and Tricks

WS_FTP is an excellent program for moving files between your computer and a Web server. There are some other things that you can use it for that come in very handy.

Make New Folders or Directories

Make directories/folders on your hard drive. WS_FTP does it much faster than Windows Explorer. On the Local System side, navigate to the Drive and Directory where you wish to create a new folder. Click on MkDir, and name the new folder.

Delete and Rename Files or Folders

Delete and rename files and folders on your hard drive. Again, much faster than Windows Explorer. All you have to do is have the desired directory open on the Local System side, click on the file or folder, then click on the Action Button. ZAP!!

Directory Information

Another good feature of WS_FTP is the DirInfo button. By clicking on that, a text file is made of all of the key directory info, and it automatically pops up in your text editor. You can use the text file for cut and paste, or just copy information from it, like file sizes.

 Directory of D:\ncgwarch\avery
.                              <DIR>      1999-11-20
..                             <DIR>      1999-11-20
ymc.htm                             67519 1999-12-10
ymc.txt                             20012 1999-12-08
newland.htm                         68702 1999-12-09
pineola.htm                         26347 1999-12-10
WS_FTP.LOG                           5909 2001-09-16
pineola.txt                          7841 1999-12-08
newland.txt                         20418 1999-12-09
montezuma.htm                       23784 1999-12-10
test.htm                            68696 1999-12-09
avery01.txt                          6532 2000-02-07
montezuma.txt                        7938 1999-12-08
ashley01.txt                        22813 2000-03-01
aliens.txt                           4896 2000-03-25
divorced(not_used).txt               2916 2000-03-25
confpens.txt                        19609 2000-03-25
census.htm                           2399 2000-05-12
tolley01.txt                         3511 2000-06-22
cozie11.gif                         25419 2000-07-09
hughes01.txt                         6978 2000-08-19


A feature not frequently used is the Execute. If there is an HTML file that you want to view, click on it, then click on Exec. The file will be opened in your default browser.

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