street MURRAY b1801, m Levina Proctor Carter Fitzgerald;

2. Seasil Shropshire MURRAY b1803, m John HANBY;

3. William McEntosh MURRAY b1805, m Polly WEST;

4. Lucy [Louisa] MURRAY b1806, m Pleasant WILLIAMS;

5. Thomas Clayton MURRAY b1809, m Catherine SIMMERLY [to Jackson Co. TN];

6. Jane [Jinny] Shiprah MURRAY b1811, m John ELLIS;

7. Levina Seaton MURRAY b1813, m Martin HIX;

8. Simon Davis MURRAY b1815;

9. John Lindley MURRAY b1817, m1 Ruth Keen, m2 Rebecca Martin.

If anyone notices any errors in what is presented on the following pages, or can decipher any of the parts of the bible record that are in question, or has comments/questions on any of the material, please let me know. kws

Purpose of This Paper

I think this bible record and the other information presented on this MURRAY family group is important for a number of reasons. First it helps us sort out several previously "unattached" MURRAYs of Washington Co. TN, conclusively attaching them to a family group. Second, the information contains many "leads" that could be helpful in determining the connection between the various Washington Co. TN MURRAYs and the early Baltimore Co. MD MURRAYS [James MURRAY d1704, m Jemima MORGAN].

In his paper "Descendants of James Murray and Jemima Morgan of Baltimore County, Maryland" [1960s], the author Robert Barnes [noted genealogist of Maryland area families] included a page titled "Murrays of Other States Who May be Related to the Murrays of Baltimore County." Barnes identifies these individuals as follows: Christopher Murray [War of 1812 veteran of Washington Co. TN], Ephraim Murray m1788 Margaret Doyle--to Wash. Co. TN, Jabez Murray age 75 and John Murray age 32 of 1850 Wash. Co. TN census, Morgan Murray [Rev. War. Soldier who was granted land in Wash. Co. NC (TN)], Nicholas Murray, and Thomas Murray d1805 Wash. Co. TN.

This is same Jabez Murray b1773 and his son John L. Murray b1817 of the bible record presented in this paper. I think, but have no proof at all, that "family ties" is among the reasons that Jabez turns up in Washington Co. TN by 1840.

Thus, the purpose of compiling this information is to try to track these MURRAYs in hopes of getting fruitful leads on other MURRAY lines, and to identify how the branches of the Washington Co. TN MURRAYs [including Thomas MURRAY d1805 and Ephraim MURRAY b c1760 [m Margaret DOYLE] are connected with William b1754 [m Seasil __?__], and with William's son "Jabez" b1773 and his family.

Hopefully, this material will stimulate some thought as well as some in-depth research among MURRAY researchers. kws

II. William and Seasil Murray Bible Record

Bible in possession of Robert McFall and wife, Dolores Shell McFall [January 2002] [Mr. and Mrs. Robert McFall, 3303 Pine Timbers Dr., Johnson City, TN 37604] Again, Robert McFall is a descendant of John Lindley MURRAY b1817, son of Jabez b1773, son of William b1754.

Transcribed verbatim from computer scans of the original bible pages, January 2002 by Kenneth W. Shirley, 4229 Kingman Road, Grantville, Kansas 66429 E-mail: [descendant of Thomas MURRAY d1805 Washington Co. TN, through his son Shadrack MURRAY b c1765--relationship to William MURRAY b1754 and son Jabez MURRAY b1773 is unknown].

Page A -- Title Page of Bible

Title Page




The Old Testament



Translated out of the




Diligently Compared and Revised,
By His MAJESTY's Special Command






By W. Jackson and A. Hamilton, Printers to the University;
And sold by W. Dawson at the Oxford Bible Warehouse,
Patternosser (?)- Row, London      MDCCXC1



-----end of page----

Page B

Wm Murray father of the Childrern on the other Side was Born June the 6th 1754 & dyd February? 12th 1831

Seasil Murray Mother of the children on the side was born February the 10th 1752

			12		30
			__		__
			1831	2	12
			1754	6	 6
			  77	?	 6

-----end of page----

Page C

Jabes Murray [his??]
Price 12/ ?AD 1798

Jabes Murray son of Wm. & Seasil Murray his wife was born October the 12th in the year of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ 1773.

