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Description Filename Date Submitter
Area's Worst Crash Fatal To Five Men; 02 Sep 1952 fatalcrash19520902.txt Apr 2008 Don Wendroth
Births; 03 Aug 1945 births19450803.txt Apr 2008 Kathy Heare-Watts
B & O Railroad to Piedmont Completed; 1851 borailroad.txt Aug 2012 Shawn McGreevy
Annual Christ the King Celebration; 1947 christking1947.txt Aug 2012 Shawn McGreevy
Electric Service Started in 1889; July 3, 1937 electricservice.txt May 2008 Shawn McGreevy
Elk Garden Mine Disaster; 1911 elkgardenmine.txt May 2009 Shawn McGreevy
Events Along George's Creek; 25 Sep 1907
 - General
 - General
 - Married at the Parsonage
 - Needs Repair
 - Convalescing

Apr 2008 Pauline Harder &
Ruth Sprowls
Fatal Crash Kills Three, Injures Two; 1940 crash1940.txt Nov 2011 Shawn McGreevy
Grievance Club Meets and Talks; 16 Oct 1908 grievanceclub19081016.txt Apr 2008 Mary Ellen Chambers
History from the Evening Times; 04 Aug 1926 history19260804.txt Apr 2008 Mary Ellen Chambers
History from the Evening Times; 04 Aug 1926 history19260804a.txt Mar 2009 Don Wendroth
History from the Times Files; 12 Jul 1948 history19480712.txt Mar 2009 Don Wendroth
History from the Times Files; 25 Jan 1949 history19490125.txt Mar 2009 Don Wendroth
Hyndman, PA News in Brief; 16 Mar 1909
 - Works are Idle
 - Another Wild Cat Caught
 - A Delightful Party
 - Personal and General News

Apr 2008 Pauline Harder &
Ruth Sprowls
Latest From the Mountain City; 25 Sep 1907
 - General News
 - At The Camp
 - Has Resigned

Apr 2008 Pauline Harder &
Ruth Sprowls
Mann's Choice Mill Burned; 1921 mannschoicemill.txt Jan 2009 Don Wendroth
Marriage Licenses; 02 Aug 1945 marrlicenses19450802.txt Apr 2008 Kathy Heare-Watts
Marriage Licenses; 22 Apr 1966 marrlicenses19660422.txt May 2008 Kathy Heare-Watts
More Soldiers Return; 12 Jun 1919 soldiersreturn19190612.txt Apr 2008 Pauline Harder &
Ruth Sprowls
News of the Day in Lonaconing; 16 Mar 1909
 - Official Visit
 - Personal And General
 - Heading Flooded
 - A Good Contract
 - Settling an Old Grudge
 - Slight Fire at Brady House
 - Feud Renewed
 - David E. Dick Heard From

