John Wesley Methodist Cemetery

Crownsville, Anne Arundel Co., MD

John Wesley Methodist Church
John Wesley Methodist Church
ALLEN, John 16 Mar 1866 21 Feb 1891
AULTON, Addie P. 18-Sep-1925 30-Aug-1956 Catherine J.
AULTON, Catherine J. 16 Oct 1890 4 Feb 1859 Addie P.
AULTON, Charles Thomas 7-Feb-1917 1-Jan-1980 PFC US Army WWII
AULTON, Sedonia M.
7-Nov-1908 Wife of Richard T. / Age 46 yrs
BRADFORD, Jeannette M. 18 Sep 1899 7-May-1970
BROWN, William E. 1909 1981
CARROLL, Ellen M. 183_ 192_ Age 93 yrs
CARROLL, John H. 1939 1907 Age 68 yrs
DIGGS, Annie E. 12 Feb 1898 30-Dec-1955 David
DIGGS, Charles E. 5-Apr-1918 31-Mar-1975 At Rest
DIGGS, Charles E. 1935 1955
DIGGS, David 20 Nov 1878 5-Jan-1950 Annie E.
DIGGS, Evelyn E. 1922 1991 William H., Sr.
DIGGS, John T. 14-Mar-1915 10-Aug-1975 Tec 5 US Army WWII

DIGGS, Parish 25-Dec-1912 10-Aug-1967 Mdk TE 5 USA WWII
DIGGS, William H., Sr. 1923 1994 Evelyn E.
DORSEY, Walter Edward 28-Apr-1927 11-Jan-1975 US Army WWII
EDWARD, Rachel A.
EDWARDS, Alfred T., Sr.

EDWARDS, James Henry 12-Aug-1920 28-Dec-1969 Pvt 4211-QM Co SVC WWII
GRAY, Addie 1870 1948 Wife of Joseph
HALL, Charles E. 1898 1914
HALL, Charles E. 1861 1942
HALL, Harry W. 3-May-1903 8-Sep-1936 Beloved son of Thomas & Margaret / Asleep in Jesus
HALL, John Lee 13 Jan 1893 12-Sep-1967
HALL, Lula 25 Sep 1887 17-Jun-1960
HALL, Margaret T. 1882 1973
HALL, Martha E. 1872 1925
HALL, Thomas B., Jr. 20-Aug-1917 5-Aug-1970
HALL, Thomas, Sr. 1881 1956 Husband of Margaret T.
HALL, Wesley

Co K 4 USC Inf
HILLARY, Solomon 1895 1979
Holland, Alexander 1888 1971
HOWARD, Annie 25 Nov 1871 28 Dec 1894
JACOBS, Isabella R. 1902 1975
JACOBS, William McK. 16 oct 1896 11-Feb-1977 Pvt US Army WWI
JENNINGS, A.M. 1869 1916 Wife of N. Jennings
JENNINGS, Mary Ellen

Wife of William / Aged 48 yrs
JOHNSON, Elvin Coates 21-Mar-1931 27-Oct-1960 MD CPL-Co B 82 Recon BN
JOHNSON, F. Harrison 1883 1954 Maud L.
JOHNSON, Maude Louise 1896 1983 F. Harrison
JOHNSON, William 1838 9-Apr-1905
JOHNSON, William 1938 1926 "Uncle Buck"
JONES, Rutland Maryland 9-Sep-1909 24-May-1947 MD CK 30 USNR WWII
JONES, Theodore 1891 1980
MacKALL, Isaiah
4-Jun-1914 Husband of Mary E. / Aged 60 yrs


18-Apr-1903 Age 60 yrs
MILES, Martha 1913 1978
MILLER, Sarah L. 1892 1982
NELSON, Frederick 1920 1979
POOLE, Patricia 1947 1979
POOLE, Rufus 20-Jun-1923 16-Apr-1976 US Navy WWII
QUEEN, Aaron Eugene 19-Dec-1970 20-Jun-1978
QUEEN, Connie V, 1945 1993 Loving Wife
QUEEN, Wilton E. 1919 1979
RANDALL, Unknown 1920 1967 Illegible
SHAW-HALL, Sarah M. 1917 1993 Mother
SHORTER, Leon C. 14-Apr-1941 26-Apr-1994
SMITH, Rufus 1911 1973
SMITH, Sophia J. 18 May 1879 11 Sep 1892
THOMAS, Elizabeth 17 Aug 1854 1-Jun-1931
THOMAS, James L. 7-May-1916 25-Oct-1979 PFC US Army WWII
TONGUE, Arthur M. 3-Nov-1925 26-Sep-1975 Cpl US Army Korea
TONGUE, B.A. 1936 1937
TONGUE, Carrie 30-Mar-1917
TONGUE, Morris 1-Nov-1913 7-Dec-1971 Carrie
TONGUE, William A. 1920 1978
TOOGOOD, Nell 1803 1881 69 yrs in service William H. Baldwin family

UNKNOWN, Eliza 1844

WARD, Cora 1893 1966
WRIGHT, Blanche W. 3-Mar-1922 20-Jan-1984
WRIGHT, Robert Lee 17-Apr-1929 19-Jul-1978 Cpl US Army Korea

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