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Landholdings of Samuel Rohrer and His Son John
in Washington County, Maryland 1758-1835
By Michael W. Rohrer

Description Filename Submitter
Landholdings of Samuel Rohrer and His Son John, 1758-1835 rohrer-s.txt Michael W. Rohrer
HTML Version rohrerland2.htm Michael W. Rohrer

Referenced Images

Description Filename Submitter
Fig. 1 - Funk's Run and Parts of Resurvey on Discontent rohrer01.jpg Michael W. Rohrer
Fig. 2 - Dr. Arthur G. Tracy Map showing Area of Funk's Run and Discontent rohrer02.jpg
Fig. 3 - John & William, Manacan and Frywell rohrer03.jpg
Fig. 4 - Piney Hills Enlarged and Samuel Rohrer's Land rohrer04.jpg
Fig. 5 - Dr. Arthur G. Tracy Map Showing Piney Hill Tract rohrer05.jpg
Fig. 6 - Long Looked For Adjustment rohrer06.jpg
Fig. 7 - Mt. Aetna Property After 1767 Transactions rohrer07.jpg
Fig. 8 - Samuel's Land with Rohrer's Luck and Part of Woodstock Forest rohrer08.jpg
Fig. 9 - Divisions according to Samuel's Will rohrer09.jpg
Fig. 10 - John's Land with 1800 sale to David Furry rohrer10.jpg
Fig. 11 - John's Purchase of Part of Hills, Dales & the Vineyard rohrer11.jpg
Fig. 12 -Probable Location of Make Convenient rohrer12.jpg
Fig. 13 - Final disposition of John Rohrer's Estate rohrer13.jpg
Fig. 14 - The Old Homestead Tract rohrer14.jpg
Fig 15 – Part of 1999 Washington Co. Tax Map No. 77 rohrer15.jpg
Fig 16 – Antietam Wavelet article (1887) on Rohrer Family Reunion (part 1) rohrer16.jpg
Fig 17 – Antietam Wavelet article (1887) on Rohrer Family Reunion (part 2) rohrer17.jpg
Fig 18 – Antietam Valley Record article (1894) on Rohrer Second Reunion rohrer18.jpg
Fig 19 – Portion of 1859 Washington County Map rohrer19.jpg
Fig 20 – Location of Samuel's Landholdings in 1999 rohrer20.jpg
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