I, Elsie Margie Dale Worstell, of the city of Seattle, County of _______ state of Washington, of the age of fifty-nine years, considering the uncertainty of life and being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under duress, menace, fraud, or undue influence of any person whomsoever, do make, publish and declare this my last WILL AND TESTAMENT, that is to say:

First: I order and direct that all my just debts be paid with convenient speed by my executor hereinafter named.

Second: I give and bequeath unto my son, Ben Worstell, my Ford coupe, my indian relics, and my property situated at 708 High Street, Bellingham, Washington; consisting of house, lot, and furniture.

Third: I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Fern Metras, my lot in Briar cliff, Seattle, Washington, and my property located at 1323 Forest Street, Bellingham, Washington, consisting of house, lot, and furniture.

Fourth: To my son, Richard Worstell and family, I bequeath, his note of $100. My house located in Big Sandy, Montana, known as the Carmody house, and my farm known as the Oak Dale farm, located near Big Sandy; also the following paintings: original marine pastel of green waves and rocks; the snow scene in pastel, “called, the little brown church in the vale,” The basket of concord grapes in oil; and the young mother, with babe in pastel. These pictures are all in my house at 708 High Street at Bellingham.

Fifth: To my daughter Grace and family, I bequeath, the mortgage that I hold on their house in Big Sandy for $1000, and also the mortgage that I hold against their house in Berkeley, California, and all my paintings which she has in her home.

Sixth: To my husband, Gaylord Worstell, I bequeath, the rest of my furniture and the paintings which are in Big Sandy, with the excepting of the White Rose in water colors which I want him to send to Mrs. Dollie Dale, State Capital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I also give him my house in Big Sandy, which is on the hospital lot, and the farm known as the Mary J. Dale farm, near Big Sandy, Montana.

Seventh: To my four children, Fern, Ben, Grace, and Richard, I bequeath my one-third interest in the farm in Iowa, known as the Hunt farm, to be shared equally between them all.

Eighth: The rest of my paintings which are in the house at 708 High Street, Bellingham, are for Fern and Ben to be divided by them between each other, and also my personal belongings.

Ninth: My songs and poems, which were given to me in the Spirit, I would like to have published, as they are too precious to be lost. If my children do not care for them enough to have them published in a book, give them to my sister Flo and tell her my wishes regarding them.

Tenth: If there are any mortgages or other indebtedness against any property mentioned in this will, such indebtedness must be met by the party to whom the property was willed.

11th: The Annabel note and contract which I hold for 100 dollars, if it has not been paid at my death, I want Rachel to have and let her father collect it.

Twelfth, My stock certificates, namely, three, Oklahoma gas and electric co. preferred stocks, and twenty four common shares of Standard gas and electric co. stocks I want sold at my death. I want my funeral expenses to be paid out of them, and the balance of the money sent to foreign missions at the following address: The rest of the money I want sent to Leonard S. Ocote, Post Office Box 22, Osaka Post Office, Osaka, Japan, to be used for the Bible training school.

Lastly, I hereby name and appoint Richard Worstell now residing in Big Sandy, Montana Mrs. Grace Worstell Harnden Mauerhan, residing at 736 Coventry Road, Berkeley, Calif. to be the executor of this, my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I hereby set my hand in seal and publish and declare this as MY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, on this 12th day of January, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight.

Mrs. Elsie Worstell (seal)

The foregoing instrument, consisting of two pages of which this is the last, was, at the date hereof, by the above named person, signed, sealed and published as, and declared by her to be her last Will and Testament, in presence of each of us, who at her request and in her presence, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.

W. E. Piper residing at 315 First Ave. No., Seattle, Wash.

Jessie G. Hayward residing at 1711 Madrone Drive, Seattle, Wash.



I, Mrs. Elsie Worstell, being of sound mind and memory, hereby make and publish this instrument, as a Codical to my Last Will, dated Jan. 12, 1928, and to which this Codical is attached and made a part thereof, to wit:

First - I hereby revoke the last two parts of clause six, in my said will, and as substitutes make the following provisions:

I give the bequeath to my daughter, Grace Harnden Maurhan, the farm known as the Mary J. Dale farm, near Big Sandy, Montana.

Second - I give and bequeath to my grand daughter, Rachel Jane Harnden, my house in Big Sandy, which is on the Hospital lot.

My reason for making this change in my will is, that since making this will, my daughter, Grace has paid in full the 1000 dollar mortgage and I wished to give her something to take the place of that,

Since making this will I have sold all my Standard Gas and Electric Stocks, but have kept my three Okla. Gas and Electric Stocks which can be sold at my death, and with what I have in the bank will more than be enough to pay all my funeral expenses. Whatever cash is left, I wish to be given, to Leonard Ocote, of Japan for his Bible School, as mentioned in clause 12 of this will.

In witness, thereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 9th day of July 1929.

(signed) Mrs. Elsie Worstell.

The above Codical was signed in our presence this 8th day of July 1929, at her request.

Signed - Witness. Ida Lewis, Ferndale, Wash.

Witness. Anne Lewis, Ferndale, Wash.