Ft. Lincoln Cemetery

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3401 Bladensburg Road
Brentwood, Prince George's Co., MD

Partial Transcription

Contributed by: Kathi Jones-Hudson (mdcemmy@yahoo.com) & Phil Jones (ncwannabe@msn.com)
Lincoln Statue
Close-up of Lincoln
GUY, Charlotte 28 May 1931 04 Jun 1955 Nee: HINES | Wife of Francis E., Jr. | Mother of Steven, Evelyn & Susan
GUY, Francis Eugene, Sr. 22 May 1899 29 May 1953 Father of Francis E., Jr. & step-father of Maurice Jones | Husband of Tollie Hill | Masonic Symbol
JONES-PFUND, Maurice 07 Dec 1919 05 Mar 1994 Daughter of Roy Hankins & Tollie Hill | Step-daughter of Francis E. Guy, Sr. | Mother of Phil Jones & Kathi Jones-Hudson

Contributed by: Alton W. Peters (bigal1@comcast.net)
Little church of Ft. Lincoln
Christ at 12 in the Temple
Garden of Crucifixion
Garden of the Crucifixion
Garden of the Crucifixion
Garden of the Apostles
FLETCHER, Ester E. 1910 29 Mar 1984 Nee McKAY: Daughter of John & Lizzie | Wife of Lester
FLETCHER, Lester J. 1906 17 Nov 1975 Husband of Esther E.
KNEESSI, Gladys M. 1932 20 Jun 1977 Wife of John A. | Our memories will last forever
KNEESSI, William F., Sr. 02 Apr 1928 20 Jun 1977 Son of John A. | Gladys M. | Our memories will last forever
McKAY Family Marker

McKAY, Elizabeth C. 14 Sep 1886 19 Apr 1976 Wife of John H. McKay known to many as 'Aunt Lizzie | Sister of John A. Kneessi
McKAY, John F. 1918 22 Jul 1992 Son of John & Lizzie
McKAY, John H. 1881 12 Aug 1958 Husband of 'Lizzie' father of John F. & Ester E. Fletcher
STRINE, John A., Jr. 1941 1994 Son of John, Sr. & Dorothy | Grandson of John A. Kneessi

Contributed by: Lee C. Michael (lee.c.michael@gmail.com)
BOYD, Dorothy V. Jun 1900 May 15 1938 Nee McCAUSLIN: Daughter of Violet
BRANTNER, Emma G. Oct 2 1890 Sep 7 1974 Nee: FURTNEY | 1st cousin of Violet McCauslin
Wife of Lester C., Sr.
BRANTNER, Lester C., Sr. Feb 10 1890 Jun 24 1945 Husband of Emma G.
CODA, Dorothy V. Aug 26 1918 Nov 10 1975 Nee BOYD: Daughter of Dorothy V.
GATEWOOD, Clayborn Lamar Sep 25 1868 Jul 1 1949 Husband of Julia E.
GATEWOOD, Julia E. Nov 1 1863 Mar 10 1963 Nee: BURTON | Wife of Clayborn L. | Mother of Roy L. Michael
LEE, Patricia T. Dec 31 1928 Jul 22 1984 Nee MALLON: Daughter of Adele M.
MALLON, Adele M. Nov 26 1908 May 17 1978 Nee: McINTOSH | Mother of Patricia T. Lee
McCAUSLIN, Violet Mar 1865/9 Sep 18 1929 Nee: FURTNEY | Mother of Norma Nitowitz & Dorothy V. Boyd
MICHAEL, Colin L., Sr. Feb 14 1910 Mar 2 1982 Son of Roy L. & Norma | Husband of Mary
MICHAEL, Mary Aug 27 1915 Jan 25 1997 Nee: WILSON | Wife of Colin L., Sr.
MICHAEL, Roy L. Jan 8 1886 Apr 7 1921 Son of Julia E. Gatewood | Husband of Norma Nitowitz
NITOWITZ, Norma Nov 26 1892 Oct 11 1957 Nee McCAUSLIN: Daughter of Violet | Wife of Roy L. Michael

Contributed by: Don Weaver (dweaver6709@verizon.net)
GATES, Andrew G. 1913 1992 L. Rhoda
GATES, Lillian Rhoda 1916 1996 Nee WEAVER: Daughter of William E. & Lillian T. | Sister of
Raymond E. | Granddaughter of Thomas A. & Alice A.
Andrew G.
WEAVER, Bobbi C. 1942 1987 2nd wife of Raymond E. | Mother of Rose M. (Northern) Quillin & Clifton O. Northern, Jr.
WEAVER, Hilda Y. 1924 1972 Nee: COMPTON | 1st wife of Raymond E. | Mother of Donald F. & Ronald E. | Raymond E.
WEAVER, Lillian T. 1898 1982 Nee: MULLOY | Wife of William E.
WEAVER, Raymond E. 1923 1989 Son of William E. & Lillian T. | Grandson of Thomas & Alice | Father of Donald F. & Ronald E. | Hilda Y.
WEAVER, William E. 1889 1967 Son of Thomas A. & Alice A. (Buried: Rockville Cemetery, Mtgy. Co.) | Brother of George W. & J. Henry (Buried: St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Mtgy. Co.) | Lillian T.

Contributed by: Alice Warner Brosey
FLESTER, Frederick L. 07 Oct 1880 03 Apr 1932
FREEMAN, Leona Argus 15 Apr 1885 24 Nov 1933

Contributed by: Joan Athey (athey@assurtech.com)
BOSWELL, Evelyn V. 1911 2005 Nee: LEAMAN: Daughter of Robert & Roberta
Wife of Frederick E.
BOSWELL, Frederick E. 1907 1972 3rd Son of George & Elsie | Husband of Evelyn V. Leaman
HACKENBERG, Elizabeth M. 1909 2000 Wife of Raymond A.
HACKENBERG, Raymond A. 17 Feb 1895 12 Jan 1958 Husband of Elizabeth M.
LAVERTY, C. Russell 12 Jul 189_ 04 Aug 1963
ROGERS, Gertrude R. 1892 1942 Jeanette R.
ROGERS, Jeanette R. 1923
Gertrude R.

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