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DOCUMENTS including the following:

Homestead papers from the National Archives, Washington, DC for the following people:

Worstell — Clara, Dias, Elizabeth Jane, Everett, Frank, Gaylord, Isabell, Owen Wilbur, Sylvia

Dale — Mary/Elsie Dale Worstell, Oak, William

Harnden — Emery, Ziban

Hagan — John, Perry

Carnes, Raymond

Mogea, Iver

Military records from the National Archives, Washington, D.C. for the following men:

William Dale, James William Worstell

Deeds from the Chouteau County Court House, Ft. Benton, MT.

Letters written by Frank McGuire to Doris Cox.

Letters written by Gaylord Worstell, Wilda Augustine Worstell, Richard Allen Worstell.