Jackson County, North Carolina

Adoption of Demarius Angeline Sherrill
into The Eastern Band Of Cherokee

The resolution is dated November 16, 1874. It can be found in
NARA M234, roll 107, frames 130 through 141.

Now therefore; be it Resolved by the council of the Eastern Band of the Cherokees in General Council assembled, and it is hereby authorized by the authority of the same. Resolved, that Mrs. Angeline Sherrill, daughter of Wm. H. Thomas, with her children, and Wm. H. Thomas, Jr. and James R. Thomas sons and Sarah Love Thomas daughter of the said W. H. Thomas be and the same are hereby adopted as members of the Eastern Band of Cherokees and entitled to all of the priviliges, benefits and immunities as other individual members of the band the same as if they had been born of Indian parents, and that our confidence in the integrity and good faith of the said Thomas remains unshaken and that we cordially approve.


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