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Anne Arundel County

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Vital Records - Deaths
Description Size Date Submitter
Beatty, William J. 1928 2K Dec 2008 Nancy Beatty
Healy, Martin 1985 2K Apr 2007 Carol Gibson
Hubbard, Howard Pindell 1976 3K Nov 2009 Kathie Evans
Jenkins, Anna H. 1983 2K Nov 2009 Kathie Evans
Johnson, Charlotte (Howe or Howard) 1909 2K Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
Moreland, Charles 1942 2K Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
Moreland, Fanny 1901 2K Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
Saunders, Benjamin; 1918 2K Jan 2010 Kathie Evans
Sharps, Lottie 1971 2K Nov 2008 Elinor Thompson
Sharps, Louise 1942 2K Nov 2008 Elinor Thompson
Sharps, Thomas 1943 2K Nov 2008 Elinor Thompson
Tongue, Hester 1976 2K Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
William, Curtis 1914 2K Nov 2008 Elinor Thompson

Vital Records - Marriages
Description Size Date Submitter
Jones, Mary E. - Shelton, Samuel 1908 2K Apr 2012 Jodi Baxter
Markland, Sarah - Brewer, William R. May 17, 1866 1K Dec 2023 Donald Buncie The Registry
Smith, Fanny - Moulden, George 1867 2K Oct 2008 Elinor Thompson
Waddell, Sarah J. - James Inglehard, JR. 1855 2K Oct 2007 Carolyn Shank

The File Manager For This County Is: Debra Crosby The Registry

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