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Census Records
Tippah CountyMississippi

1840 Federal Census
File Description Size Date Submitter
Surname Index 9K - S-K Publications
Index60K1999Lenore Lowry Gifford
Transcriber's Notes2K1999Lenore Lowry Gifford
Pages 174 - 181119K1999Lenore Lowry Gifford
Pages 182 - 189119K1999Lenore Lowry Gifford
Pages 190 - 197119K1999Lenore Lowry Gifford
Pages 198 - 205119K1999Lenore Lowry Gifford
Pages 206 - 211b117K1999Lenore Lowry Gifford

1850 Federal Census

File Description Size Date Submitter
Surname Index 27K --- S-K Publications
Index, Abbott - Boyl 100K 1999 Don Erickson
Index, Bradbary - Cozart 135K 1999Don Erickson
Index, Craft - Givens 135K 1999Don Erickson
Index, Glasgon - Howser140K1999Don Erickson
Index, Hubbard - Lytle128K1999Don Erickson
Index, Maccador - Moot129K1999Don Erickson
Index, Moran - Quinn127K1999Don Erickson
Index, Rad - Smith141K1999Don Erickson
Index, Snap - Watts124K1999Don Erickson
Index, Wear - Zimerly74K1999Don Erickson
Pages 394a - 404a 101K
1999 Don Erickson
Pages 405b - 416b 101K 1999 Don Erickson
Pages 417a - 427a 101K 1999 Don Erickson
Pages 428b - 439b 101K 1999 Don Erickson
Pages 440a - 451a101K1999Don Erickson
Pages 451b - 462b101K1999Don Erickson
Pages 463a - 474a100K1999Don Erickson
Pages 474b - 485b102K1999Don Erickson
Pages 486a - 496a101K1999Don Erickson
Pages 497b - 508a100K1999Don Erickson
Pages 508b - 519a99K1999Don Erickson
Pages 519b - 530a99K1999Don Erickson
Pages 530b - 541a100K1999Don Erickson
Pages 541b - 552a99K1999Don Erickson
Pages 552b - 563a102K1999Don Erickson
Pages 563b - 574a99K1999Don Erickson
Pages 574b - 582a72K1999Don Erickson

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