DeKalb County
Marriage Records

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evans01.txt Evans Marriages, 1851 - 1898 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
johnsn01.txt Johnson Marriages, 1854 - 1900 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
lyles01.txt Lyles/Liles Marriages, 1859 - 1900 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
steel02.txt Marriage Record, John Steal to Mahaley Goodman Debie Cox
driver01.txt Marriage, Columbus Driver and A.F. Neal, 20 Jun 1886 Kris Wheeler-Dabbs
driver02.txt Marriage, Thomas Driver and Artella Sandlin, 31 Jan 1893 Kris Wheeler-Dabbs
driver03.txt Marriage, Tilman Crook and Dove Driver, 25 Jul 1898 Kris Wheeler-Dabbs
driver04.txt Marriage, John A. Driver and Mandy P. Roberts, 5 Jun 1870 Kris Wheeler-Dabbs
driver05.txt Marriage, Tilmon Jones to Sarah Driver, 24 May 1885 Kris Wheeler-Dabbs
robrts02.txt Marriage, Washington Roberts and Mary Ann Parker, 28 Jan 1858 Kris Wheeler-Dabbs
marr1853.txt Marriage Records For 1853 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1854.txt Marriage Records For 1854 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1856.txt Marriage Records For 1856 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1857.txt Marriage Records For 1857 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1858.txt Marriage Records For 1858 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1859.txt Marriage Records For 1859 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1860.txt Marriage Records For 1860 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1865.txt Marriages Records for 1865 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1866.txt Marriages Records for 1866 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1867.txt Marriages Records for 1867 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1868.txt Marriages Records for 1868 Darlene (Campbell) Scott
marr1869.txt Marriages Records for 1869 Darlene (Campbell) Scott

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