Old St Joseph's Cemetery

Morganza, St. Mary's Co., MD

Partial Transcription

The cemetery restoration committee, lead by Harry C. Knott, combined the research of several diverse sources and the actual grave markers at the cemetery to compile the following list. As a preface to the list, they write, "This list is a combination of recordings prepared by Eleanor and Charles Fenwick in 1958 (With Corrections), obituaries recorded in local newspapers and extracted by Margaret K. Fresco, existing tombstones inscriptions recorded during the 1988/1989 restoration and known burials revealed to the restoration committee by elderly citizens of the community."
When I began my personal research into my Morgan line in Maryland in the early 1970's, the cemetery had fallen into disrepair, and about to be swallowed up by heavy undergrowth. It was only with great difficulty was I able to record the Morgan names from tombstones in various stages of decay. When I returned in the early 1990s, I found a park-like setting with a complete index of grave markers and locations. On behalf of all genealogical researchers who may find this list a source of information and inspiration, I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Knott and his committee for a job well done.
J.P. Morgan, December, 1998

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ANDERSON, Jennie 2/6/1861 9/27/1912
Wife of Lewis
BISCHOP, H. 3/28/1905 3/30/1905

BRADBURN, Edward R. 8/29/1789 4/18/1854 64Y-7M-20D Sacred to the memory of … 12
1/29/1855 28 Yrs Wife of John A. 20
BURROUGHS, Katharine Cheseldine 4/19/1852 10/24/1898
Wife of ____ 294
DRURY, Agnes Marie
11/11/1889 2Y-4M-2D Daughter of ___ & Agnes M. 272
1/5/1862 55 Yrs
GRAVES, Ann 12/22/1816 7/16/1859
Daughter of Phillip Ford & Catherine Holton | Wife of Lewis Rudolph Graves 59
GRAVES, Ann 3/16/1772 6/28/1865
Daughter of John Edley & Mary Attaway | Wife of John Truman Graves 46
GRAVES, Ellen Elizabeth 9/1/1834 12/1/1899
Daughter of Lewis Boothe & Susanna Thompson | 2nd wife of Lewis Rudolph Graves 57
GRAVES, James T. abt 1847

No Markings | Son of Lewis Rudolph Graves & Ann Ford 60
GRAVES, John Truman 11/16/1806 2/19/1860 53Y-3M-3D Son of John Truman Graves & Ann Edley 44
GRAVES, Joseph Jackson 3/25/1828 11/27/1882
Son of Joseph Graves & Eleanor Peacock | Husband of Mariah L. Goodwin 293
GRAVES, Lewis Rudolph 10/9/1808 12/27/1872
Son of John Truman Graves & Ann Edley | 1st married Ann Ford | 2nd married Ellen Elizabeth Boothe 58
GRAVES, Teresa Spalding 8/6/1772 7/7/1858
Wife of James Rison Graves 153
GUY, Alphonsus 10/29/1866 2/20/1890
Son of Peter Henry Guy & Jane Appalonia Perry 115
GUY, Felix Albert 10/10/1871 4/4/1888
Son of Peter Henry Guy & Jane Appalonia Perry 116
GUY, Jane Appalonia 11/11/1836 7/4/1907
wife of Peter Henry Guy | Daughter of John B. Guy & Terese Graves 113
GUY, Peter H. 2/11/1827 8/20/1906
Son of John B. Guy & Elizabeth Hayden 114
HARRISON, Anna Elizabeth 12/25/1829 3/9/1869
Wife of Thomas L. | Daughter of Edw. R. & Sarah Bradburn | May she rest in peace 14
HARRISON, Thomas L. 1/10/1820 10/12/1883
May he rest in peace | Anna E. 15
3/8/1880 80 Yrs Consort of John L. 163
LLOYD, Nellie A.P. 3/21/1848 6/23/1886
Wife of John M. 225
MATTINGLY, Elizabeth

In memory of … | Daughter of Wm L.J.? & Sophia 193
MATTINGLY, John S. 10/31/1822 8/2/1887

MATTINGLY, Mary 3/1815 3/20/1886
In memory of 82
11/10/1884 10 mons In memory of … Son of Wm. L.J.? & Sophia 194
6/2/1868 49Y-8M
MATTINGLY, T. Webster 10/19/1866 11/24/1900
In memory of 191
MORGAN, Daniel T. 12/27/1904 3/5/1905

MORGAN, Mary C. 7/28/1828 7/5/1857
Consort of Daniel T. 290
MORGAN, Thomas W. 2/9/1796 2/25/1856

NELSON, Little Attie 8/4/1888 10/18/1889
Daughter of Obediah & Lula 306
NELSON, Mary Lula 9/25/1870 4/15/1900
Beloved wife of Obediah 307
PONTON, C. Frederick
2/18/1911 35 Yrs
RALEY, W.R.L. 9/16/1858 12/7/1893

RUSSELL, Ann Elizabeth L. 2/14/1846 12/2/1878
James R. & Catherine P. Graves | 2nd wife of William Lambert Russell 56
RUSSELL, Margaret E. 11/25/1828 5/24/1894
To our dear mother 71
RUSSELL, Mary Jane 7/11/1837 12/23/1872
1st wife of William Lambert Russell | Daughter of John Truman Graves & Mary Ann Wathen 54
RUSSELL, William Lambert 12/5/1828 2/4/1883
Son of Charles Lewis Russell & Mary A. Graves 55
SMITH, Agnes Cusia

Damaged headstone 284
SPAULDING, Edward Dyer 2/20/1846 8/27/1864
Youngest son of Hillary & Mary 240
TABBS, Lewis 12/25/1858 6/13/1920
In memory of 208
THOMAS, William 3/8/1793 9/30/1849
M.D. 304
YOUNG, Wallace 6/27/1903 12/26/1936
Father | Not on original list

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Photographs contributed by Alton W. Peters (bigal1@comcast.com) & Robert Malay (rmalay@comcast.net)

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