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Description Filename Date Submitter
Administrators Accounts Liber A, 1797-1830 Cumberland Court
(Orphans Administrators Accounts)
orphan3.txt Jun 2000 Connie Lovitt Bates
Enoch House's complaint against William Willison, Jr (1837) willison.txt Jun 2000 Connie Beachy
Moses GREENWADE Estate 1850 greenwade-m.txt Jun 2013 Jim D. McDonald
Divorce Carrie JONES v Channing JONES, 1916 jones-divorce.txt Oct 2000 Tina McKie
Peter REID, Apprenticeship, 1828 reid-p.txt Oct 2010 Jack Reid
Thomas REID, Inventory of Estate, 1819 reid-t.txt Oct 2010 Jack Reid
Thomas H. REID, Apprenticeship, 1828 reid-th.txt Oct 2010 Jack Reid
Savilla vs James TWIGG Court Case svsjtwigg.txt Jun 2000 Sharon Banzhoff
Article about Charles Twigg and Grace Elosser, by Jo Beynon Cumberland Times 1996 elosser-twigg.txt Jun 2000 Doris Goldsborough
TWIGG Murders - 1838 murder1.txt Jun 2000 Connie Beachy
TWIGG Murders - 1838 murder2.txt Jun 2000 Connie Beachy
TWIGG Murders - 1838 murder3.txt Jun 2000 Connie Beachy
TWIGG Murders - 1838 murder4.txt Jun 2000 Connie Beachy
Extracts from BEALL Family Documents beall.txt Jun 2000 Rita Meistrel
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