St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

Mellor Avenue
Sykesville, Carroll Co., MD

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BURGAN, George Jr. 1916 1995 Helen F.
BURGAN, Helen F. 1921 2003 George, Jr.
CLANCY, Roy C. 04/30/1892 12/29/1931 May he rest in peace

Family pillar: The spirits of the dead are in hands of God and the torments of death shall not touch them
01/13/1903 Coffay Family Members on pillar: In memory of
07/30/1893 Coffay Family Members on pillar: In memory of our dear mother who departed this life aged 38 years / R.I.P
COOPER, Ellen J.
11/01/1880 Mary J.V. Dougherty / Facing north on family pillar
COSTLEY, Floyd L. 04/03/1934 07/07/1994 Sylvia / Married Jan 2, 1956
COSTLEY, Sylvia A. 08/09/1933 02/27/1990 Floyd / Married Jan. 2, 1956
DOUD, Edward R. 11/20/1860 08/17/1886 Aged 25yrs, 8mo & 28dys / R.I.P.
DOUD, Terence 09/15/1811 10/28/1881 Born in the county of Mayo, Ireland / Aged 70yrs, 1mo & 13dys / R.I.P.
04/11/1896 Dougherty family members and Ellen J. Cooper on family pillar
02/22/1902 James / Facing west on family pillar
08/1868 Hannah / Facing west on family pillar
02/10/1898 Ellen J. Cooper / Facing north on family pillar
DOYLE, Elizabeth
12/14/1911 Aged 80 yrs / Matthew & Theresa A. / R.I.P.
DOYLE, Matthew
09/14/1894 Aged 67 yrs / Elizabeth & Theresa A. / R.I.P.
DOYLE, Theresa A.
07/18/1899 Aged 31 yrs / Elizabeth & Matthew / R.I.P.
01/09/1913 In Memory Of … / Coffay Family Members on pillar
12/12/1887 In Memory of … / Bryne & Catherine
06/23/1879 In Memory of … / Annie & Catherine
GILROY, Catherine
01/05/1917 In Memory of … / Annie & Bryne
GLENNAN, Elizabeth 1790 1850 Mary & Thomas: On family pillar
GLENNAN, Elizabeth A. 05/05/1840 09/26/1924 At rest
GLENNAN, John 10/19/1841 11/04/1872 To the memory of … / May he rest in peace amen / Death thou hast conquered me I by thy dart am slain but Christ has conquered thee and I shall rise again
GLENNAN, Mary 03/08/1815 02/02/1898 His Wife / Thomas & Elizabeth: On family pillar
GLENNAN, Thomas 05/11/1811 07/31/1875 Mary and Elizabeth on family pillar
GLENNAN, Thomas 05/31/1843 12/06/1868 In memory of ... May he rest in peace, Sleep brother dear and take your rest, God called you home He thought it best, Twas hard indeed to part with thee, But Christ's strong arm supported me
GREB, Marie B. 08/08/1909 05/06/2000
GREEN, Anthony
HAINES, Gary Poe 10/28/1954 01/09/2002 Beloved husband and father

Family Headstone

Family Headstone
HEWSON, Elizabeth C. 01/30/1870 07/08/1922 Daughter of George & Honora / Requiescat in Pace
HEWSON, Henry 11/03/1860 07/26/1929 Son of George & Honora / Requiescat in Pace
HEWSON, Honora Cullinan
05/28/1916 Wife of George / Born: Clonmel Ireland / Aged 85 years / Requiescat in Pace
HEWSON, John 05/25/1856 02/08/1887 Son of George & Honora / Requiescat in Pace
HEWSON, Leda M. 07/15/1858 05/05/1941
HEWSON, Mary Leda 04/13/1880 06/19/1951
HEWSON, Robert 06/09/1874 03/15/1913 Son of George & Honora / Requiescat in Pace
HOUSE, Grace Dorsey 09/14/1887 11/30/1948
HUGHES, Annie 03/02/1856 02/07/1955
HUGHES, Ellen F. 06/25/1853 03/17/1896 Beloved daughter of Patrick & Honor / May she rest in peace Amen
HUGHES, Honora 11/1817 08/1904 Wife of Patrick / Born: County Galway, Ireland / Died Sykesville, MD / May she rest in peace amen
HUGHES, James 1850 1931 Mary A. / Requiescat in Pace
HUGHES, Margaret A. 06/22/1858 08/12/1888 Beloved daughter of Patrick & Honora / May she rest in peace Amen
HUGHES, Mary A. 1868 1920 James / His wife / Requiescat in Pace
01/19/1883 Sacred to the memory of … who died aged 72 year / May she rest in peace
LEHMAN, Frederick

