Andrews Air Force Base
Historic Chapel #2 Cemetery

Andrews Air Force Base, Prince George's Co., MD

The church and cemetery are located on the eastern side of Andrews AFB and maintained
by the U.S. Air Force. A Prince Georges County historical marker is at the front of the church.

BALL, Alfred W.

In Memory of … / Henry J., Margaret, Ann & James T.

In Memory of … / Henry J., James T., Alfred W. & Margaret
BALL, Henry Jackson

In Memory of … / Ann, James T., Alfred W. & Margaret
BALL, James T.

In Memory of … / Henry J., Ann, Alfred W. & Margaret
BALL, Margaret

In Memory of … / Henry J., Ann & James T.
BEALL Family Stone

BEALL, Annie B. 09 Aug 1888 10 Mar 1937

Note #2
BEALL, Catharine S. 01 Feb 1843 15-May-1918 Rufus
BEALL, Eddie

Note #2
BEALL, Ethel

BEALL, Grandma

Note #2
BEALL, Henrietta E. 04 Jun 1853 19-Mar-1911 Footstone: Mother
BEALL, Rufus 16 Nov 1838 29-Oct-1912 Catharine S.
BEALL, Wm. T. 15 Mar 1863 29-Jan-1938 Wm. T. Beall of Rufus
BINGER, Annie E. 07 Dec 1870 14 Apr 1895 Daughter of Wm & S.J. / In Memory of … / Inscription illegible
BINGER, Bessie Malinda

Children of Frederick & Christiana Binger / Note #4
BINGER, Christiana 25 Mar 1853 20 Aug 1894 Lead Kindly Light / Beloved wife of Fred'k Binger / Asleep in Jesus
BINGER, Ernie (Annie?) 18 Jul ____ 02 Apr ____ Tombstone eroded badly, inscription illegible
BINGER, Ethel Emma 10 Oct 1898 20-Oct-1915 Daughter of J.E. & Lerena / Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore
BINGER, Frederick 1851 1937
BINGER, Gladys Marie

Children of Fred'k & Rose Binger / Note #4
BINGER, Hattie Louise

Children of Frederick & Christiana / Note #4
BINGER, Henrietta 20 Oct 1810 18 Jan 1894 Beloved wife of John / Rest in Peace
BINGER, Infant

Children of Fred'k & Rose Binger / Note #4
BINGER, Infant

Children of Frederick & Christiana Binger / Note #4
BINGER, Infant

Children of Frederick & Christiana Binger / Note #4

BINGER, Nelson Fred'k

Children of Frederick & Christiana Binger / Note #4
BINGER, Nevin Wesley 1924 1926
BINGER, Sarah J. 18 Jul 1846 16-Oct-1918 At Rest / Footstone: Mother
BINGER, W.E. 1924 1924
BINGER, William 10 Feb 1838 20-Jul-1902 At Rest / Footstone: Father
BUNNELL, Christie
10 May 1875 In the 30th year of her age / Inscription Illegible / Beloved wife of Geo. H.
DANNER, Alice K. 17 Mar 1911 02 Sep 1925
DUCKETT, Benjamin Lee 1834 1919 In Memory of … / Mildred R.
DUCKETT, Mildred R. 1833 1912 In him have I trusted / His wife / At Rest / Benjamin L.
DUCKETT, Minnie E. 05 Dec 1863 28-Jan-1931 Wife of Wm. T. Beall
DUVAL, Margaret M. 1836 1894 Mother / Woodmen of the World monument
FERGUSON, Elisha B. 28 Oct 1859 11-Nov-1918 Victoria
FERGUSON, Victoria 20 May 1867
Elisha B.
HALL, Charles A. 1868 1937

Adjacent to Rachel & William / No surname on stone

Adjacent to Rachel & William / No surname on stone
JOHNSON, Rachel 1875 1908 Adjacent to William
JOHNSON, William 1875 1928 Adjacent to Rachel
KANODE, Martha J. 12 Dec 1854 6-Jun-1922 Footstone: Mother / His Wife / With Chas. W. Randall
LEAPLEY, Lee K. 01 Jun 1889 01 Jun 1890 Little Lee, our baby, the angels called him / Richard E. / Note #3
LEAPLEY, Richard E. 18 Jul 1872 02 Jul 1896 Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep / Lee K. / Note #3
McDANIEL, Preston 06 Aug 1867 __ Feb 1898 Asleep in Jesus / Remainder illegible
McDANIEL, Semma 19 Oct? 1868 03 Nov? 1895 In Memory of … / Months hard to read / Beloved wife of Preston
PRATHER, Wm. Pratt 17 Jan 1877 17 Jan 1899 Beloved son of John R. & Mary E. / Asleep in Jesus
PUMPHREY Family Stone

