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About these pages

These pages are based on the book:

William Webster of Prince George's County, Maryland (1698-1777), Edythe Maxey Clark, 182 pp., 5 ports., index, 8x11 in., Decorah, Iowa: The Anundsen Publishing Co., 1993. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 93-73166.

The book is out of print and no reprints or future editions will be available. This electronic version is presented by H. David Maxey, with permission of the family of Edythe Maxey Clark, for free, non-commercial use by the public. Each page of text was electronically scanned and displayed as a digital image to ensure fidelity to the book.

Viewing the pages

The pages are displayed in standard HTML 3.2 format that should be compatible with most Internet browsers.

Display resolution

The text portion of the book is presented as digital images (or "pictures") of the pages, each 750 pixels (dots) wide and 1075 pixels high (usually written "750 by 1075"). If the PC display resolution is set to 800 by 600, the page-images should almost fill the width of the browser display area.

If the PC display resolution is set to a higher value (e.g., 1024 by 768, or 1280 by 1024), a page-image will appear narrower on the screen, but more of the page-image will be visible. If the page-images appear too small to read comfortably, they can be enlarged by temporarily setting the PC display resolution to a lower value, 800 by 600 pixels for example. (For Windows XP, select: Start/ Settings/ Control Panel/ Display/ Settings/ Screen resolution = 800 by 600 pixels.)

Another option for enlarging the page-images is a "Zoom" feature of the newest browsers. Zoom can enlarge the HTML text along with the page-images, to keep them in the same proportion.

Printing a page

It should be possible to print a page by using the browser commands: File/Page Setup or Print Options, and File/Print Preview. Set the page margins as small as the printer will allow. If Print Preview shows part of the page is missing, experiment with the "Scale By" or "Shrink to Fit" option to reduce the size of the printed page.

If the above doesn't work with your printer, try using a graphics program to resize the page-image to fit the printer paper. Most browsers provide a menu on a right mouse-button click on a page-image, with options to save just the image to a temporary folder. A graphics program (Windows XP Paint, for example) can then open the saved page-image for resizing and printing.

Page Navigation

Here are some details on how to move around within the pages. The "Contents" page includes links that take the place of the printed volume's table of contents. Also, at the top and bottom of each page, are navigation lines with the following clickable links:

  • Go to Page   provides tables of page numbers for going directly to a page, if you know the page number.

  • Index   provides links labeled with letters to go to each section of the index.

  • Contents   returns to the Contents page.

  • Sketches   provides a numbered list of the biographical sketches, with links to each one for fast access by child-number.

  • Page-   moves backward by one page number.

  • Page+   moves forward by one page number.

This electronic version of the book may be read sequentially by starting with the "Contents" page and then clicking on the "Page+" link on each page.

It may be convenient to open a second copy of the browser ("Ctrl-n" in Windows XP) for viewing just the Index. One can then easily return to a previously viewed Index page by switching to that browser. Or, if you use Internet browser "tabs", open a second tab for viewing just the Index.

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William Webster of Prince George's County, Maryland
Edythe Maxey Clark, 1993