Mordecai Murray son of the aforesaid Wm. & Seasil was born June the 9 in the year of our Lord & Saviour 1776 dyd April 29th 1833

Rachel Murray daughter of the aforesd parents was born February the 10th in the year of our Lord 1778

Wm Davis Murray was born July the 26th in the year of our Lord 1787 -  son of Wm. & Seasil

-----end of page----

Page D

__?__ Murray son of the aforesd Wm. & Seasil was born October [?] 1794

			12		30
			__		__
			1859	 5	27
			1794	10	13
			  64	 5	14

-----end of page----

Page E

Jabez Murray & Nancy his wife

Issue of the Same

Ryland Street Son of the Same Born January 15? 1801
Dyed May the 12th 1831
Married the 18th of Augt 1822 to Levina Proctor Carter Fitzjarrel

Seasil Shropshire Daught [Ditto?] Born June 3rd 1803
Was married June the 15th 1819 to Jon Hanby

Wm McEntosh Born Febry 20th 1805?
Married the 10th of May 1821 to Polly West

Louisa Anna Born ?Dec 5th 1806
Dy? Dec 26th 1829 Louisa Anna

Thos Clayton Born April 24, 1809
Married Dec? 23 To C Simmerly

Jinny Shiprah March 26, 1811
Married To J Ellis Febry 14th 1828

Levina Seaton March 5 1813
Married Augt 13th 1829 to M Hix

Simon Davis July 29th 1815

John Lindly Octbr? 13th, 1817

-----end of page----

Page F

Marriages of the Issue of Jabez Murray and Nancy

1st? _?_eil Shropshire to John Hanby June the 15th 1819

Wm Mc Murray Married May 18th 1826 to Polly West

Ryland S? to Luvina T C Fitzjarrel Augt 18 1822

Lucy __?__ to Pleasant Williams March 13th 1825

Jinny Shiprah to John Ellis Febry the 14th 1828

Thos C. Murray Married Dec? 23rd 1834 to Catharine Simmerly

Levina S. to Martin Hix ary?, 13th 1829

-----end of page----

Page G

Deaths of Jabez Murray Familys

Nancy Hanby Dyd Debr. the 29th 1827

Lucy Anna Williams dyd Drb? The 26th 1829 agd 23 yr & 21 days

Ryland S. Murray dyd May the 12th 1831 agd. 30 year 4 months 7 days

-----end of page----

Page H

Issue? of Ryland S. Murray and Levina his wife  - Sally was born 20th of April 1825.

		12		30
		__		__
		1859?	5?	27?
		1825?	4?	20?
		34	1	 7

		1859	?	?
		1825	?	?
		34	?	?

-----end of page----

Page I

Thomas C. Murray born April the 20th   1809

			S? T? S?  __?__ __?__

-----end of page----

-----end of William and Seasil Murray bible record----

III. Comments by Ken Shirley: William and Seasil MURRAY Bible Record

I have attempted to transcribe each family record page of the William and Seasil MURRAY bible word-for-word. I have arbitrarily assigned the letters "A" through "I" as family record page designators. This does not necessarily represent the order of the pages as they exist in the original bible.

Page A: If my deciphering of the Roman numerals (MDCCXC1) is correct, the bible was published in 1791. It could be the case that the bible was purchased in 1798 by Jabez MURRAY b1773 [see Page C]. I think it was probably Jabez and Nancy's bible--with the information on the parents and siblings of Jabez perhaps copied from another older record.

Page B: The set of numbers on this page seem to be a calculation of the age at death of William MURRAY b1754 [not sure the math is correct].

Page C: The first entry on this page is puzzling. The first line "Jabez Murray [his?]"--not sure this is the word "his," but appears to be. There appears to be a word missing. The entry could refer to "his bible" or "his family." The second line ["Price 12/ _?_ AD1798"] is the part that I think could refer to the price of the bible [perhaps in shillings] and the purchase date of 1798. It is possible that "Price" is someone's name.

Page D: Presumably this is "John" MURRAY--a corner of the page is torn off. Again, the set of numbers are probably a calculation of age at time of death [for John?]--not sure the math is correct.

Page E: The format of these entries is usually two lines for the name and birth date of an individual, with the marriage information [and/or death information] squeezed in between the two lines. The death date for Louisa Anna seems to be followed by her name repeated ["Louisa anna"]. As discussed elsewhere, several members of the family of Jabez b1773 in Carter Co. TN in 1830 and Washington Co. TN 1850--Thomas C. b1809 in Jackson Co. TN.

Page F: the county marriage records of Rutherford Co. NC and Carter Co. TN corroborate many of these marriage records.

