Coosa County Alabama Marriages



Multiple Marriages
File Description Date Submitter
Coosa County Marriages - 1842 Jan 2008 Gina Brown
Grimes Marriages in Alabama Oct 2001 Christine Grimes Thacker



Individual Marriages

File DescriptionSizeDateSubmitter
Marriage of Evie Davis Bridges, Sr. to Emma Catherine Miller, Coosa, Alabama 2K
Oct 1999
Ronald Bridges
Carr, Susan - Ackles, William July 23, 18641KMay 2008Gina Brown The Registry
Childers, Percilla Ann - Abbott, Lewis J. February 7, 18551KMay 2008Gina Brown The Registry
Lula Crew to Henry Persons 2K
Oct 2000
Ronald Bridges
Marriage of Ira J. Gothard to Fannie Belle Allen, Coosa, Alabama 2K
Oct 1999 Ronald Bridges
Ella Bethany Jones - Samuel Jesse Beaird November 21 1889 2K
Feb 2003
Jo Ellen Castillo
Marriage of Beatrice McEwen & D. P. Harden, Coosa, Alabama 2K
Sep 1999
Ronald Bridges
Marriage Announcement of Vester Miller to Miss Bazemore, Coosa, Alabama 2K
Mar 2000
Ronald Bridges
Nichols, Sarah G. - Adcock, William A. January 21, 18591KMay 2008Gina Brown The Registry
Thomas Leroy Murphy to Sula Mae Patterson, Coosa, Alabama 2K
Dec 1999
Ronald Bridges
Marriage of Genete M. Nixon to Mollie Cleveland McEwen, Coosa, Alabama 2K
Nov 1999
Ronald Bridges
Powell, Martha - Adams, Isaac J. January 1, 18591KMay 2008Gina Brown The Registry
Shaw, Cornelia - Allen, Lester W. 1896 1K
July 2004
Carla Miles The Registry
Colonel Flex L. Smith, Jr. to Mattie Miller, Coosa, Alabama 2K
Oct 2000
Ronald Bridges
Mary Ann Spivey - Genete Washington Smith January 19 1843 2K
Mar 2004
Bill Rhode
Marriage of Frank Washington McEwen to Annie L. Casey, Coosa, Alabama 2K Sep 1999 Ronald Bridges
Weatherall, Martha - Adams, Samuel October 13, 18571KMay 2008Gina Brown 
Wilbanks, Mattie B. - Harris, Robert Samuel January 29, 1906 1K
July 2007
Sam Harris
Jacks, Cora - Woodfin, James W. February 27, 1923 2K
Aug 2005
Ronald Bridges





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