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Census & Tax Records
Description Date Size Submitter
1779-1838 Tax Lists Oct 1997 14 kb Myrtle Bridges
1790 Fayette District Mar 1999 25 kb Alice O. Tatum
1790 Richmond County Census Images Sep 2001 Images Mark Einhaus
1792-1793 Richmond County Sheriff's Tax Book Oct 1997 7 kb Myrtle Bridges
1806 Richmond County Taxpayers Dec 1998 4 kb Myrtle Bridges
1812 Richmond County Taxables (Partial) Oct 1997 2 kb Myrtle Bridges
1836 Land Inventory in Wolfpit District Dec 1998 2 kb Myrtle Bridges
1838 Taxables in Capt. Milton McIntosh's Beat Dec 1998 5 kb Myrtle Bridges
1850 Census Index Nov 1999 10 kb S-K Publications
1850 Richmond County Census Images Jul 2001 Many Shirley D. Webb

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