How to Contribute Your Family Documents

Anyone may submit records to the NC USGenWeb Archives. Any document containing genealogical material may be submitted, and will be placed in the Archives for the county or counties that are mentioned in the document. By browsing through some of the counties on the Table of Contents, you may view the kind of information already posted on these Archives pages.

There are several ways to contribute your information. The most convenient way is through the auto-post method. Prepare your file in the word processor of your choice. Set the font to Courier New, 10pt and use the space bar for spacing text. Do not use tabs. Copy and paste the information into one of the following webpage links and complete any requirements on the page:  

Your contributions are important to us and we want to make your experience in contributing as easy as possible. Contact the file manager with questions you may have about using the auto-post method.

Click here to contribute to other states utilizing the auto-post method.

Another method of contributing your files is by attaching it to an email to one of the Archive File Managers listed below. Your information may also be placed in the body of an email message. Prepare your document ahead of time. Large files are best sent as attachments.

Email us your Family Documents
Virginia Crilley - Bertie County
Guy Potts - All other counties

Guidelines for Submitting Records

Please read the additional information that can be found at Guidelines and about File Preparation.

Email Registry For Contributors - Any time you see this symbol The Registry next to a contributor's name, they have registered their e-mail address at The Registry. Changes in email addresses can be kept up to date.

Thank you for your contributions!

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