New Jersey Marriage Records

Cape May County New Jersey Marriages

File Name Record Submitted by:
coldspringp.txt Cold Spring Presbyterian Church Marriage Records (1808-1822) Cyndie Enfinger
firstcmbap.txt First Cape May Baptist Church Marriage Records (1700s-1800s) Cyndie Enfinger
histpete.txt Marriages from History of Petersburg (1800s-1900s) Cyndie Enfinger
  Bennett / Rutherford  
  Boss / Whitaker  
  Clark / Kennedy  
  Corson / Sayre  
  Craig / Hand  
  Crawford / Umba  
  Cumings / Edmunds  
  DeVaul / Parson  
  Foster / Cumings  
  Hand / Hand  
  Hughes / Phillips  
  Matthews / Cresse  
  Newell / McCollum  
  Owen / Reeves  
  Sheldon / Bishop  
  Smith / Manluff  
  Swain / Somers  
  Ware / Bennett  
  West / Harris  

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