St. James's UAME Cemetery

3345 Cedar Church Road
Darlington, Harford Co., MD

AKINS, L. Marlaina 6/17/1969 4/8/1999 Loving Daughter & Sister
CAREY, Viola 1911 1975 In Loving Memory Of … / The Lord is My Shepherd
CEVIS, Carrie E. 12/20/1923 11/11/1993 In Loving Memory / God Bless You
CEVIS, John W. 10/1/1896 5/1/1961 Military Marker: MD PVT 4 CO 154 DEPOT BRIG WWI / Mary Ethel
CEVIS, John William 1924 2000
CEVIS, Joseph Clarence 3/7/1936 8/25/1992 US Army
CEVIS, Mary Ethel 1899 1978 John W. Sr.
CEVIS, Melvin E., II 11/2/1955 3/29/1993
DORSEY, Wilbur Joseph 1/2/1914 5/6/1953 MD PFC CO D 224 ENGR REGT WWII
HARRIS, Hannah E. 3/4/1934 11/18/1988
HARRIS, Raymond E. 7/5/1933 8/23/1995 Military Marker: US Army / Loving Husband and Father
JOHNSON, Robert S. 3/6/1926 9/26/1986 STMI US Navy WWII
LEE, John S. 4/17/1882 8/7/1964 Lillie
LEE, Lillie 10/16/1884 4/30/1986 John S.
McLAIN, Cornelius W. 1/30/1924 9/25/1995 PFC US Army WWII
REID, Matthews E. 9/5/1920 2/3/1991 PFC US Army WWII
REID, Sadie A. 5/10/1922 11/8/1999 Our Beloved Mom / Rest in Peace
RICE, Ralph Leroy, Sr. 10/2/1935 5/17/1971
SMITH, Carrie E. 1899 1974 Ralph T.
SMITH, John Walter 1/15/1934 12/28/1989 PFC US Army
SMITH, Ralph T. 1899 1969 Carrie E.
SMITH, Ralph T., Jr. 1925 1945 PVT Quartermaster Corps / Died in Holland WWII
THOMPSON, Lottie V. 12/29/1915 12/4/1987 Wesley G.
THOMPSON, Wesley G. 12/23/1906 9/4/1988 Lottie V.
WALACE, Joseph H.
WALLACE, Elizabeth E. 9/30/1879 1/6/1966 Mother
WALLACE, James N. 1914 1969
WALLACE, John E. 6/26/1912 5/8/1975
WEBSTER, Geneva A. 1901 1981 John H.
WEBSTER, John H. 1905 1996 Geneva A.
WILSON, Bernard S. 1931 1987 PFC US Army Korea

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