Holy Cross Cemetery

Gov Ritchie Highway, Brooklyn Park, Anne Arundel County, MD

GREEN Andrew 1908 1984 Elizabeth Haas / On reverse of Catherine & Michael Haas
HAAS, Andrew 25 Nov 1869 20 Jan 1931 Hellen
HAAS, Anna M. 1904 1935
HAAS, Catherine 1877 1932 Nee WEIGAND / Michael / On reverse: Andrew Green & Elizabeth Haas
HAAS, Charles J., Jr. 01 Oct 1956 07 Oct 1956
HAAS, Elizabeth 1904 1988 Andrew Green / On reverse of Catherine & Michael Haas
HAAS, Frank C. 1902 1960 Myrtle
HAAS, Hellen 24 May 1873 28 Feb 1921 Andrew
HAAS, Joseph J. 1907 1964 Louise C.
HAAS, Louise C. 1909
Joseph J.
HAAS, Marie E. 1894 1961 Daughter / Erilde Ruffini
HAAS, Michael 1877 1956 Catherine / On reverse: Andrew Green & Elizabeth Haas
HAAS, Myrtle M. 1901 1985 Frank C.
HASENEI, Marie A. 1898 1988 William V.
HASENEI, William V. 1891 1967 Marie A.
JUBB, Andrew A. 1875 1955 Norman L.
JUBB, Catherine L. 1938 1970 On reverse of Walter & Louise
JUBB, Edith B. 1903 1990 Norman
JUBB, Louise M. 1916
JUBB, Norman L. 1906 1990 Edith
JUBB, Norman L. 1833 1951 Andrew A.
JUBB, Walter H. 1913 1950 Louise
RUFFINI, Erilde 1868 1930 Mother / Marie E. Haas
WEIGAND, Catherine 1850 1894 Michael
WEIGAND, Charles F. 1883 1950 Daisy
WEIGAND, Daisy M. 1887 1967 Charles
WEIGAND, Elizabeth 1890 1924 George
WEIGAND, George 1888 1918 Elizabeth
WEIGAND, Michael 1848 1917 Catherine

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