Page G: The entry for the death of "Nancy Hanby" is puzzling. Who was Nancy? A daughter of Jabez MURRAY b1773 was Seasil Shropshire MURRAY b1803 who married a John HANBY. Could Seasil b1803 have gone by the name "Nancy" or is Nancy a different family member who married a different HANBY?

Page H: I believe the entry is "Issue of Ryland S. Murray........," which indicates that Ryland had a daughter named Sally b1825. Once again, the sets of numbers are probably calculations of age at time of death [for Sally?]--not sure the math is correct.

Page I: Thomas C. MURRAY b1809 to Jackson Co. TN. I haven't figured out what the initials below the entry indicate.

IV. William and Seasil MURRAY Family--Additional Information and Discussion

[William MURRAY b1754 of Rutherford Co. NC] and his son Jabez b1773 of Carter and Washington Counties, TN]

I did some checking of some Rutherford Co. NC [and Carter Co. TN] records at our local historical library and found that the county records corroborate much of the William and Seasil MURRAY bible record information. No claim is being made that the information presented below represents a comprehensive search on this family group. kws

Abstract of the will of William MURRAY: Rutherford Co. NC

"D:147 William MURRY, 16 Jan. 1827, Mar. Ct. 1832,

Son, Jabez, 5 shillings, Son, William D., 5 shillings. Dau. Rachel Street 5 shillings. Balance to son John for support of my wife Cesal & son Mordecai. Extr.: friend John MURRY. Wit.: Amos McCurry, John Swiesy."

Rutherford County Heritage - North Carolina Vol. 1, 1984, Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County

"Marshall M. Murray Family" # 500

Information from this biographical sketch:

Many early MURRAYs were in the Duncan's Creek section of the county. Buried in the old Murray-Sweezy family cemetery are: William Murray b1754, d 13 Feb. 1832; Cecil Murray b1751, d 8 Nov. 1839. Cecil was William's wife and was a "Sweezy" before her marriage to him. Five known children of William and Cecil: Jabez MURRAY , Rachel STREET, Mordecai MURRAY, William Davis MURRAY, and John MURRAY. Mordecai b1772, d 25 Apr. 1833. Sources: Census records, Bible records, cemetery records, and personal knowledge of family members. ---Mrs. Inez Murray Brooks [descendant of William D. MURRAY b c1790s and Elizabeth Jenkins--this William D. not son of William b1754 and Cecil].

Note by KWS: I have seen no PROOF or good evidence of the maiden names of either Seasil [b1752, wife of William MURRAY] or Nancy [b1770s, wife of Jabez MURRAY b1773]. It is possible that Seasil's maiden name was "SWEEZY," but proof is needed.

Information on Jabez MURRAY [Not positive it is the same Jabez MURRAY in all these records]

Rutherford Co. NC Census 1810:

Page 36 Jabus Murray 30001 - 20101 [only MURRAY found--where was William MURRAY b1754 and family?]

Rutherford Co. NC Census 1820:

Page 392 Jabes Murry 211201 - 12001

Page 396 Davis Murry 200010 - 20010 and John Murray 300100 - 010001

Page 359 (386) John Murray 000100 - 00100

[??? William MURRAY and wife Seasil/Cecil not found--1790-1830]

Rutherford Co. NC Marriage Records:

Murray, Cecil to John Hanby 12 Jun. 1819

Murray, William to Polly West 10 Mar. 1821

Murrey, Lavinia to Martin Hix 13 Aug. 1829

Carter Co. TN 1830 [from printed index/census compilation] involving Jabez MURRAY b1773 and probable children of Jabez, and associated families (e.g., SIMMERLY):

Page 14 Murry, Jabus 00201001 - 00000001

Page 3 Murry, Ryland S. 10001 - 01001

Page 4 Williams, Pleasant 20002 - 0001

Page 13 Simmerly, William age 30-40

Page 33 Simmerly, Jacob age 30-40
Page 34 Simmerly, John age 80-90

Page 39 Ellis, John 01001- 0001

Carter Co. TN 1840

Page 181 John Ellis 0111000001 - 10011001

Page 187 John L. Murry 00001 - 0001

Page 190 John Ellis 121001 - 00001

Carter Co. TN 1850

Page 199B John Ellis 50 NC, Jane 45 NC Where were John and Jane in 1860, 1870??

Page 180 John Ellis age 70

Page 216 John Ellis age 28

Carter Co. TN Marriage Records [involving children and probable children of Jabez MURRAY b1773]:

Murry, Thomas C. to Catherine Simerly 23 Dec. 1834

"Maury," Lucy to Pleasant Williams 13 Mar. 1825

[Lucy died 1829 per bible record--other marriages of a "Pleasant Williams": to Nancy Lovelace 25 Feb. 1830; to Levisa Pierce 14 Oct. 1845. Apparently, there were two men named "Pleasant Williams" in Carter Co. TN, one born c1808 and the other born c1829 - per census records].