Apr 2008 Pauline Harder &
Ruth Sprowls
Old Westernport Frame School Building; 1891 oldwesternportschool.txt May 2011 Shawn McGreevy
Pekin Items-Visitors to and From the Town and Vicinity; 04 Feb 1908 pekinvisitors19080204.txt Apr 2008 Don Wendroth
Personal Local News; 03 Aug 1945 personals19450803.txt Apr 2008 Kathy Heare-Watts
Personals; 25 Jun 1926 personals19260625.txt Aug 2008 Don Wendroth
Sad Funeral of 23 Miners; 1911 minersfuneral.txt May 2009 Shawn McGreevy
St. Mary’s Catholic Church Erected in 1862, But War Halted Its Progress; July 3, 1937 stmarysexcavation.txt May 2008 Shawn McGreevy
Weekly News Digest; March 27, 1965 weeklynewsdigest19650327.txt Mar 2009 Don Wendroth
BEARD, Hugh; Enlists in Army; 13 Nov 1907 beard19071113.txt Apr 2008 Don Wendroth
BEEMAN, Baby Girl Born; Lonaconing, 1942 beeman-babygirl.txt Mar 2009 Don Wendroth
BERKENBAUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Leopold; 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1913 berkenbaugh-l.txt Feb 2012 Shawn McGreevy
BOWMAN, Phyllis; Bridal Shower, 1952 bowman-p-shwr.txt May 2008 Bob Thompson
BOWMAN, Wilbur; Former Area Man Killed in Mishap, 1965 bowman-w.txt Mar 2009 Don Wendroth
BROWN, Patrick Henry and Bridget Burke; 50th Anniversary, 1926 brown-pb.txt May 2009 Shawn McGreevy
COSGROVE, Mr. & Mrs. Edward P.; 50th Anniversary, 1947 cosgrove-ep.txt May 2012 Shawn McGreevy
DODIRE, Robert & William and Angelo BARBARITO; Three Hurt in Crash, 1942 dodirebarbarito-crash.txt Aug 2008 Don Wendroth
DONAHUE, Mr. & Mrs. Larry; 50th Anniversary, 1959 donahue-l.txt Jan 2011 Shawn McGreevy
DOOLAN, Frank Jr. & William Quail EICHORN; Train Kills One And Injures Another Man, 1936 doolaneichorn.txt Feb 2011 Shawn McGreevy
DURST, Bayne; Man Kicked by Horse Dies From Injuries, 1942 durst-b.txt Aug 2008 Don Wendroth
FANNON, Rev. R. J.; Returns from Rome, 1932 fannon-rj.txt Feb 2011 Shawn McGreevy
FOOTE, Felix; Birthday Celebrated; 13 Nov 1907 foote19071113.txt Apr 2008 Don Wendroth
GILLESPIE, John; Drowned Man Has Two Sisters Here, 1943 gillespie-j.txt Sep 2010 Shawn McGreevy
GREEN, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson J.; 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1968 green-aj.txt Nov 2011 Shawn McGreevy
GROVE, Robert Moses "Lefty"; Baseball Player, 1981 grove-rm.txt Nov 2011 Shawn McGreevy
HARRIMAN, Eileen; Home On A Visit, 1912 harriman-e.txt Jun 2013 Shawn McGreevy
HAUSMAN 7th Anniversary; 1942 hausmananniv.txt Jan 2009 Don Wendroth
HERMAN, Ileen; Echo of Great Mine Calamity, 1908 herman-i.txt Jun 2013 Shawn McGreevy
HOYE, Helen; Letter to Santa, 1908 hoye-h.txt Sep 2008 Shawn McGreevy
KAULBAUGH, John; Building a New Home; 13 Nov 1907 kaulbaugh19071113.txt Apr 2008 Don Wendroth
LaRUE, Glad; Murder Trial, 1926 larue-g.txt Aug 2011 Shawn McGreevy
LOGSDON, Mary Ann McGimpsey; 80th Birthday, 1944 logsdon-mam.txt May 2009 Shawn McGreevy
MANLEY, William J. & Nellie; 50th Anniversary, 1970 manley-wn.txt Jun 2011 Shawn McGreevy
MAYOLO, Vincent; Arrives from Italy, 1932 mayolo-v.txt Oct 2011 Shawn McGreevy
MERTENS, Emma; Critically Ill, 1911 mertens-e.txt Aug 2012 Shawn McGreevy
O'BRIEN, James; House Fire, 1909 obrienfire.txt Dec 2009 Shawn McGreevy
POLAND, Manuel; To Be Operated On; 13 Nov 1907 poland19071113.txt Apr 2008 Don Wendroth
STAKEM, Rose Marie; 16th Birthday, 1942 stakem-rm-bday.txt May 2008 Bob Thompson
WAGNER, Catherine; 61st Birthday Party, 1912 wagner-c.txt Nov 2011 Shawn McGreevy
WOODS, Mr. and Mrs. Alex; 50th Anniversary, 1976 woods50anniv.txt Jun 2009 Shawn McGreevy
ZUMPANO, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent; Golden Anniversary, 1948 zumpano-v.txt Jul 2012 Shawn McGreevy
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