Beauchamp Family Burial Grounds

Shavox Church Road, between Tull Road and Blueberry Road
Whaleyville, Worcester Co., MD

Adjacent to 8513 Shavox Church Road (private farm)
Dimensions: Approximately 50' x 50'
Appearance: Limited road shoulder parking, sandy cemetery with spotty plant growth
Compeletely fenced in with exception to entrance from road, private property on either side

Burial Grounds #1
Burial Grounds #2 Burial Grounds #3
BAYNE, Lizzie A.E. 27 Jul 1851 24 Oct 1892 Our Sister Lizzie A. E. Bayne | Gone but not forgotten | Footstone: L.A.E.B.
BEAUCHAMP, Hettie C. 1844 1897 At Rest | Side-by-side with William S. | Footstone: H.C.B.
BEAUCHAMP, Hetty F. 30 May 1823 02 Nov 1900 In memory of … Wife of James M. | Sweetest thoughts will ever linger around the grave where she is laid | Erected by son Peter | Stone beside James M. | Footstone unmarked; possibly eroded
BEAUCHAMP, James M. 22 Jan 1802 29 Dec 1882 In memory of … | Aged 80Y-11M-7D | Stone between Margaret & Hetty F. | Footstone: J.M.B.
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret 29 Aug 1795 15 Nov 1848 Wife of James M. | Aged 53Y-2M-16D | Stone beside James M. | Stone is broken | Footstone: M.B.
BEAUCHAMP, William S. 1840 1916 At rest | Side-by-side with Hattie C. | Footstone: W.S.B.
BRITTINGHAM, Elizabeth 10 Jun 1833 11 Jul 1916 Those who knew her best loved her most | Footstone: E.B.
CAREY, Ebe F. 1866 1936 Shares with Margaret C. & Hesther | Footstone: Father
CAREY, Hesther 1891 1896 Shares with Ebe & Margaret C. | Middle initial possibly "G" | Footstone: H.C. or H.G.
CAREY, Margaret C. 1870 1916 Shares with Ebe & Hesther Carey | Footstone: Mother
DAVIS, Infant
16 Aug 1896 Son of Isaac I. & Janie M. | Aged 6 days | The dimpled hand the ringlet of gold lie in a marble sleep | Footstone: I.D.
DAVIS, Ornie M.
12 Apr 1902 Daughter of Isaac I. & Janie M. | Aged 1M-2D | Date of death hard to read | Footstone: O.M.D.
KING, Martha 04 Jun 1788 24 Dec 1869 In memory of … Wife of Thomas King | Aged 81Y-6M-20D
TULL, Adele H.
28 Aug 1903 Daughter of Peter L. & Mary J. | Aged 6Y-6M-23D | Tread softly on the grave of one our hearts had learned to love | Stone broken-hard to read date of death | Footstone: A.H.T.
TULL, Levin 07 Jul 1842 18 Aug 1924 There are no partings in heaven | Footstone: L.T.
TULL, Sarah Jane 06 Jun 1846 19 Feb 1931 Gone but not forgotten | Footstone: S.J.T.

Completely unmarked grave | Small eroded square sticking up, perhaps 6 tall

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