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Supplementary Material for The Maxeys of Virginia

H. David Maxey - 2012

A little history

In 1980 and 1987, Edythe Maxey Clark published the first two editions of her book, The Maxeys of Virginia: A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Edward and Susannah Maxey. In 2000, she published the third edition of the book, by then known in the family as "TMOV". All editions are out of print and no reprints or future editions will be available.

In 2003, with Mrs. Clark's permission, I put the third edition on CD (now called Version 1) to have it once again available to the family. The CD contains some additional material not in the printed book.

Both book and CD had a common difficulty. In large families, a child's biographical sketch can be located quite a few pages from the parents' sketch, making it inconvenient to find. To alleviate this problem, I've created a supplementary index to the biographical sketches, ordered by sketch number, for each of the three printed editions and CD Version 1 (see below). This Sketch Index was added to the CD, starting in November 2008. The subsequent CDs are called "CD Version 2".

The Third Edition of TMOV is still available, on CD Version 2 (see Mrs. Clark's announcement of the CD.)

The supplementary material for TMOV

The purpose of the following downloads is to provide, as much as possible, the owners of the printed books and earlier CD with the latest information. The downloads are compacted as *.zip files, which can be expanded in a PC, from which they can be viewed with an Internet browser.

Please select (Right-click and "Save Target As") from the following downloads. After expansion in your PC, open file:  index.htm.

  • Owners of the printed First Edition (1980):  2.7 MB

  • Owners of the printed Second Edition (1987 "Revised Edition"):  2.7 MB

  • Owners of the printed Third Edition (2000):  2.8 MB

  • Owners of the original CD (Version 1, 2003):  10 KB

Contents of the supplementary material

Images from the CD.  Images of Edward, Sr.'s will were added to his biographical sketch. An image of the [8]Walter Maxey family reinterment record, contributed by Roger Rigney, was added to Walter's sketch. Roger also had a stone marker installed at the grave site (see image).

Additional indexes from the CD

  • Military Service Index - names by military service

  • Interesting Content Index - wills, letters, narratives and unusually interesting lives

  • Sketch Index - index by biographical sketch number, to quickly locate a sketch

Maps from the CD

  • Homestead Map.  A high resolution scan of the back end-paper of the printed book, showing the homesteads of Edward Maxey and his sons. The southern boundary of Edward, Sr.'s western plot is 320-polls long or one mile, which provides a scale for the map. The last date on the map is 1814.

  • Composite Map. As an aid to visiting these early homesteads, a new composite map, which overlays a modern road map (based on aerial photographs) with sketched outlines of the homesteads. At the top of the map, just above the words "Fine Creek" is a bend of the James River. And they do know the name "Maxey" in Flat Rock, Virginia.

Chronology of Jamestown, Virginia.  A dated list to aid in relating events in Great Britain and Virginia to the lives of our Maxey ancestors.

Oldest artifact.  An image of the oldest record of the Maxey family found thus far, followed by a transcription and explanation by Edythe Maxey Clark. The record is mentioned on TMOV pages xi and 1.

Rocky Oak Church - 1745.  The above homestead maps show a Rocky Oak Church just southwest of Flat Rock, on the edge of John Maxey Sr.'s land. A sliver of land containing the church has been marked off, indicating John may have deeded the land to the church. The interesting thing is the church is still there. It's in private hands, rented to religious organizations from time to time for a meeting place. A cemetery with some Maxey graves is adjacent to the church. Some recent photographs of the church are included.


On behalf of the Maxey family I would like to express our appreciation of Edythe Maxey Clark for her three decades of research to reconstruct our history. Few families have such well documented genealogy. Her work will benefit all our generations to come.

My thanks also to Barty Bryant, Donna K. (Moseley) Crumb and Roger Rigney for helping prepare the CD and to David V. Maxey for the Rocky Oak Church photographs. Having our history in electronic form will keep it available for our descendants.

For these online pages I had the assistance of Donna K. (Moseley) Crumb and Terri Maxey Allshouse. Thanks for your helpful critique and proofing.