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Silver Bow County

Showing Meaderville Side of Butte Hill, Looking West

Old Leonard, Meaderville

A View of Butte and the Highland Mountains in Summer

Main Street looking North, Butte [1909]

Main Street looking North, Butte

Main Street, Butte

Park Street looking East Showing Mines and Rockies in the Distance, Butte

View of Business District and Mines in Distance, Butte

Looking West Over Business District, Showing Snow Capped "Big Butte" in the Distance, Butte

A View from Little Butte, Butte

New Court House, Butte

Christian Brothers High School, Butte

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Depot, Butte

High School and Stadium, Butte

W. A. Clarke Stack - 352 Ft. 7 In. high - Finished 27th of Sept. 1906, Butte

Metals Bank Building, Butte

State Savings Bank Building by Night, Butte

New State Savings Bank, Butte [1908]

Approaching Butte on Northern Pacific R. R.

The Famous Boston and Montana Band, Butte [pre-1907]

Timber Butte Mill and Concentrator, Butte

Train Load of Copper Ore, Butte

Big Butte with School of Mines Emblem, Butte

Montana School of Mines Buildings, Butte

Advertising Card, Butte

Butte by Air

A View in a Residence Section on "The Flat", Butte

The Park at the Basin Creek Reservoir, with the Dam in the Distance, Butte
Columbia Gardens, Butte

Columbia Gardens, Looking towards Butte

The Pavilion at Columbia Gardens, Butte

The Pavilion at Columbia Gardens by Night, Butte

The Lake, Ball Park and New Pavilion, Columbia Gardens, Butte

Floral Butterfly, Columbia Gardens, Butte

Floral Harp, Columbia Gardens, Butte

Free Pansy Bed, Columbia Gardens, Butte

Rides, Columbia Gardens, Butte
Mines and Mining

Largest Electric Hoist in the United States, Granite Mountain Shaft, North Butte Mining Co.

The Mountain View Mine, Butte

Neversweat Mine, Butte

Butte's First Zinc Mill, Butte and Superior Mining Co.

Richest Hill in the World, Butte

Power Plant, Anaconda Mining Co. by Night, Butte

Speculator Mine, Butte [1914]

Pennsylvania Mine, Butte

Pittsmont Mine, Butte

rides Mining, Silver Bow Basin, by E. Kaufman [this may be Alaska]

Drilling a Round of Holes in a Copper Mine, Butte

Miners Loading Ore in a Famous Mine, Butte, 2000 Feet Underground

The Leonard Gallows Frame and Ore House, Butte [1909]

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