King County Marriages

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Groom Bride Date Location Submitted by:
Gouchnour, H. Elmer Wylie, Dorothy October 1906 Seattle George Gochnour
Owen, Harry Adelbert Frankland, Elsie Kalberg 3 June 1907 Seattle Deedra MacKenzie
Griffin, Edwin Lewis Mathewson, Nancy Urline 31 March 1933 Seattle Nancy Hewitt Spaeth
Walker, Lawrence O. Eddy, Frances Ruth Keeling 02 August 1977 Foster Sharon Eddy
Horan, Jeffrey John Aho, Kafoatu 22 September 1989 Federal Way Kafoatu Horan


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This project will endeavor to provide actual transcriptions of Marriage Applications, and other Marriage Records, as found recorded in the county court house and state archives. We are encouraging these transcriptions to be entire marriage books and/or rolls of microfilm. 

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