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Description Filename Date Submitter
James INGLEHARD, JR. to Sarah J. WADDELL; 1855 inglehardwaddell.txt Oct 2007 Carolyn Shank
George MOULDEN to Fanny SMITH; 1867 mouldensmith.txt Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
Samuel SHELTON to Mary E. JONES; 1908 sheltonjones.txt Apr 2012 Jodi Baxter


Description Filename Date Submitter
BEATTY, William J.; 1928 beatty-wj.txt Dec 2008 Nancy Beatty
HEALY, Martin; 1985 healy-m.txt Apr 2007 Carol Gibson
HUBBARD, Howard Pindell; 1976 hubbard-hp.txt Nov 2009 Kathie Evans
JENKINS, Anna H.; 1983 jenkins-ah.txt Nov 2009 Kathie Evans
JOHNSON, Charlotte (Howe or Howard); 1909 johnson-ch.txt Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
MORELAND, Charles; 1942 moreland-c.txt Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
MORELAND, Fanny; 1901 moreland-f.txt Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
SAUNDERS, Benjamin; 1918 saunders-b.txt Jan 2010 Kathie Evans
SHARPS, Lottie; 1971 sharps-l1.txt Nov 2008 Elinor Thompson
SHARPS, Louise; 1942 sharps-l.txt Nov 2008 Elinor Thompson
SHARPS, Thomas; 1943 sharps-t.txt Nov 2008 Elinor Thompson
TONGUE, Hester; 1976 tongue-h.txt Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
WILLIAM, Curtis; 1914 william-c.txt Nov 2008 Elinor Thompson
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