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DEDICATION:  Edith Josephine Caldwell               Frontispiece

Eliza (Drish) Caldwell, wife of Joseph Caldwell (141)         31

Dr. Thomas Joseph Caldwell (1415) with hare and hounds        43

Elizabeth P. (Toomey) Caldwell, wife of John Caldwell (142) 
      with her granddaughter Sarah L. Cropper                 52

William Jesse Eager and Mary Jane (Caldwell) Eager (1428)     62

Sarah V (McDonald) Caldwell, wife of 
      William S. Caldwell (143)                               74

John Henry Caldwell (1435) and his second wife,
      Josephine (Luchessi) Caldwell                           76

Robert N. Caldwell (14357) and his wife, 
      the former Alice Virginia Webster                       82

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Joseph Caldwell of Loudoun County, Virginia
Edythe Maxey Clark, 1992