To the memory of … The family of Frederick Lehman
LEONHARTT, Gillian Hope 06/26/2003 06/27/2003
LINK, Daniel Charles 8/13/2002 8/13/2002 Upon assigning marker locations, marker found to be removed at some point during the project cycle
MANKOWSKI, Leonard E. 09/03/1937
Rita B.
MANKOWSKI, Rita B. 11/19/1937
Leonard E.
MARTIN, Colleen Angel
04/30/1875 In memory of … Departed this life … Aged 66 years / May she rest in peace
07/19/1872 In the 50th year of his age / May his soul rest in peace
McDONALD Family Headstone

McDONALD, Catharine Lennon
05/20/1900 Wife of Matthew / Aged 75 years / May she rest in peace amen
McDONALD, Catherine 02/22/1853 06/20/1936 Mary / My Jesus Mercy
McDONALD, Cecelia M.
10/01/1884 Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of … / Wife of M.J. / In the 35th year of her age / R.I.P.
McDONALD, Elizabeth A.
12/19/1885 Sacred to the memory of … Beloved wife of John / In the 29th year of her age / I know that my redeemer faith
09/23/1906 Sacred to the memory of … Beloved husband of Kate B. / In the 61st year of his age / Rest in peace
McDONALD, John, Jr.
03/06/1886 Infant son of J. & E.A. / Aged 3 months
McDONALD, Mary 06/29/1857 09/10/1945 Catherine / My Jesus Mercy
McDONALD, Matthew
06/18/1881 Native of the Co. Wexford, Ireland / Aged 66 years / May he rest in peace amen
McDONALD, Mortimer J. 02/04/1848 01/12/1922 In memory of … / My Jesus Mercy
McDONALD, Thomas L.
10/23/1889 In the 28 year of his age / May he rest in peace amen
McDONALD, Willie

Inscription Unreadable / Beloved son of M.J. & Cecelia M.
MONTECALVO, Mary Catherine 02/14/1962 11/03/2001
MOSHER, Loreena
05/24/2000 Paulina / Warriors of peace
MOSHER, Paulina
05/24/2000 Loreena / Warriors of peace
NEE, Caroline

Wife of John / Aged 30 yrs / Rest in peace
NEE, John

Caroline / Rest in peace
NICHOLS, Margareth A. Lautenbach 09/04/1844 01/14/1921 Michael A. & Lawrence F. / Wife
NICHOLS, Michael Albert 1845 1896 Margareth A.L. and Lawrence F. / German immigrant born in Bavaria
NICKOLES, Lawrence F. 05/24/1909 05/24/1909 Michael A. and Margareth A. / Grandson son of Charles A. & Myrtle R.
O'CONNELL, Edward J. 1933 2000 Joenne M.
O'CONNELL, Joenne M. 1934
Edward J.
SCHULER, Evan Samuel
SHIPLEY, Lucinda G. 02/05/1851 10/18/1920 Wife of James H. / Aged 69 years 8 mos & 13 ds. / At rest
SNYDER, John 07/09/1915 09/05/1992 Rev.
WILLIAMS, Cooper Dean Gregory 04/04/1989 05/25/1993

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