Sherwood Forest Episcopal Cemetery

5 Sherwood Road (off York Road)
Cockeysville, Baltimore Co., MD 21030
(410) 666-2180

Partial Transcription

BUCKLEY, Emanuel
28 Nov 1892 Aged 68Y-3M-24D | Husband of Maria M.
BUCKLEY, Maria M. 20 Dec 1832 2 Jun 1915 Wife of Emanuel
EHRET, Francis 1877 1898 Geo. & Wilhelmina Fowble
FOWBLE, Geo. 1864 1908 Wilhelmina Fowble & Francis Ehret
FOWBLE, Wilhelmina 1847 1915 Geo. Fowble & Francis Ehret
GOLDBERG, Ida May 13 Jan 1932 26 Mar 1965 Wife of Marvin W.
GOLDBERG, Marvin Wayne 10 Mar 1925 29 Jun 1998 Son of Viola E.
GOLDBERG, Viola E. 14 Jan 1897 26 Feb 1966 Nee LYNCH: Daughter of Laura J. (Green) Lynch
GREEN, Elva M.
Nov 18__ Beloved child of Henry & A. Green (Sarah Alice Green (Daughter of Emanuel & Maria Buckley) | Granddaughter of Emanuel & Maria Buckley | Brother William A.
GREEN, William A.
10 Mar 1887 Aged 5 weeks | Grandson of Emanuel & Maria Buckley | Sister Elva M.
LYNCH, Laura J. 26 Jul 1856 25 Feb 1935 Nee: GREEN
PRICE, Mary Eliza 1831 1901
TAYLOR, Fanny T.D. 9 Jan 1789 23 Jun 1870

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