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William Marcellus Carraway Family

This photo appears to be the family of William Marcellus Carraway and is believed to be a few years before the 1903 photo posted on Old Dobbers and here at this site. It is likely in 1900 and is believed to be in Snow Hill, NC. Notice that the person identified as William Marcellus Carraway below appears to have less grey hair and no beard as he did in the Old Dobbers photo. William Marcellus Carraway was noted as a carpenter in the 1900 Census and lived in Snow Hill Township. Also, "The Great Sunny South", an early Greene County newspaper noted in its 11/18/1898 issue that "Mr. William Carroway has about finished the wood work of his new residence on main street." Most of the people in this photo I have been unable to unidentified as yet.

Below is my opinion of those shown in this picture that I can identify:

Seated first row: Second seated man from left William B. Hobbs; Third seated man from left William Marcellus Carraway; Center seated woman is Leo Dicie Murphy Carraway; Seated woman on the Right of photo is Ollie Carraway Hobbs; young girl standing to the right of Ollie appears to be Sunie Jane Hobbs. On second row standing just to the left behind his mother appears to be William Turner M. Carraway. Standing with his hat on just beneath the lady seated in the window may be Jim Carraway (son of Benajah Carraway). The older gentleman on the right in the far left window may be Benajah Carraway. I am really unsure about this. What do you think?


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