Fowler-Morfoot Cemetery

Walther Boulevard at Fox Hall Apartments
Carney, Baltimore Co., MD

BISHOP, Eleanor
26 Mar 1901 Aged 74Y-6M | Wife of George W.
BISHOP, George 13 Jan 1798? 05 Jan 1867? My flesh will rest in hope
BISHOP, George W.
09 Sep 1905 Aged 80 yrs
BISHOP, Rebecca

BISHOP, Sarah A.
29 Oct 1867 Aged 41Y-7M | Wife of George Bishop
EBBERT, Susie G. 24 Dec 1858 15 June 1899 In memory of ... Beloved wife of Chas. A. Ebbert
FOWLER, Ard, Jr.
05 May 1856 In memory of ... who departed this life ... aged 74Y-1M-8D
28 Jun 1864 In the 80th year of his age | An honest man, the noblest work of God
FOWLER, James 12 Sep 1796 19 Aug 1876 In memory of ... who departed this life ... aged 54Y-2M-D
FOWLER, Keziah 1801/3 1888 Wife of James
04 Jan 1840 In memory of ... who departed this life ... aged 54Y-2M-2D
FOWLER, Sarah 16 Nov 1820 13 Dec 1854 In memory of ... | Over thy gracious face flow our tears, We long will mourn her deaeth (Hers ! how seen?) few short yers, were numbered this blest
FOWLER, Susan 14 Dec 1789 13 Mar 1868 In memory of ... who departed this life ...
JOHNSON, Abraham
13 Nov 1878 In the 74th year of his age / Died .. after a lingering illness of dropsy of the heart
MELVIN, George
16 Apr 1876
25 Aug 1876 Aged 53 years / Wife of George Melvin
17 Dec 1888 Aged 93Y-3M-7D | Husband of Late Elizabeth Morfoot | Inscription incomplete, something about "association of Baltimore"
SMITH, Clara R.
06 Dec 1919 In her 46th yr | Daughter of Julia A. & the late Hugh H. Smith | God is my refuge
SMITH, Charles H. 20 Dec 1878 14 Oct 1882
SMITH, Hugh H. 05 Sep 1826 12 Feb 1878
SMITH, Hugh Irvin 01 Apr 1863 03 Nov 1933 At Rest | Husband of Mary Smith
SMITH, Julia A. 16 Jun 1827 08 Jul 1920 Wife of the late Hugh H. Smith / At Rest
WILSON, Mary Ann 25 Sep 1818 19 Aug 1904 In Memory Of ..

Unknown and Damaged Gravestones

Initials "S.A.B."
General condition of graves
Small unmarked granite stone
Partial Inscription "in the 93rd year of her age"
Many unmarked/damaged stones

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