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Madison County Marriages



Multiple Marriages

File Description Date Submitter
Grimes Marraiges in Alabama 1821-1934 Oct 2001 Christine Grimes Thacker
Hale Marriages of Madison County 1870-1925 Feb 1999 Shirley Johnson
Johnson Family Marriages Aug 2007 Bobbie Jordan
Madison County Marriages to 1825 Sep 2001 Marcella Davis
Tribble Marraiges 1810-1928 Nov 1999 Dot Tribble


Individual Marriages


Groom Bride Date Submitted Submitter
ADAMS, Frank A. LUMSDEN, Virginia E. Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
ANDERSON, James DICKSON, Mollie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
ARNOLD, John F. HAMLET, Willie May 1999 rmshelby@pacbell.net
BARRY, William STEELE, Bernice Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
BEACH, C.Q SNODGRASS, Alexander Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
BETTS, Rustan MERRIWETHER, Mattie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
BINGHAM, Alton BROOKS, Elizabeth Aug 2010 Kenneth Stacy
BOLLING, John WALKER, Margaret Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
BONE, Jas. H. GUNNELL, Laura Feb 2007 Kenneth Stacy
BOWEN, J.L MORROW, Fidella Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
BROCKENBROUGH, C. BONE, Edith May 2008 Kenneth Stacy
CABANISS, Charles SPOTSWOOD, Lutie Dec 2006 Kenneth Stacy
CALDWELL, J.W BARNARD, Katie Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
CHAPMAN, Reuben SHEFFEY, Rosalie Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
CITRANO, Anthony TUMMINELLO, Beatrice Jan 2010 Kenneth Stacy
COBB, I.D BOWERS, Mollie Dec 2009 Kenneth Stacy
COOPER, Joseph E. WINTER, Johngeline Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
CRESWELL, Samuel HILL, Emily Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
DAVID, Geo. P. ROWTON, Alice Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
DAVID, Otis LAWSON, Isla Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
DAVIS, Drury EWING, Alice Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
DAVIS, Lowe MERRIWETHER, Lute Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
DICKSON, Robert F. REEDY, Sallie Dec 2006 Kenneth Stacy
DITTY, D. Dallas GETTY, Ethel Aug 2010 Kenneth Stacy
EDWARDS, William W. EDWARDS, Sallie Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
ELDRIDGE, John B. BROWNING, Elizabeth Jun 2008 David Norton
ERSKINSE, Alexander WARREN, Rasabel Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
FARLEY, John MCGAHA, Mattie Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
FAUST, John MATTHEWS, Susie Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
FIGURES, Frank HUGHES, Lida Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
FLETCHER, John SANDIGE, Alice Feb 2005 Peggy Horton
FOX, Genete KARTHAUS, Emilie Feb 2011 Kenneth Stacy
GOODWYN, Albert LANE, Charlie Feb 2011 Kenneth Stacy
HALL, Alfred BRAY, Lula Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
HALL, Columbus GLEEN, Alice Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
HALSEY, Robert LANDMAN, Lillie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
HAMLET, Byrd VANHOOK, Elizabeth May 1999 rmshelby@pacbell.net
HENDERSON, J.M HALSEY, Mattie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
HERRING, W.J WALKER, Ada Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
HILL, William HALL, Mary Jun 2008 David Norton
HOXTER, A.P MURRELL, Pamela Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
HUBERT, Genete WELCH, Sarah Jan 2008 Charity Hubert
HUNT, Genete W. MCCULLEY, Tulliola Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
HUTCHENS, Vernon RUSSELL, Elizabeth Jan 2010 Kenneth Stacy
JOHNSON, W.T STRONG, Mary Oct 2008 Patricia Duggan
JONES, J. Robert ERWIN, Myra Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
JORDAN, William F. DEASON, M.A Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
LANIER, John JOHNSON, Ada Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
LANIER, Sterling BANISTER, Mary L. Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
MAHAN, Joseph OLIVER, Ann May 1999 rmshelby@pacbell.net
MARTIN, Charles JAMAR, Ada Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
MATTHEWS, Luke VANVALKENBURG, Myrtle Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
MCANALLY, William NEWMAN, Emily Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
MCCALLEY, William HATCHER, Texie Dec 2009 Kenneth Stacy
MCDOWELL, Augustus JONES, Clara Aug 2003 Carla Miles
MCFARLAND, John HUEY, Laura Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
MCNEELEY, William BROWN, Mollie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
MILLER, J. Kleber LAUDMAN, Minnie Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
MITCHELL, W.H BOULDIN, Madge Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
MOORE, Billie COLE, Ruth Jan 2010 Kenneth Stacy
MORRISON, Frank ELLIOTT, Laura Dec 2006 Kenneth Stacy
NANCE, Harry BURTON, Belle Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
OLIVER, Walter WALKER, Mollie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
O'NEILL, David ELLY, Alice Dec 2009 Kenneth Stacy
PARKS, W.A SWAZEY, Vashti Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
PATTERSON, J. Lawrence THROWER, Pearl Jan 2010 Kenneth Stacy
POYNER, Joseph MURPHY, Mary May 2008 Kenneth Stacy
RANDALL, H.M GOODWIN, Mollie Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
ROCHELLE, Thomas G. HILLARD, Rebecca Sep 2008 Peggy Hale
ROUTT, James O'NEAL, Rosalie Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
RUSSELL, Jason BOWERS, Fannie Oct 2008 Kenneth Stacy
SCHAUDIES, Albert C. O'BRIEN, Maggie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
SCHIFFMAN, Daniel KOHN, Flora Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
SHELTON, John FIGURES, Nellie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
SLOSS, Percy JAMAR, Mollie Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
SPRAGGINS, Stith GREEN, Eliza Jun 2008 David Norton
ST.CLAIR, J.H MOON, Rebecca Jan 2010 Kenneth Stacy
STEGALL, J.R netAIN, Emma Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
STEWART, John B. SANDERS, Alice Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
STRONG, R.N LIPSCOMB, Annie Dec 2009 Kenneth Stacy
STYLES, W.H CHADWICK, Lizzie Jan 2008 Kenneth Stacy
THOMPSON, Joss A. PATTERSON, Senah Dec 2009 Kenneth Stacy
TROTMAN, Ferdinard BEADLE, Mollie Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
UNREADABLE, Charles HIGGINBOTTOM, Elizabeth May 1999 rmshelby@pacbell.net
VAN VALKENBURG, Wm. R BRADLEY, Emily Feb 2007 Kenneth Stacy
VANDEVENTER, Geo. D. PHILLIPS, Maie Jan 2007 Kenneth Stacy
WADE, Robert WELBORN, Sallie May 2008 Kenneth Stacy
WELLS, Willie RICHARDSON, Annie Feb 2011 Kenneth Stacy
WHITE, Frank SKELTON, Maud Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
WHITTEN, Solon SALE, Charlie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
WILKINSON, John J. WILKINSON, Julia Oct 2006 Kenneth Stacy
WITHERS, Robert W. BURKE, Josephine Dec 2006 Kenneth Stacy
WOODWARD, Clint C. BELL, Carrie Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy
WORD, Charley RUBICAM, Estell Nov 2006 Kenneth Stacy





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