Plat of Richmond, LA dated May 1839. The Louisiana Legislature established Madison Parish in 1838 and Richmond was the first Parish Seat. Unfortunately the town was burned to the ground by Union troops June 15, 1863 as the aftermath of the Battle of Richmond.  Richmond was never rebuilt, and Tallulah is the current Parish Seat. (Map Courtesy of Louis Buckner, Tallulah, LA)


The plat is annotated as follows:

“A Survey of the Town of Richmond. Beginning at a stake on Roundy (Roundaway) Bioua (Bayou) at the upper or southern corner of (illegible) in Town Ship 16 Range 13 & Section 29 running South 57½º & W 60 poles to a stake in the lane thence North 8½º West 123 to a stake on Sd (said?) biua thence North 79º East 55 poles to a stake in the turn of the Sd (said?) bioua thence South 8½º East 100 poles to the beginning containing 36 Acres 1 Rods 19 Perches including streets and all that is inclosed the Publick Squair lyin in the South Eas part of the plat.”

“Lot No. 1 joins the Publick Squair on the North and so on to No. 6 then South to No. 12 thence North to No. 20 thence South to No. South to No. (repeated) 28 the Publick Squair containing 2 Acres and 1½ Acres of School land adjoining the Publick Squair on the South. The Ne lots contains 2R each or ½ Acre the Main Street 60 feet in width the back streets are 30 feet wide containing 3 Main Streets and 3 craws (cross) Streets.”


“29th May 1839                                                                                                                      Surveyed by F. B. Hunter”