The shack on the above post card (No. 1182. Pub. by S.A. Longenecker & Co., Rapid City, S.D. Made in Germany) fits the description of the homestead shacks described in Chapter 15, page 116.




















The above post card (S.A. Longenecker & Co., Importers, Jobers and Publishers, Rapid City, S.D.) shows two shacks being annexed to make one two room shack. The work appears being done by two women as “A Bachelors’ Dream on his Claim.” It is noted by Clara on page 136 that “(Bert) moved his shack on to my farm and built on two more rooms.”




Back row standing: Henry Delano, Nettie Theresa, Hiram Maynard, Rachel Clarissa, Sylvia Belle

Front row seated: James William Worstell, Elizabeth McBeth Worstell, Owen Wilbur, Minnie Agnes