Rockville Baptist Cemetery

West Jefferson Street, Rockville, Montgomery Co., MD

The cemetery presently known as "Baptist Cemetery" is traced to 1823, when a group of former members of Seneca Church organized the Bethel Baptist Church, bought a parcel of land on present S. Van Buren Street, opposite Great Falls Road and a short distance south of present W. Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, built a church and established a cemetery there.

In 1897 a southerly segment of the land was deeded to the Mayor and Council of Rockville, evidently to enable the westward extension of Jefferson Street to Van Buren Sreet. As a result, it was then necessary to relocate 16 graves to the Rockville Cemetery, according to minutes of the Mayor and Council of Rockville of May 4, 1897; in addition to which there were at least 3 other removals to Rockville Cemetery not mentioned in the Council minutes.

The congregation built a new church in 1908 on S. Washington Street Rockville, and at that time the then-existing church building on the old site was razed, leaving the cemetery as the only use of the parcel. The last known interment in the cemetery was that of William Veirs Bouic in 1896.

The information here presented is made possible by the kind assistance and cooperation of Peerless Rockville, an organization devoted to the restoration and preservation of Rockville's past, the present owner of the cemetery.

John D. Bowman ( May, 2003

Rockville Baptist Cemetery
Cemetery Sign
ALBY, Elizabeth, Mrs.
AUSTIN, William Nelson 1792 9/23/1864 Aged 72 years
BOGLEY, Ada B. 2/10/1872 6/11/1874 Child of William A. & Isabel | Shares tombstone with Clarence & Eugene
BOGLEY, Clarence N. 3/15/1881 9/91881 Child of William A. & Isabel
BOGLEY, Eugene 9/28/1876 1881 Child of William A. & Isabel
1/6/1881 Age 18 | Daughter of R.A. Bogley
4/8/1883 Wife of John
BOHRER, Cornelia L. 1825 9/10/1874 Removed to Rockville Cemetery 1897
BOHRER, Wallace A. 1847 1864 Removed to Rockville Cemetery 1897
BOUIC, Louis Aubrey 5/12/1871 2/14/1872 Infant son of Alice A. & W. Veirs Bouic, Jr. | With God
BOUIC, Mary 1845 5/19/1849 Aged 4Y-5M | Daughter of William V. & Mary A.
BOUIC, Mary A.M. 1816 1888 Nee VEIRS: Eldest Daughter of Samuel C. | Wife of William Veirs Bouic | Safe at Home

Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
BOUIC, Peter A. 1802 1/10/1860 Moved to Rockville Cemetery
BOUIC, Unnamed child

Of ‘Mrs” Bouic | Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
BOUIC, William Veirs 1816 1896 Lawyer | Married Mary, eldest daughter of Samuel C. & Julianna Veirs
1856 Aged 3M-8D | Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of ____
BRADDOCK, Elizabeth 1854 12 Dec 1870 Aged 16Y-7M-4D | At home with loved ones above
BRADDOCK, Isaiah 26 Jul 1848 13 Jul 1866 Son of William & Roberta V. | He rests in peace
BRADDOCK, John P. 1845 1864 Aged 19Y-2M-26D | A dutiful and loving son, a kind and affectionate brother
BRADDOCK, Mary R. 1852 11 Sept 1864 Sged 12 yrs, 9 mos & 3 days | She is not lost but gone before
BRADDOCK, Roberta V. 1826 1866 Asleep in Jesus
BRADDOCK, William 1818 10/31/1850
BRADDOCK, William, Jr. 30 Jun 1850 15 Dec 1868 Age 18 yr, 4 mo & 25 d | Asleep in Jesus' blessed sleep
BREWER, John 9/14/1804 7/10/1866 Second son of William & Mary R.
CAMPBELL, John L. 1837 01 Nov 1839 Sacred to the memory of … son of GW & MA Campbell who departed this life … aged 21 months | Weep not for me oh mother dear but to my savior look. Twas _ _ _ my spirit__; My name is in his book | Oldest remaining stone
CASE, Unnamed Man

Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
DAVIS, Unnamed Child

Of Mrs. William Davis | Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
DAVIS, Unnamed Child

Of Mrs. William Davis | Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
DAVIS, William, Mrs.

Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
GREEN, Alice R. 3/6/1860 3/291881
GREEN, Melchisadek
1890 Reported in Sentinel, but no other record | A commissioner of Rockville 15 years
GREEN, Rebecca 1825 24 Feb 1884 Wife of Melchisadek | In memory of … ; died … | Aged 59Y-7M-3D | No pain, no grief, no anxious fear can reach the peaceful sleeper here
GREEN, Richard Clyde
3/20/1885 Son of ‘M’
HANCE, Unnamed Child

Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
HANCE, William R. 1818 4/2/1878 Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
HANEY, Eliza P. 1875 1875
HANEY, Leonora
3/15/1889 Age 19 | Daughter of Joseph
2/16/1889 Age 24 | Daughter of Joseph M.
HOFFMAN, Unnamed Man

Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
HORNER, Elizabeth
JONES, Ellen Brewer 7/22/1845 7/21/1876 Wife of Spencer C. | Daughter of John & Elizabeth S. Brewer.
KEYS, Belle 8/__/1876 11/29/1878 “Little” Belle Keys | Daughter of John W. Keys & Josephine Riley
LITCEY [?], Unnamed Child

Removed to Rockville Cemetery 1897
MONDAY, Margaret C.
3/24/1859 Age 23 | Wife of Bernard
MULFINGER, Unnamed Child

Removed to Rockville Cemetery 1897
PATTERSON, George C. 1815 1889 In memory of … son of Dr Thomas Patterson | Twice a member of the Maryland legislature | Librarian to U.S. House of Representatives | Killed in train accident
PATTERSON, Thomas, Dr. 1767 1848 Tombstone now missing | Was librarian to U.S. House of Representatives.
RICKETTS, Mary Ella 1858 12/10/1882 In memoriam of … beloved wife of Ulysses Magruder Ricketts | Age 24 yrs, 9 mons & 26 days | It was midday's silent hour, when all was hushed to rest, thy gentle spirit took its flight, to mansions of the blest | Killed in buggy/train accident
RILEY, B. F. Dec.1845 8/21/1872
RILEY, Isaac
ROBERTSON, Unnamed Child

Removed to Rockville Cemetery 1897
SELBY, Brice
1811 Infant | 3 months | No present marker
SELBY, Brice 1774 4/15/1844 Sacred to the memory of … who departed this life … age 70 years | Member House of Delegates | Judge of Orphan's Court | Sheriff | Clerk of the Circuit Court
SLAVES, Unnamed

SMITH, Charles 1817 8/13/1845 Sacred to the memory of … Aged 25? yrs
SOMMERS, Clarence
1870 Age 15 months | In memory of …, son of A.H. & V Sommers
SOMMERS, Virginia Sophia Abt. 1845 5/17/1872 In the 44th? Year of her Age | Wife of Dr. Abraham H | second daughter of Samuel C. Veirs & Julianna | In memory of … an affectionate wife & devoted mother
SOMMERS, William W. 2/23/1863 12/11/1878 In memory of Willie W. son of A.H. & Virginia
SPATES, Charles 1790 10/15/1873 Sacred to the memory of … Aged 81? years
SPATES, Ruth 6/17/1788 10/13/1866 Sacred to the memory of …, wife of Charles Spates | Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
STEPHEN, Mary 1807 1850 In memory of …
VEIRS, Clarence

Age 25 months | Son of __ & Sarah
VEIRS, Henry Franklin
03 May 1891 Age 72
VEIRS, Julianna 24 May 1794 27 Nov 1878 Youngest daughter of Dr. Diffendorfer of Baltimore | Sacred to the memory of … wife of Samuel Clark Veirs
VEIRS, Samuel Clark 1798 08 Nov 1872 Sacred to the memory of … a beloved husband and father who fell asleep in the arms of his Savior … in the 75th year of his age | Owned 'Veirs' Mill from which the road takes its name
VEIRS, Unknown

VINSON, Thos. F. W., Col. 1785 9/8/1843
WHITE, George, Mrs.

Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897
WHITE, Unnamed Child

Of Mrs. George White | Moved to Rockville Cemetery 1897

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