PUMPHREY, Celia Gertrude 12 Feb 1885 4-Feb-1927 Footstone / At Rest / Wife of E.E.
PUMPHREY, Columbus 1846 1928
PUMPHREY, Enos F. 16 Sep 1842 20-May-1913 In Memory of … my beloved husband
17-Jun-1921 In Memory of … / Wife of Enos F.
RANDALL, Chas W. 18 Sep 1845 5-Nov-1927 Footstone: Father / Martha J. Kanode
RANDALL, Elsie Rosello 31 Oct 1892 13-Oct-1924
RANDALL, Infants

Children of C.W. & MJ Randall / Nellie / Other names inscribed, but illegible
RANDALL, John E. __ Apr 1812 1874? Note #5
RANDALL, Nancy 25 Dec 1812 12 Oct 1897 In Memory of … / Tombstone been broken, repaired, inscription weathered & illegible
RANDALL, Nellie 16 Dec ____
Daughter of C.W. & M.J. / Inscription illegible / Infant
RICHARDSON Family Headstone

RICHARDSON, Rachel Ann 1861 1934 Wife of J.F.
RIDGEWAY, Alice Rebecca 17 Oct 1848 20-Jan-1913 Aged 65 / Nee THOMPSON: Daughter of Daniel Thompson & Matilda Peacock / Died in Washington, DC / Wife of Jonathan
RIDGEWAY, Jonathan 1846 01-Oct-1893 Aged 47 / Son of Warren Ridgeway / Husband of Alice Rebecca Thompson / Died from typhoid fever in Forestville, MD
RYON Family Stone 08 Aug 1865 8-Aug-1918
RYON, Isabella C. 08 Aug 1865 8-Aug-1918 Wife of W. Ward Ryon
RYON, Wilbur

SANSBURY, Mollie T. 06 Jun 1877 1-Mar-1901 Beloved with of Dr. John E. / As wife devoted, as mother affectionate, as friend ever kind and true
STAUBUS, John C. 02 Feb 1843 28-Jan-1920 Susan J.
STAUBUS, Susan J. 07 Jun 1857 4-Nov-1934 John C.
SUIT, Clarence Marvin 23 Aug 1886 2-Feb-1922 Gone but not forgotten / Erected by his wife
TUCKER, Amelia J. 1853 1910 Mother / Adjacent to James H.
TUCKER, James H. 1837 1899 Father / Tombstone similar & adjacent to Amelia J.
WINDSOR, Benjamin F. 1848 1918 In Memory of … / Christiana
WINDSOR, Christiana 1851
His Wife / Benjamin F.

NOTE 1: Four or possibly five names of Ball individuals are inscribed on a single obelisk with "In Memory of" above all the names. The given names "Margaret" & "Ann" are on two different lines with "Ann" immediately below "Margaret". It is impossible It is impossible to tell if there was one person named "Margaret Ann" or two persons, one named "Margaret" & the other named "Ann". The contributor has listed them as two persons, but this is arbitrary.

NOTE 2: Several small stones are placed adjacent to the tombstone of Rufus & Catharine S Beall, it appears they should have the same last name, though no last names are carved on the stones.

NOTE 3: This obelisk has Lee K & Richard E Leapley on one face & Mollie T Sansbury on another face.

NOTE 4: Oelisk has 7 children noted with no birth nor death dates. Gladys Marie Binger & one infant on one side, with inscription "Children of Fred'k & Rose Binger". Bessie Malinda Binger, Hattie Louise Binger, Nelson Fred'k Binger & two infants on another side with inscription "Children of Frederick & Christiana Binger". Christiana Binger is on a third side.

NOTE 5: Tombstone badly eroded, no field note made & cannot read the digital image

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