Murry, Jane to John Ellis 14 Feb. 1828

Note by KWS: In 1984 a Chuck Emmert of Elgin, Illinois called me about "Jane Shipraph" Murray b 26 March 1811 who Chuck claimed was the daughter of Jabez MURRAY.] I have recently made contact with Chuck Emmert again--no new information so far.

It must be just coincidence, but it is interesting that the second wife of Rowland P. MURRAY [b c1805, son of Shadrack b c1765] was a "Jane ELLIS," who had been married before and had children named ELLIS. Rowland P.'s wife, Jane, whom he married in 1848, was also born about 1810/1811 per Washington Co. TN census of 1850 [age 40], 1860 [age 49], and 1870 [age 59]--which apparently is a coincidental very close "fit" with the age of "Jane Shiprah" b1811, daughter of Jabez MURRAY. Jane Shiprah (MURRAY) ELLIS b1811 is supposedly [according to descendants] the "Jane Ellis" [age 45 NC, born c1805/1806] who is in the household of John Ellis [age 50 NC] of 1850 Carter Co. TN [above].

Other marriage information from Mrs. Robert McFall:

John L. Murray m1 22 Jun 1840 to Ruth Keen [Carter Co. TN]

John L. Murray m2 27 Nov 1851 to Rebecca Martin [Wash. Co. TN?]

Washington Co. TN Census 1840:

Page 252 Jabez Murry 010010001 - 120010001

Washington Co. TN Census 1850:

Page 126, #327-340 John Murray 32 waggon maker, Ruth 30, Amon H. 8, Nancy A. 6, Thos C. 2<

Page 128, #349-364 Jabz Murray 75 cooper $350 Va, Nancy 72 Va, Simon 34 NC

Note by KWS: It looks like "Jabz" to me, and not "Joby," or "Jaby," as it has been transcribed elsewhere. John MURRAY age 32 is son of Jabez per bible record. Again, Robert McFALL [who has possession of the William and Seasil MURRAY bible] descends from John MURRAY age 32 through his daughter Nancy A. MURRAY age 6 [m Thomas McFALL].

Note by KWS: It could be coincidence that Jabez MURRAY and members of his family show up in Carter Co. and Washington Co. TN [per census], but I don't think so.

Information on Thomas C. MURRAY
"Thomas C. Murray born April the 20th   1809" [repeated from bible information above]

Murry, Thomas C. to Catherine Simerly 23 Dec. 1834, Carter Co. TN [repeated from information above]

Census Information on Thomas C. MURRAY :

1840 Jackson Co. TN [copied from my previous post of the MURRAYs from this census, including my note about the entry]:

Page 287 Thos C. Murray 20001 - 000001

Adjacent: Stephen Burton and Wm Haws [a few houses away is Henry Simerly 00001 - 10001]

Note by KWS: This Is the Thomas Murray who married Catherine SIMMERLY 25 Dec. 1834 Carter Co. TN. Jabez MURRAY was in Carter Co. TN 1830 census, along with Ryland S. MURRAY. This Jabez is the same man as in the 1850 census of Wash. Co. TN (age 75).

Page 250 Mark Murray [age 30-40]

Page 295 James Murray [age 20-30]

Page 313 Thomas Murray [age 50-60--this Thos. b c1789, m Peggy MERCER].

1850 Jackson Co. TN Census [from the printed index/census compilation]:

J-2-469 (index reference) Murray, Thos. C. 41 NC, Catherine 42 Tn, John F. 14, J.R. 11, Margaret 10, Mary E. 6, Stephen D. 3

1860 Putnam Co. TN Census [from the printed index/census compilation]:

Pu-15-8 (index reference) Murray, T. C. 51, Catherine 51, Margaret 18, Mary 14

Note by KWS: Again, as with Jabez in Washington Co., it could be coincidence that Thomas C. MURRAY shows up in Jackson Co. TN. Or, he might have come because his wife, Catherine's, probable SIMMERLY relatives were there [Henry Simmerly near Thomas C. MURRAY in the Jackson Co. TN census]. Thos. C. b1809 apparently is not located that close to Thomas b c1789 in the Jackson Co. TN census, but there still could be a connection between Thos. C. b1809 and the MURRAYs of Jackson Co. TN.

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