Burlington County Marriages

File Name Record Submitted by:
atkinsonbishop.txt Amos Atkinson/Mary Bishop (M) Carol Bishop Holt
bakerbishop.txt Michael Baker/Leah Bishop (M) Carol Bishop Holt
bishopmarr2.txt Bishop marriages recorded in Thomas Reynolds Chapter Carol Bishop Holt
dsmarriage.txt Bishop/Emley (M) Carol Bishop Holt
dbishopmar.txt Daniel Bishop/Frazer/Tallman (M) Carol Bishop Holt
bishopprickett.txt Daniel Bishop/Rebecca Prickett (M) Carol Bishop Holt
bishopmunrow.txt Jonathan Bishop/Patience Munrow (M) Carol Bishop Holt
bishopharris.txt Joseph Bishop/Anna Harris (M) Carol Bishop Holt
bishophall.txt Robert Bishop/Mary Hall (M) Carol Bishop Holt
bullockquigley.txt Bullock/Quigley (M) Mayann Ross
carterbishop.txt Benjamin Carter/Hester Bishop (M) Carol Bishop Holt
deaconbishop.txt Barzillai Deacon/Hannah Bishop (M) Carol Bishop Holt
fosterbishop.txt FOSTER/BISHOP MARRIAGE Carol Bishop Holt
hughs.txt Hughs/Smith (M) Mayann Ross
hughesbullock.txt Hughes/Bullock (M) Mayann Ross
hughescasey.txt Hughes/Casey (M) Mayann Ross
kellylock.txt Kelly/Lock (M) Mayann Ross
lawyerg.txt Lawyer/Irons (M) Doris Kennedy
rossellbishop.txt Hezekia Rossell/Elizabeth Bishop (M) Carol Bishop Holt
scottbishop.txt Henry Scott/Martha Bishop (M) Carol Bishop Holt
shermanhughes.txt Sherman/Hughes (M) Mayann Ross
stilesbishop.txt Edward Stiles/Martha Bishop (M) Carol Bishop Holt

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