Haiti Cemetery

Martins's Lane
Rockville, Montgomery Co., MD

The following is a restatement of information taken from a 1976 study of the Haiti Cemetery as made available by the Montgomery County Historical Society to which has been added information later obtained with the help of some of the present owners. An article about Historic Haiti Cemetery can be found at Peerless Rockville .
The privately owned Haiti Cemetery is located on the north side of Martins Lane, Rockville and was estimated in 1976 to contain about 3/4th's of an acre. It is a part of a parcel of 8-3/4th acres owned by former slave Samuel Martin at the time of his death in 1873.
Samuel Martin devised 1-3/4 acre of the 8-3/4 acre parcel to his granddaughter Charlotte Penny, which included the land now used as the cemetery; and about 4 years later, Charlotte sold the parcel to her sister, Agatha P. Smith. After the Smiths had built a house on the land they began to make parts of the lot available for burials; and the oldest now-legible monument is that of Charlotte Penny.
The precise number of interments is not known - there are sunken spots at the site, which may be graves without markers.
There were fewer burials after the Lincoln Park Cemetery was established in 1917, however Haiti Cemetery is still in use, and the last interment, Henry Crutchfield, was in 1998. The use of the cemetery is regulated by the owners-mainly limiting interment to relatives and family members.


BAKER, Molly

BALL, Sadie J. 1878 1919 Asleep in Jesus
BOOK, George

BOOK, Lucy
10/6/1937 Aged 75 years
BROADNICK, Virginia A. 11/14/1898 4/9/1922 Our daughter
CARROLL, Dorothy L. 1931 1990 Forever in our hearts / Wife of Buddy
CARROLL, Rachel Emma 1874 1979
CRUTCHFIELD, Elwood 1911 1975 Chick / Son of Richard & Lottie
CRUTCHFIELD, Gilbert Eugene 1938 1994 Son of Richard & Lottie
CRUTCHFIELD, Henry W. 1906 1998 Son of Richard & Lottie
CRUTCHFIELD, James 1936 1991 RIP / Son of Richard & Lottie

CRUTCHFIELD, Mabel 1917 1992 Wife of Ellsworth

CRUTCHFIELD, Wellington 1/16/1934 8/24/1989 Pvt US Army Korea / Son of Henry & Frances
CRUTCHFIELD, William 1904 1985 Son of Richard & Lottie
DOUGLAS, Charles 1845
Wife Eliza & Daughter Lizzie
1923 Aged 65 yrs / Wife of Charles
DOUGLAS, Lizzie 2/9/1874 5/1886 Aged 12 yr & 3 mon / Daughter of Charles & Eliza
HODGE, Alonzo 1871 1922
HODGE, Cora M. 1876 1927 Wife of Alonzo
JOHNSON, Chalott 6/3/1845

JOHNSON, George W.

Owned “Mr T’s” restaurant

JOHNSON, Maggie 2/8/1860 9/18/1911 Wife of Wm Johnson
JOHNSON, William H. 1845


MAGEE, Mary F.
6/16/1913 Wife of H.
MARTIN, Catherine M.

MARTIN, Derrick Eugene
5/6/1970 Aged 4 yrs, 28 days
MARTIN, Janie 8/5/1897 2/4/1983
11/27/1893 In memory of my husband
MASON, Margaret A. 3/21/1870 11/24/1912 Wife of Samuel Mason / Gone but not forgotten

McELROY, Walter


MEADS, George Wesley
9/30/1919 Father / Rosa Rozier & George W., Jr.
MEADS, George Wesley, Jr.
8/23/1910 Brother / George W., Sr. & Rosa R.
MEADS, Rosa Rozier
1/21/1902 Mother /George W, Sr. & Jr.
OFFUTT, Herman 11/26/1902 5/10/1935
OFFUTT, Willie

PENNY, Charlotte 2/19/1838 12/10/1889 In memory of … / There is a cross for everyone and there is a crown for me
ROBINSON, Annie E. 1/11/1863 2/22/1922
ROBINSON, Nicholas W. 3/1/1858- 1/18/1932
SEDGWICK, Emma 1863 1932 At rest / Horace
SEDGWICK, Horace 1859 1927 In memory of … / At rest / Emma
SMITH, Dennis

SMITH, Grant



Sept 1 ??
WOOD, Cora J. 5/12/1873 4/15/1939
WOOD, Edward 9/14/1872 4/15/1956

Burial Records made available to The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project by: John D. Bowman (Cewtal@aol.com)
Photographs and additional information provided by Sharon Strout (stonesandbones@yahoo.com)

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