Woodville Cemetery

Woodville and Glissan's Mill Roads
Woodville, Frederick Co., MD

BIGUS, John H. 7/4/1867 11/22/1887 In memory of Son of Henry & Emma
2/?/19? Age 75Y
11/23/1910 Age 82Y
CLARK, Thelma Marie 8/27/1933 2/10/1996 62Y-5M-14D | Temporary Marker
9/22/18??(9) Aged 86? | Stone Carver: B.E. Hammond Liberty, MD
DORSEY, Ella J. 1926

DORSEY, Mahlon T., Sr. 8/18/1918 5/8/1995 76Y | US Army Air Corps WWII
DORSEY, Preston W. 1919 1993
DOTSON, Clara E.

Wife of Louis
DOTSON, Clara C.
2/25/1977 62Y-7M-6D | Rest in Peace | Gone but not Forgotten
DOTSON, James E., Sr. 7/27/1906 2/18/1999 Clara, Wilford & James are grouped together
DOTSON, Wilford E. 7/7/1909 2/22/1988 US Army WWII

Small slab with letter "H" | near Unknown Maud
HAMMOND, John T. 4/26/1860 5/11/1912 At Rest
HAMMOND, Moses 1832
Reverend | Rest Sweet Rest
HILL, Mary 1832 1897 Wife of Rev. Moses Hammond

Temporary marker next to William T.
HOPKINS, William T. 1926 1993 Temporary marker next to Ethel
HOY, Allis M. 1868 1941 At Rest
HOY, Annie Elizabeth 11/7/1888 3/18/1937 Next to Daniel R.
HOY, Catherine

"Mrs." | Not with other Hoy's | Handmade wooden sign
HOY, Daniel Raymond 12/16/1895 3/23/1992 Next to Annie E.
HOY, Lester 19__ 1984 Son
HOY, Mary L. 1918 1954 Mother
HOY, Thomas C. 1893 1968
HOY, Velva H. 1896 1971
HOY, Vinton P. 1862 1941 At Rest
HOY, Wilbert S. 4/30/1888 9/27/1958 In Memory Of
LEE, William A. 12/5/1921 3/6/1991 TEC 4 US Army WWII
LEE, William O. 12/27/1893 3/5/1968 MD CPL Co M 808 Pioneer Inf WWI
MYER, Martha
1/15/1913 In her 44th Year
MYERS, James Edward 10/25/1945 10/8/1967
OKEY, Ignatius
PIERCE, Gladys Elizabeth 11/4/1908 1/28/2000 91Y-2M-14D | Temporary Marker
POWELL, Mildred

SMITH, Elijah

Died ? | Poor condition
SMITH, Trolly D. 8/1/1905 9/6/1978 PFC US Army WWII
SMITH, Truman I. 9/1905 5/28/1986 PFC US Army WWII
SNOWDEN, Clarence E. 4/10/1895 9/18/1957 MD PVT Co D 327 SVC BN QMC WWI
SNOWDEN, Georgia M. 1904 1974
SNOWDEN, James E. 1904 1993
THOMPSON, Lucy 1796 1859 Loved in Life, Remembered in Death
THOMPSON, Samuel 8/3/1798 7/14/1872 Loved in Life, Remembered in Death
TYLER, Leon W. 1/10/1933 2/12/1964 MD PVT US Army
UNKNOWN, Geneva D.
12/26/1886 Aged 6M-22D | Close to Thompson's
1902 Aged 1Y | similar to Geneva's stone

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