Granville County, North Carolina

William Bolling and Mary Ann White Marriage Bond, 10 May 1787

We the subscribers do acknowledge to owe to
Richard Caswell, esq. Governor of the State of North Carolina
and to his successors in office the sum of five hundred 
pounds to be levied of our good and chattels lands
and Tenements Respectively but to be ____ on
Conditions that no lawfull Cause shall
here after obstruct a marriage intended between
William Bolling and Mary Ann White.
To _________ which marriage the said ____
William Bolling hath obtained a license 
bareing five notation with these presents send
with our seals and dated this 10th Day of
May ---------	Ano. 1787     	W Bollen   	Seal
	Rueben Searcy		Tipton ______	Seal

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